Why we need a strong minor conservative political party

There is some good news today.

The Queensland LNP State Conference will debate the following motion:

“That this Convention of the LNP call on the federal coalition government to suspend immigration from Islamic nations that recognise sharia law until such time as those countries recognise human rights compatible with Australian culture.”

There are a number of others as well, including that the ABC be flogged off as quickly as possible. I congratulate those LNP members who have done the hard yards to get these subjects onto the floor for debate.

It shows a couple of things.

Firstly, most LNP members are not as brain-dead and losery as the guys running the show in Canberra.

In fact, if the elected representatives of this party actually listened to its members then there would not be much opportunity for Cory Bernardi or Pauline Hanson. And Malcolm Turnbull would not be trying to win an election by out-Shorten-ing Bill Shorten.

So he might actually look like a winner in the opinion polling too, instead of being the guy who can’t beat Bill Shorten.

Alas, even if the motion does get through it can promptly be ignored the parliamentary wing. Which also explains why so many ex-Liberals are now members of parties like the Australian Conservatives.

Why waste your time getting busy in an organisation just to be ignored?

But if Liberal MPs want to survive then eventually they will need to listen to the membership.

Secondly, this motion also shows the value of strong voices in minor politics.

Two years ago it would have been unthinkable for the LNP to discuss banning immigration from Islamic nations. Now it’s a central topic of policy discussion at the LNP state convention.

This is because minor parties have created space for this discussion. They have thrust this debate into the public spotlight. They have forced the major ‘conservative’ party to start addressing this issue, and given real conservatives inside that party the cover to kick things off.

Although I am no longer a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance, every person involved with its first election campaign can be proud that a derivative of one of its key policies may well be adopted by the LNP in Queensland.

The party may not have been successful electorally. But it can boast of having shaped political outcomes anyway.

That might not be as much fun. But it is just as important.

I have joined the Australian Conservatives because I believe it can be even more influential. It is uniting people across multiple minor conservative groupings.

And today’s LNP state convention shows that a strong, united minor conservative party can expect to exert real and significant influence on politics and inside the Liberal Party in particular.

That’s exactly what Australia needs.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. And we need a strong conservative party determined to halt the import of populations that are unassimilable with Australia’s laws, customs and heritage demographic.

    It is the (((Political Elite))) and its system of enablement and entitlement for unassimilables that must be addressed.

    That is what stands to the fore in the sorry report of Australian bride to be Justine Damond fatally shot by police officer (I use the term loosely) Mohammed Noor in Minneapolis. Apparently the kaffirette was executed by Noor for dialling 9-11 and being in her pyjamas at night when Noor and his partner attended to her call.

    Take a black Muslim from Somalia, AA him into an American police force through an AA gendercasualty superior officer who runs interference for him as the complaints about his behaviour mount up. Seeing that with a gun and a badge, he can do pretty much whatever he likes, even kidnapping women at gunpoint and driving them around. So what’s the big deal about opening fire on Justine Damond?

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  2. Maybe the point is to the question is, why should others not need any conservative opinions.

    It’s largely considered a bad thing nowadays to be a conservative and looked down on as worthless or old fashion or stupid, lost in the past to say that you are a Conservative, as they claim all conservative values are all vile and not to mention extremely offensive and they will do anything so as to dismiss all such peoples views as rubbish, not to mention such types believe that ‘the means justify the ends’, morality and virtue are rubbished.

    All the values of the past generations are rubbished full on.

    The so called progressives that they have the audacity to claim themselves are sadly truly only shallow people who don’t have a true handle on history worth jack and nor do they really care because they are just simple minded bogans who’s depth and perception is built on only worthless dribble spun on simplistic whims.

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  3. Two Questions to ask people.
    Is Islam a religion of peace?
    What has Islam done to make the world a peaceful place?

    Look up the word Muruna then ask these questions of everyone you meet.

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  4. I am a 68 year old male who served in the RAN for 20 years and have always been a Liberal voter. Not any longer. Turnbull has destroyed all the values I and countless others have held close. I shudder to think Shorten could be in the lodge after the next election. I will be voting along my conservative beliefs for Cory Bernardi’s party in the hope there are sufficient others to force Turnbull to enter in to an alliance with a more right leaning group to form government. Colin. Nerang QLD

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  5. This madness has to stop 625,000 per year 500,000 muslams Christians cannot get near our E.bassys in the middle east as all Australian Embassys have Muslam Security Guards, we have to start to Deport where Deportation means Deportation, Terrorists in our Goals after 10 yrs Deport if born here Deport to Fathers Homeland Deportation must mean Deportation within 24 Hours no expemption

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  6. It does not mater what the Voting people of Australia want because the UN is not democratic at all and such as the New World Order has so much control over our leadership.
    The claim ‘Human rights’ they peddle is a typical bastardisation of the words nowadays, it’s more like Bolshevism rights and this is typically disguised as under the term human rights, it’s a game play they use a sweetener intended to fool dilattants with.

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  7. Personally I am in favour of partial Islamic immigration into Australia. Perhaps we could consider allowing just their top parts – from their shoulders upwards!

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  8. By turning the LNP leftwards, all Turnbull has done is to disenfranchise and alienate many of its supporters, and drive Labor further to the left itself.

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  9. Geez, mate, get the Muslim trash out, all 625,000 of them. Please, no more finely tuned prose you are very good at, which they won’t be reading, as they come at you and me with a scimitar.

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  10. Bernard, You’re spot on again. There are many who feel that neither major party represents us.

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