Malcolm Turnbull’s rainbow adventure

This week the debate should have been about national security, border protection, failed green energy policy and Labor’s dud spending programs and extra taxes.

Liberal Party ministers should have been lining up to put a serious dent in the election chances of Bill Shorten and the Labor Party.

Instead, the Liberals have spent all week talking about homosexual marriage – a proposition that can best be described as the political love-child of Sarah Hanson Young and Bob Brown.

As a result, it is not Bill Shorten under political pressure but Malcolm Turnbull. And it’s all happened because the gay mafia within the Liberal Party have no respect for their leader, the party membership or the Australian people.

It really is madness. Turnbull may well lose his job because Trevor Evans, Dean Smith, Trent Zimmerman and Tim Wilson want to die in a ditch for a policy invented by the Greens.

I really have no time for Turnbull. In many ways he has brought this upon himself. But the extent of his failures have become so embarrassing that one can’t help but hope he improves. After all, this entire farce has gone from a popcorn-munching political drama to a¬†cringe-worthy circus that is now painful to watch.

There’s also the fact that the very real possibility is the fallout of this process could not only foist gay marriage (unasked) on Australians but a Labor government as well (unelected).

So it’s time for conservatives within the Liberals to take serious stock of their position.

There are four gay Liberals in the federal parliament, out of a total of 64 male Liberals. Statistically, there should be just one. And no one can have any certainty that there aren’t other Liberal politicians on the rainbow train as well. In fact, if the rumours are to be believed then there are several more as well.

It could well be the case that more than 10% of federal male Liberal politicians are homosexual.

That would explain why this party was responsible for funding ‘Safe Schools’ in the first place. And it would also explain why ‘progressives’ have been told that gay marriage may happen much sooner than they had hoped.

But even if it is just four, it’s clear that the gay mafia within the party are calling the shots. The conservatives are just making up the numbers.

Consequently, serious conservatives need to work out what they hope to achieve in the Liberal Party. If they can’t do much more than they already have, then the only reason they exist is to vacuum up conservative votes for the progressive cause.

That’s hardly inspiring or helpful.

And while the politicians ponder these things, I have no doubt that exasperated, frustrated and highly irritated conservative Australians have already made up their minds to join Cory Bernardi and the Australian Conservatives.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Degenerates bogans or fools nowadays do not even comprehend what a marriage truly is or what it truly represents.

    Gay marriage is not a marriage at all, such a thing is in fact only called a partnership.

    All this hype over only around about 10% of gays that want to get married anyway.

    Most people nowadays are not getting truly married now anyway and so it’s truly only a partnership thing now and that may explain why such bogans don’t give a toss about gays claiming it a marriage. such do not comprehend that the word has been bastardised.

    Marriage is in fact a sacrament, sadly bogans and such dipsticks can not grasp comprehend the reality of such, not to mention the cunning workings that are at play in all this that is working to undermine the family.
    Socialism is at play in all this skulduggery and it’s all an engineered attack to undermine and bastardise our structure of freedoms and strength that Grace in Christ won for us all.
    Satan’s deception is at work in all this socialist engineering and it will only enslave us all under it’s rod of iron.

    I know it all sounds good just to rollover and don’t give a toss and let things slide but it’s not a simple transaction as sadly most simply think it all is, but the more one looks into it all one can then see it’s not that simple at all, as to the law etc and such undermines the family and that’s what socialism aim is to do.
    Everyone becomes equal, equal nothings! just like simple cattle to be treated as big bro demands.

    Just look at all the types of dregs socialist engineering has created and bastards like so are given rights that only works to undermine the whole nations healthy democracy of the future, for some 3rd rate socialist dictatorship that it wants to become.

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  2. The Liberal Party is a shambles. It’s taken this issue for it to be shown for what it is.

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  3. Mr Turnbull has never been interested in what conservative constituents think. He is marching to the beat of a different drummer. He’s happy enough to tear apart the Liberals because he has never been Liberal really.

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  4. Whether or not SSM becomes law, the LGBTIQ community will continue to blame us for their inevitable ongoing problems.

    The following article, from the current Star Observer, explains why it is our fault:
    “It is important to understand that LGBTI people do not have poorer health outcomes than the general population because of who they are, but rather because of the stigma and discrimination they are subjected to because of their LGBTI status.”

    There is a deep spiritual problem within the LGBTIQ community, which will be worsened by unfulfilled attempts to fill God-shaped-holes.

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  5. A significant MercatorNet article on:

    Transgender suicides: what to do about them

    “We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person.

    Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them. The current method of addressing this concern is only making matters worse. Treatment needs to address the core problem”.

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  6. It’s Big Gay Mal’s Big Gay Marriage Bonanza at the Big Gay Parliament folks – just can’t wait for the feather boa’s to fly as the girls get their claws out. UuumUm, yes ladies & shemales it’s get your dancing shoes on & wear it purple for Gay Marriage.

    The next bold step is to recognise human to animal civil unions – yeeeeaaaa. The RSPCA & PETA WILL LOVE IT ! – YEEEAAAAA !!!!!
    Now where’s all my purple clothes gone ?

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    • Well, according to that most eminent philosopher, Peter Singer, when humans confine their sexual activity to other humans, they are guilty of “speciesism”. So, since all “isms” are rooted (pardon the pun), in “phobias”, presumably “speciesism” is a manifestation of “bestialophobia”.

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