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Over the last two days a conference has been held in South Australia to prepare the way for the implementation of Islamic studies in the Australian National Curriculum.

And this is just in from the ABC:

Experts work toward creating national curriculum

Currently, Australian Islamic schools use approved curriculum for core subjects such as maths, science and English, but there is no cohesive religious studies or Arabic program.

In an attempt to change that, leading experts in Islamic education from around the globe are meeting in South Australia to look at creating a standardised national Islamic studies curriculum that would become the first in the western world.

Just so you know, there is no specific section of the Australian National Curriculum that requires any teaching of Christianity.

However, as has been made clear today, Australia may soon have a core subject focused on Islam.

Dr Mohamad Adballa will present at this conference. In 2015 he was reported in the Daily Telegraph to have made this statement about the cause of terrorism:

“Unless we treat the root causes, such as the injustices in the Middle East, the double standards of Western foreign policies, the Palestinian plight, then terrorism and violent extremism will raise its ugly head again, even if groups such as ISIS are destroyed.”

No doubt, the Australian National Curriculum will teach that Islam is the religion of peace and that Western racism is the direct cause of violence.

President Trump was right to question whether the West has the will to survive.

Unfortunately, time and again, it seems that the answer is resoundingly no.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We need to stand up against this, shout it from the roof tops. NO! we do not want thiis taught in our schools. Our country is being taken over because we have left our Christian values and are weak and wishy washy, so the leaders of Islam think we are a pushover, and they will take over if we don’t wake up to ourselves.

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  2. Islam must be cleansed from the earth PERMANENTLY!!!!

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  3. In our so called Western civilization kids are do not belong to their parents any more. Parents have little say as to what is taught at schools. For example, they tend to be the last ones to learn that gender theory is preached to the kids during school hours. In Canada these days kids may be taken from parents who oppose gender/LGT… (Trudeau Jr. was democratically elected! – with people voting for a politician like him who needs other enemies) We need much more than “Good luck” to undo this garbage. The flow to ACons is too slow. Better propagate the news of Cory et al than write comments, so I am going now!

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  4. If the gov’t is true to form – parents refusing to allow their children to be indoctrinated with Islam in the public school will probably get a knock on the door from Children’s Services – notorious for stolen generations and I am not talking about Aboriginals. I doubt that this will be imposed on them.

    Australian generally have no time for Christianity – the faith and its social order which gave them the Magna Carta basis of gov’t (of which the Westminster System is only a derivative).

    Let’s just see how secular and anti-religious Australia really is. My guess is we will cave without so much as a bleat about ‘Western Civ’ and become good kaffirs.

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  5. What the hell? Islam is against all laws but those of G*d. Unless the country is run by clerics Islam will clash with the existing government. As of the census data less than 2.8% of Australia was following Islamic religion. What is the purpose in putting this agenda forward?

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  6. Once again this is another example of how the Marxist/Socialist human garbage has come to dominate the education system in the western world. These nutters love Islam because Islam Hates the West as much as they do.

    There is no way to get rid of this scourge peacefully in the short term. I am a qualified high school teacher & can tell you that Marxism underpins modern education theory. The same can be said of right across many Academic disciplines ESPECIALLY MEDIA & LAW. Hence why do you think we get fed so much crap in the main stream media.

    There’s only one way to stop the rot – get educated fast & pass the word on to every one who will listen. The truth WILL make most people angry enough want to drain our own swamp – to defund the ABC & defund the bogus Humanities courses in Universities & tear down Fairfax & other Fake News media

    The link below explains how the USSR stuffed western civilisation. Interview with KGB defector


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  7. Does this mean of Islam teachings in all Australian schools. If this is the case I would refuse to have my children been taught this to my children and give them my full support to walk out of that class. These subjects should not be forced upon, if they want this subject taught do it at their place and keep it well out of our school system.

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  8. I’m hoping that they’re referring to Islamic schools only.
    My children will NEVER be forced to learn about this evil ideology!

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  9. If they dfont teach Christianity in schools then they should not be allowed to teach islamic studies it is not right and this can not be decided without the peoples vote

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  10. This is an opportunity for parents and organisations to make the school stand up and answer why Islam is to be the religious programme for the schools. They must be made to justify this. Even as Australians have to respect the Muslim child getting up and walking out for the national anthem, children are going to have to prepare themselves to stand up for their rights and walk out of the Islamic studies programme.

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  11. Fundamentalists, terrorism, injustices, double standards (through deliberate lying and decievement), are all traits of islam and palistine should be obliterated!, if the people in the meeting at there meeting were actually smart, they’d be able to see this, but they are blinded by their brainwashing!, they are pushing for national introduction of islam because islam is now internationally accepted as being an ideology and is thus shrinking!, they are attempting to force islam onto us now, problem is, our spineless politicians might let it happen!

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  12. This is ridiculous. If they are a minority why are we giving them everything. Bending over backward for them. If they want everything Islam go to a Islamic country not a western one. Don’t try to change our country.

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    • Because they are promoting the narrative that by teaching Islam in mainstream schools, radicalization will be minimised die to the West becoming more understanding of Islam as “a religion of peace”.

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    • If we do not make a stand at the very latest by the next Fedral Election we are more than going to be swamped by Islam like what is happening now, understand Australia only has a Population of 25 Million people of that Aussies are approximately 19 Million, there are over 60 million Muslams wandering the Planet and have set there sights firmly on Australia, If we are any chance of Australia staying Australian we must unite not be divided like we are Politically United We Will survive Divided Australia’s future is a dark one with Islam taking over Australia, think of your children do you want your children to have an Islamic future, we must Unite by the next Fedral Election Advance Australia Together

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    • That would not serve their egenda: World Wide caliphate.

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  13. Are they not only talking about Islamic schools?

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    • Trudyfleig@hot ail.comhow on earth can one make our politicians understand that they will try to force their evil religion on us. Already they are getting preferential treatmentf for the horrific crimes they are committing it is scary.

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