Bury your head (or radicalise the military)

Two weeks ago I went onto Mark Latham’s Outsiders and warned that the politically-correct push to recruit ‘devout Muslims’ would endanger the lives of Australian Defence Force members.

Here is just part of that push, direct from the Royal Australian Navy’s recruitment webpage:


And now we have yet more proof of how dangerous this insanity is.

A US soldier, Ikaika Erik Kang, has just been arrested for providing support to the Islamic State.

No doubt, he is a devout Muslim.

It’s bad enough that Kang is ready to kill inside America for the Islamic State. However, the affidavit filed in court shows just how foolish things have become.



Kang is not some recent radical convert. As far back as 2011 he made threatening statements and even argued pro-Islamic State views while serving as a soldier on base and in uniform.

What happened?

Not much.

He had his security clearance revoked. Then it was reinstated. And he was ‘counselled’ to keep his mouth closed.

Better a quiet jihadi than a potential claim from a Muslim soldier that he is suffering at the hands of institutionalised racism…

And if you think this madness is confined to the US military, think again.

Late last year the Australian Army trialled a new leadership course for junior Army officers. It involved a lengthy lecture from a senior Muslim explaining why we should all convert to Islam. And a mosque visit was scheduled into the program.

It also included a presentation from the Qantas Diversity and Inclusivity Officer. She explained how ‘diversity’ works at Qantas (and should work in the ADF):

“Diversity can’t thrive unless everyone agrees. If there are people who didn’t agree, we removed them.”

And with those words ringing in their ears, young officers were given this scenario:


You have ten minutes, young lieutenant, to explain what you will do. And remember, if you get the answer wrong, your career is over.

One junior officer ventured the opinion that this situation required a ‘security incident report’. After all, this soldier has just changed his personal habits in a most radical fashion to please his potential in-laws from a strict, Islamic family in Pakistan.

And Pakistan, as we know, is home to many people who support groups like the Taliban.

As such, this situation should be investigated to ensure that it does not present a security risk to the Australian Army.

This solution might seem like common sense. That’s probably why it was not the ‘correct’ solution.

The course was told that it was inappropriate and not sensitive to the needs of the Islamic convert. It did not ‘accommodate his beliefs’. It would have been far better to discuss options that would allow the fast-radicalising soldier to pray, fast and eat in accordance with Sharia law within the Defence workplace.

In America, Kang might have been allowed to continue serving for years after his pro-Islamic State comments. But he was eventually referred to the FBI.

In Australia, we should not expect the same. Our junior officers are being indoctrinated to turn a blind eye to radicalisation within the Defence Force…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. My answer: out of respect for her family and the religion of Islam, inform the parents that their daughter has been ‘going out’ with him. Her brothers will soon solve the problem. Simple. Show respect….

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  2. Qantas has a Diversity and Inclusivity Officer? Christ have mercy. This is the national airline for crying out loud. Well. My seatbelt is not fastened. My tray table is not stowed and my seat is not in the locked and upright position. In short, I am not ready for take-off. Hell. I am not even aboard.

    Speaking of Hell. Bernard posted this on July 13. This is the date when Our Lady of Fatima showed to the little shepherd children of the Serra da Aire a vision of eternity in its aspect of – wait for it minions: Hell. This is very bad news for those who worship ‘The Great Deceiver’ – one of the names of Allah in the Quran and especially murderers for Islam who are counting on their 72 virgins and all the young boys they want amid the fountains of paradise.

    But it is equally bad news for Enablers who assist an anti-Christ delusional system like Islam to make inroads into their country and against their people. There won’t be any virgins, young boys and pomegranates for the Enablers either.

    The Visegrads are on the right track against this Agenda. They are defying the EU and refusing to have an Islamic migration into their lands. Last year Poland crowned the Lord Jesus Christ as King of Poland. Here’s the blowback for ZOG and the EU:

    Visegrad4 (4)Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland vs EU and Islam

    I am sure Our Betters in Canberra have not even registered the fact that the Visegrads are rising. But it is true, the Visegrads are forming a political alliance. Today they are defying the EU (which Vlad has acknowledged as a soviet if ever there was one). Tomorrow they will be telling ZOG where to get off.

    GOG and the ZOGs will find they have messed with the wrong bunny when they come up against the Visegrds. They have failed to insert a large Islamic seed population. And last year, Ukraine was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ergo it is just a matter of time (short time) before ZOG’s Maidan regime change operation of 2014 goes phuut. When push comes to shove these five nations are going to discover they have a lot more in common with their brother Russian Orthodox in the Russian Christian ethnostate next door than they do with ZOG – probably when ZOG is over there trying to kick off another ‘regime change.’ ZOG will have the collective tushi handed to them from Russia with Love.

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  3. Islam, making a difference in the world, one body at a time!

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  4. The Qantas Diversity and Inclusivity Officer explains ‘diversity’ very well, in essence it excludes people on the basis of their beliefs, and seemingly without any sense of how self-contradictory that is.

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  5. Accommodation to Islam is an across the board policy in former Christian nations (aka ‘Western Civ’ to denizens of C.E.)

    Whatever the Muslims need to do in order to observe the demands of their religion has to be catered for and respected by non-Muslims – starting with subsidizing their dietary requirements. Next will be the jizzya. We get this. Also we get that no other religion and its observances is getting this type of mandated enablement and respect from the Political Elite.

    Therefore, this policy is being implemented by The Owners throughout their gov’t apparatus. I have no doubt this is in place against the non-Muslim populations because the idea here is make kaffirs out them.

    The Political Elite and governing classes treat Australians like kaffirs anyway. With Muslim enablement / respect mandates in place they can do it under the guise of ‘freedom of religion’ – which is a load of Freemasonic codswollop anyway.

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  6. In both first and second world wars, the Governments of both Australia interned Japanese, German & Italian residents.
    Governments have a moral responsibility to protect the citizen of their country., allowing Muslims to serve in our armed forces is asking for trouble

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  7. This is what happens when Marxist / Socialist theory gets stuffed into the ever shrinking brains of our “Diversity Champions”. Treason becomes the “Reason of the Season” and if you disagree – you get annihilated.

    With respect to Scenario 2. As a recently retired officer I would have counselled my troop thus:

    1. Make him aware of his new found religions past & why it wants to kill us.
    2. The fact that he is now considered a security risk by the service & he no longer has any mates.
    3. To stop thinking with his ‘little soldier’ & to start thinking with his ‘big soldier’ & find someone who won’t make YOU change to suit her.
    4. If he is obviously & hopelessly dumb – encourage him to discharge.

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  8. Can someone tell me what in gods name is a “Diversity and Inclusivity Officer”, sounds like an overpaid , post modern communist commissar/turd! No wonder the country is going to shit!

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  9. Payne, the epitomy of the useless ivory tower bureaucrat who just wants to do the bare-minimum ,yet at the same time collect their fat pay cheque at the end of each week. What a plague on the country these people are.

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  10. Then there was the case of Nidal Hasan, a Muslim U.S. Army major who shot and killed 13, and wounded more than 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009.
    I am past military age (and would never have passed the physical anyway), but I wouldn’t want to be serving alongside Muslims, especially when fighting against other Muslims, or involved in anti-terrorist operations.

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    • Yes – islamist ideology is comparable to planting assasins within ones own military. Assasins who will turn on their own military if these individuals are not muslim.

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