Cate McGregor threatens me with bankruptcy

Yesterday I wrote about Andrew Bolt. And I highlighted some truths about Australia’s most prominent transgender cheer leader, Cate McGregor.

He sent me this message a short time ago:

Have had surgery Bernard. But facts don’t matter to a mind poisoned by hate do they Pharisee? I wonder how much of your tendentious nonsense you actually believe? The long litany of couch fainting complaints about my sins against you and your soft couch fainting daddy ( Mum) is amusing to me now. You have no capacity to hurt my feelings. You have failed at everything that matters in your life and will be bankrupt with a large family in due course.You and Maguire started this totally unprovoked. Then squealed when I retaliated. And your father was compensated for hurt feelings. Soft. Always has been always will be. The latest diatribe merely shows me how obsessed with me you are. At AA they call it
Living in someone’s head rent free. I am running you like a herd. And you are of no consequence to me. Look at trajectory of our lives since you declared war on me? I’m happy and going from strength to strength. And you keep losing elections. Do your worst. You will never sit in an Australian Parliament. And bankruptcy beckons. Good luck. I mean it. You’re a really sad sad case. Catherine McGregor

And he followed it up with this:

Don’t reply champ. I’m blocking you. And handing the inference that like Chelsea Manning I’m a traitor to Senior Counsel. Xx

McGregor’s not the first person to threaten me with bankruptcy. He’ll need to take a card and sit in line behind New South Wales’ most offended homosexual and serial complainant, Garry Burns.

And, just like Burns, McGregor seems to think that threats of throwing my wife and seven children onto the street will make me run and hide. He should think again.

McGregor’s words speak for themselves. But some points need making.

Firstly, my father was not compensated for ‘hurt feelings’. Defence chose the soft option of paying up because it could not bring itself to do what it should have done and charge McGregor with breaches of the Defence Force Discipline Act. After all, Defence threw the book at me. And when the pages stopped turning the judgment was that I had no case to answer.

Why were they not prepared to place McGregor under the same scrutiny?

Like McGregor, I think this situation is outrageous. Taxpayers are entitled to know why Defence will cough up taxpayer dough instead of disciplining senior officers who disobey lawful general orders. I’d be more than happy for this scandal to be investigated.

Secondly, I have never stated, insinuated or implied that McGregor is a traitor. They are entirely his words. And my article made it very clear yesterday that McGregor was probably seen by people like Andrew Bolt as a far better person to promote the transgender cause.

However, McGregor has written to me in the past to claim that I ‘cannot accept orders from legitimate authority’. Unfortunately, McGregor’s claim does not stack up. Like I said above, every charge that I had disobeyed orders turned up empty.

Thirdly, even if McGregor has had surgery, it still does not change a thing. A man cannot become a woman.

If I hear any more, I’ll be sure to let you know…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Hell hath no fury like an XY surgically/hormonally altered for gender fantasyland. For Australia, that fantasyland is being imposed by the Gaystapo.

    The obsessional fantasies communicated in these love letters to Bernard is creepy, positively creepy.

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  2. It appears the drugs are not good for people, how they can be given to kids is disturbing.
    Your abuser is broken in ways I’ll never understand for reasons I’ll never know.
    If it can happen to our best I fear for the rest.

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  3. Saying that a person has had one penis and two testicles cut-off, says that person has had one penis and two testicles cut-off.

    Meanwhile, a person’s trillions of XY chromosomes, in trillions of cells, say that person is a man.

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  4. I guess Cate has lost the plot . What a tool he is ! Lol

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  5. Kate McGregor’s favourite song must be the Kinks – Lola….

    I mean can anyone blame the poor’ol dear’ie for getting all hot & frothy under the plastic surgery. He gets the nip’an’tuck to get ahead (so to speak) in his career & his boss takes the credit for his work & gets awarded “Boffhead of the Year” by the Australian Marxist Council on the back (once again, so to speak) of Katie-poos work…. WHAT’S A GIRL TO DOOOOOOOO !!!!


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  6. “Sex change is biologically impossible,” people who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is a civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.” So why is “Safe Schools” promoting puberty blocking drugs and taking away the rights of the children and parents in Australia? I say this is ‘child abuse of the most horrible kind’. Who else but a confused Cultural Marxist would want to de-gender children and break up families and abuse the most vulnerable in our society?

