Desptaches from the Field: A warm-inner glow is better than real heat

Craig Kelly, a NSW Liberal Party backbencher, is also the chairman of the Coalition’s climate committee.

He has just warned the government that skyrocketing electricity prices will inevitably lead to an increase in deaths over winter months.

“People will die,” Mr Kelly told ABC radio this morning.

“We’ve seen reports only recently that one in four Australian households this winter will be frightened to turn the heater on because of the price of electricity. The World Health Organisation made it very, very clear that you increase winter mortality – that means you have more people dying in winter – if they cannot afford to heat their homes.”

Kelly also notes that the reason electricity prices are increasing is because of the effect that RETs (renewable energy targets) are having on the entire electricity market. RETs are a key component of strategies to “save the planet”, drafted by those believing in global warming/climate change.

I know an elderly female pensioner in Gippsland who lives alone and who cannot afford to run the only heater she has, which is one that others chipped in and bought for her a couple of years ago, because she can’t afford to pay her electricity bills.

She is cold for hours on end throughout winter, when she’s out of bed.

She is being slowly killed by the increases in cost that are mounting so very rapidly in electricity pricing because of all the PC stupidity inflicted on us by the Greens, the ALP – and those coalition MPs who also are dumb enough to be sucked in by all this AGW rubbish. And that would, of course, include Lord Waffle.

So Craig Kelly is completely correct in sounding the alarm – because he is right – people will die from cold and from diseases they catch because they are cold, because they cannot afford to pay their electricity bills.

And of course the ALP quite predictably responds by accusing him of scaremongering and by labelling his spot-on comments as “appalling” and “insulting”.

Well, they would say that – wouldn’t they?

Because they said the same thing a few years ago when a different coalition MP brought some other home truths to the attention of the ALP.

On 21 Oct 2009, Wilson Tuckey warned the ALP that it was odds on that terrorists were travelling with asylum seekers to Australia.

And did the ALP and the Greens arc up!

Oh, the fury!

Oh the shock!

How dare the coalition say such things!

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd immediately moved into outrage mode and slammed Tuckey, saying:

“I think these are deeply divisive, disgusting remarks and they do not belong in any mainstream political party”.

Well, Tuckey was right – wasn’t he?

As history has clearly shown.

And history will also show that Craig Kelly is right – and that all these ridiculous RET and similar measures that are being imposed for the alleged purpose of saving lives in 100 years’ time, are actually killing people right now.

In the end, bleeding hearts kill more people than committed terrorists.

And on the tombstone of every Greenie, ALP bleeding heart should be carved the following useless, pathetic, condemnable words:

“But we meant well”.

That is, of course, assuming the Greens, the ALP and their bleating fellow-travellers actually mean well.

Author: Jim From Boomba

Jim from Boomba is a grumpy, old, white man and contributes to with 'Despatches from the Field' - regular contributions that poke fun at the insanity unleashed on the world by philosophers from the Left...

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  1. The Climate Change Correctoids bogied the science and climate data on Global Warming.

    They are totally busted. Their shit has hit the fan. Yet they are still working on it. The Greenies are another matter. Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid.

    ‘Global warming’ and now ‘climate change’ were only ever the schmo screen for geo-engineering and weather worx of globalist Deep State agencies.

    The Jo Nova website has been keeping tabs on how international agencies bogied the climate data for years. They are shameless liars about this (and everything else).

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  2. So how many Environmentalists do you have to burn to keep warm this winter ???

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  3. Is this the same ALP – under Shorten – which undoubtedly “scare-mongered” that holding a plebiscite over gay marriage would cause suicides?
    Labor is completely and utterly shameless!

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