Where’s the ‘marital fidelity’ round?

This weekend the AFL is getting all moralistic about marriage.

Sydney and St Kilda will both play in the rainbow. It will literally be a match of GayFL.

And last weekend the AFL showed us exactly why it can’t cut the cake when it comes to marriage.

Two senior executives at the league have been caught with their pants down. Both of them walked down the aisle. Both of them made a vow. Both of them mumbled something about until death do us part.

And both of them are now disgraced, embarrassed vow-breakers.

Given the lack of virtue at AFL HQ and the obvious disrespect for the institution of marriage, one can hardly be surprised that this organisation is now promoting an idea that represents the death knell of the family unit as we know it.

To highlight how hypocritical the AFL is, consider this: two senior executives resigned this week for corporate adultery and tomorrow night the AFL is going to promote rainbow marriage – yet studies of older homosexual men show that less than 3% of them have been ‘faithful’ to their ‘partner’ while between 10% and 15% of homosexual men in Australia over the age of 49 reported having more than 1,000 sexual partners.

To put that in perspective, a 50 year old male would need a different partner every 11.68 days to get to that grand figure. If he started before the age of consent you could stretch it out to a new ‘date’ every fortnight.

Oh, by the way, about two thirds of these men also reported that they were married.

I feel sorry for the wives.

There is a ‘joke’ that AFL is a religion in Melbourne. It is not really funny. Instead, it says a great deal about the moral decay of society.

Churches are empty but the modern coliseum is full. Crowds flock to watch highly-paid collections of tattoos run about after a ball.

True, it is entertaining enough but it is still not enough. Players are not merely content with adulation. They want adoration as well.

Hence the move from the football field to the moral field.

Because they can kick a footy they think that they should also be able to dictate moral views on marriage. The have morphed from players into dark priests and prophets.

Before we know it junior football teams will be playing ‘pride’ matches organised by a league that has an embarrassing history of corporate adultery and that manages players who are all too frequently involved in sexual scandals.

It is sickening.

The AFL is a sport. It should stick to that. And it should keep out of the business of marriage until it can demonstrate that it has its own house in order.

It will do that when it remembers that ‘marital fidelity’ is not a ‘thing’ you promote between the round about racism and the other round about being sorry for everything else.

Marital fidelity is an essential part of marriage. It is a lived way of life.

Every single day.

And no amount of rainbow flags will ever change that.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. All part of the bread and circuses for the mass consumption and conformity.
    The AFL, like many other businesses/associations/sport bodies, are nothing more than being
    suck-ups to make their “principles” of being idealistic, and make people idolize the players
    who they want to be as role models instead of your closely-known personal associates.
    Unfortunately,many spectators and footballers don’t know how the brain functions.
    As Hitler once said- “What luck for the rulers that men do not think”. And having
    a brain is one thing that you do not want to give up easily. It is a pity to see
    players taking head shots for the sake of being paid six-figure salaries and not
    considering the long-term side effect-Just like Greg Williams and John Platten.

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  2. Honestly, who cares what a bunch of AFL execs think…..these tossers prance around the place like they’re on a mission from God. It only goes to show how dumb dull & boring the southern & western States are to think anyone really gives a sh!t what they do in their spare time.

    Really, to you folk in VIC, SA, TAS, & WA, get a life outside Aussie rules & social justice nonsense.

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  3. Watching ABC’s The Drum’s take on this. The way they are talking about it, I had to double check to see that the two exectives were actually married. ‘It’s a consensual relationship’, ‘no one’s done anything wrong’. Right at the end, a lawyer whose opinion had been solicited that ‘there may be a moral case’ because the two men are married, but that it more of a private matter.

    Mostly it was about how it was bad for the women because it might negatively affect their careers and how the AFL should have said nothing. The basic ‘moral baseline’ of this discussion was that private sexual affairs don’t matter in business, and that as long as an affair is consensual, it’s ‘good’ (i.e., because no one is physically harmed, and it is in the pursuit of personal pleasure.)

    I know I should have expected this from the ABC; I’d heard plenty about The Drum but never watched it. But this conversation made my jaw drop. None of the panelists clearly reproached the men for their adultery. It’s very similar to the outrage a year ago or so, when the client details of the adultery website Ashley Madison were hacked and made public. It wasn’t so much ‘adultery is bad’, but ‘protect your online information.’

    In other words, ‘marriage between a man and a woman doesn’t really matter’. Which seems to be the endgame with same-sex marriage, too.

    We are in a new world, Mr. G. How would Paul preach to The Drum?

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  4. It comes under the heading Idolatry.

    Idolising everything that’s degenerate, not to mention that such that subscribe to Political Correctness can not handle the Truth, because they can not abide in the truth, because they have Idols controlling their lives.

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  5. Great article Bernard keep it up..

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