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  7. They show what they have become through their own words and actions. They become aggressive and nasty because they externalise their anger as a way of justifying what they have become. They know what they do is against nature or as we say unnatural. Instead of addressing their own internal conflicted personalities and perhaps calling on divine assistance through prayer they attack those around them. Do I hate them? No…hate is a very strong word. Do we hate what they are… No … but please do not rubbish my views either.

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  8. Gee, Bernard – must be nice to know you’ve got an avid reader of your blog.

    McGregor was super-quick to respond to your article.

    Your blog is obviously a “must read three times a day” requirement for Kate.

    He really is one of your biggest fans.

    PS – if he’s really chopped off his wedding tackle – the technical reality is that he’s not a woman but a very specific type of man.

    Can’t say I’ve actually known of anybody living before who was in that category.

    His business card must be interesting:

    “Kate McGregor – Professional Eunuch”.

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  9. Just because you trash a functioning Johnson for a badly panel beaten Mangina does not make you a woman.

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  10. Really, how can other countries take our armed forces seriously when we have transgenders and our uniforms paraded in the gay mardi gras. Personally what they do behind closed doors, I couldn’t give a s**t, but not in public its embarrassing.

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  11. It’s yet another rant from McGregor who seems to be in a permanent state of rage, most likely because no one takes him seriously. It appears he blames everyone but himself for the fact that he couldn’t crack it as a man so he tried to be a woman and ended up a eunuch. Funny thing is that the more female hormones he ingests the more aggressive he gets. He would make an interesting case study.

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  12. You can’t change your chromosomes, just your mental stability.
    Good on you Bernard

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  13. All good mate. Plenty of room around my campfire for you the missus and kids. Take care

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  14. What a nasty piece of work he is showing himself to be. I guess he’s merely a symptom of the evil that has cast a shadow right across the western world. Sadly. he like others in his situation needs help but those that are supposed to help are supporting the delusional behaviour. When is someone in the Psychiatric field going to have the fortitude to come out and tell the truth that a man believing he is a women is a delusion at best, a serious mental illness at worse. Sadly, the inmates are well and truly in charge of the asylum so it’s unlikely this is going to happen any time soon.

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  15. One must be living in such an abstract and delusional world that they could bring themselves to cut off their own penis. I mean it is truly extraordinary that people are being told to swallow this as some new reality and play along with it. I also note the significant promotion “mental health” has received in recent years. Yet it is taboo to discuss the fact that people suffering gender dysphoria, such as Malcolm Mcgreor, are in such a serious state of delusion and their mental health is so bad…so bad that they’d cut off their own lunch. It is an upside down world we live in sometimes.

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  16. Bernie you need a hobbie seriously.

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  17. Mr Bernard Gaynor, it is well researched, documented and d proven that the type of comments you have made give cause to anxiety and distress for transgender people, this is particularly the case for transgender with Gender Dysphoria. Often this type of negative behavior leads to self harm, depression, suicidality and even suicide.

    Now you are an educated person and I see that you are well read and intelligent, given these aspects you may like to use self-reflection and consider how your behaviour, with regards to comments that are extremely transphobic, is impacting on other people in society.

    Thank you.

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    • Thanks Emily.

      As I pointed out in my article, we are forbidden to debate this topic for exactly the ‘reasons’ you state. Yet we are also told these same individuals are mentally strong enough to withstand the stress of war.

      Those two concepts do not go together.

      If the first is true then military service is beyond these people. And it needs to be said.

      If the second is true then there should be no problem with debate.

      You need to pick one.

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      • Well said Bernard.

    • Emily, I agree with Bernie’s response to your suggestions. You failed to mention the vile viscous abuse and threats that come from these same people you are defending. I am yet to hear anything from conservatives that comes close to the viscous diatribe from the trans and rainbow activists. We speak methodically, intelligently and use facts and not conjecture. Also the well researched information you speak of only comes from those commissioned (paid) by the activists or those who are against anything hetero anyway. Doesn’t hold much credibility when you look at it that way. Not so with the other mob. Thanks for your input though.

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  18. You can dream to be what you want to be … but you will always be what you were born to be. You cannot change that … and professing otherwise is just a dream!

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  19. Good on ya Bernard Gaynor, I’ll be backing you against those sicko’s. …..

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  20. One has to feel truly sorry for poor Cate, what went wrong with him, there must be something really horrific that has gone on in his life and the attacks on poor Bernard sadly only come from malice.

    I find it really sad that a person that once held such a position should stoop to getting a kicks out of such attacks, as one coming from such a position should be way above any such deviate behaviour, that I just can’t believe such a person of that rank would lower themselves to do such a thing to anyone let alone another member of the ADF.

    I though that all people in the ADF strove to be above such pettiness.

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  21. Sounds to me like Mr McGregor has a very raw nerve and is trying to cover it up. To the degree you have been cursed by Mr McGregor, may the Lord God Almighty; who in the beginning created them male and female; bless you Bernard Gaynor. May Mr McGregor be disciplined by the Lord God Almighty, not only for the curse he has tried to place on you, but also for Mr McGregor’s own salvation. May Mr McGregor reap what he has sown, and may Almighty God work in Mr McGregor’s life and bring him to a point of understanding, and a point of clear repentance for the terrible rebellion Mr McGregor has attempted against his Creator. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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    • Psalm 37 ought surely appy to This it

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    • You are right down to a T. When Mr McGregor can show that his DNA is female then I will consider calling him Miss!

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  22. Cate or Craig or whatever he’s called lost the argument because you can clearly see he is overcome by emotion and attempting threats.

    Arguements are win with facts.

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  23. He may have had it cutoff and will take medication for the rest of its life, but it still doesn’t suppress his male vile vindictive responses to your well thought out posts.

    Biology, DNA and XY chromosome can NOT be charged with a scalpel and Mediation. He’s a man and always will be!

    You can’t change the facts by changing or adding definitions or conniving the world Transgender is the new norm. Sadly it’s a mental illness that is not being treated at the source, but instead the person with the delusion are using hormones and the scalpel to create their illusion of their delusion. The worse part is forcing the public to go along with their delusion.

    It’s unethical to amputate a otherwise healthy persons body parts because that person believes in their mind they are something different to what their biological and genetic sex are in fact.

    He still has male anger traits because the above no matter what can’t be changed.

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  24. Donald Trump has the right idea. Give all those pretenders the boot from the armed forces and only accept real men.

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  25. What swill. This just proves what bullies the LGBTIQ rainbow alphabet soup activists are. That man is bankrupt of a soul so that leaves you the real winner Bernie.
    And another thing, I have photos of Pauline Hanson and her puppet master/mistress getting cozy with this vile bullish creature and people call Pauline conservative. What a load of BS.
    My new public street campaign is telling people that
    ” The ADF will soon be issuing handbags over rifles in its push for diversity and equality”.
    These bullies don’t deserve to breathe the same oxygen as any of us rational people.

    I have just sent an email to every LNP MP and Senator to warn them of their future if they allow a free vote on SSM. I included Cory in the email so he can see that there are plenty of people fighting this as well. I would highly recommend everyone else do the same. We only have less than a month to make sure Turnbull knows where the majority stands.
    Kudos to those already fighting this but we cannot do it alone. If you have never stood up for anything important in your life, now is the time to do it. Our country’s future depends on everyone of us to do all we can to keep the traditions and principles that this country has grown from. Stand proud as those who don’t want the marriage act messed with.
    Thanks Bernie for all you stand for. Its inspirational.

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    • Hear, hear……..!!!!!!!!!

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  26. What vindictive, vile and outright ludicrous behaviour from that man, you have done nothing wrong Cobber.

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    • Keep up the fight Bernard. Free thinking morally -adjusted people are right behind you. Simply another case of throwing out crap and hoping some of it sticks. The vitriol shows the calibre of the person. Vicious little people almost always come from the Left.

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    • This groups political agenda (Next phase) can be seen in UK and EU already
      By Andrew Gilligan9:10PM BST 05 Jul 2014

      ‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’
      How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences

      They play the “offensive card” the “inclusiveness card” and the many fake ideological slogans, but forget to mention they are MARXIST and want to destroy Western Democratic nations

      Pedophilia a growing problem throughout Europe

      August 26, 1996 Web posted at: 7:00 p.m. EDT

      From Correspondent Bill Delaney

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    • The alphabet people should be cautioned because telling children that they can be whatever gender they want to be is child abuse and sexual abuse. All people can make up their own mind about life and its problems when their brains have matured sufficiently about the age of 24 years. Mr McGregor needs serious psychiatric assistance immediately. One who has their mind occupied by such ridiculous notions as self genital mutilation can not be thinking correctly.

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    • If this Cate McGregor, is, as she says, Bernard is “of no consequence to me” WHY is she going on & on about him, and his comments. Surely, IF, as she seems to be inferring, Bernard is NOTHING to her, why does she not just ignore him and ALL he implies????? Just treat him with silence, and ignore the man… OR does she want her pound of flesh, or should I say, $$$$ in flesh. Is this what she is all about, Money???

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