Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives making moves in the polls

An interesting snippet from yesterday’s Courier Mail about the latest political polling in Queensland:

While One Nation’s support continues to fall, the Government is facing another threat.

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives has secured 6 per cent of the primary support – higher than One Nation’s 5.5 per cent at the 2016 federal election.

Cory Bernardi visited Queensland last month and met with supporters at a number of sold out events across the state. But the Australian Conservatives is not yet registered in Queensland and has no official structure or branches yet in place.

As such, it is remarkable that this new party is polling even higher than One Nation did federally at the last election. And given all the talk this week about gay rebel Liberal members crossing the floor to join with Labor and vote in homosexual marriage, one can only imagine that the trend for the Australian Conservatives is upwards.

Especially as this was in the news today too:

The Australian Christian Lobby is threatening to take the unprecedented step of campaigning against a Coalition government, warning Liberal MPs that it could direct members to support minor ­right-wing parties if a free vote on gay marriage is allowed in parliament.

The warning from the powerful lobby to hold the line on a plebiscite will be issued today with a petition of 55,000 signatures presented to the Senate. The group will amplify pressure on Coalition MPs — already scorched by the Catholic education campaign against the government’s school-funding reforms — by forming an alliance with Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi, who will seek to table an ACL petition.

The ACL’s move to campaign against the Coalition would be a first for the organisation. ACL managing director Lyle Shelton told The Australian that more than 350,000 emails had been sent by Marriage Alliance and ACL supporters to Coalition MPs calling on the government to keep its promise.

The drift of conservatives away from the Liberal Party is turning from a trickle into a flood.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Can Australian Conservatives give a firm commitment on
    1. winding back abortion
    2. supporting natural marriage
    3. coming out strongly against doctor assisted suicide

    and explain why they are notmentioning these issues in their ‘Constitution

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  2. As an aetheist one would think not a perfect match
    Cory makes sense , he’s smart , and shares my values , no interest in the alphabet people
    Lets make this nation great
    I am a proud founding member

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  3. As far as I can see, Cory Bernardi is showing up as the only visibly current politician with any statesman-like qualities…thankfully in support of some sound policies now flowing into the public domain….and this country is so in need of someone who exhibits any leadership qualities….I only pray he can keep his integrity intact in the murky world of politics!

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  4. I can’t tell you happy I am that we finally have a person and a party actually worth voting for. Keep up the pressure Cory and we will all back you to keep our country great ? So happy to be a member of AC

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  5. Cory is a commonsence man who has Australia and Australians interests first! Very clever astute and believable man!

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  6. On the 14th September 2015, the Liberal Party left me politically stranded as they went off to the left to pursue people that will never vote for them. When Cory started AC I was one of the first to sign up. It is encouraging to see the growth of the party.
    In 2016 I voted for Bernard Gaynor as Senate candidate for ALA, it may turn out that I will be voting for him again as the Australian Conservative candidate.

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  7. The Australian Conservatives are just “ONE PARLIAMENTARY FREE VOTE” away from me turning from the 2 major political parties FOREVER(!) – I do solemnly promise to be a conscientious and forever active and loud objector to the major Parties and an utter hater of the Greens and every little atom of thought they stand for! (but not just yet … just “ONE FREE VOTE” away)

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  8. If he has a candidate in WA I will most definitely be voting for him.

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  9. The current bunch of imbeciles in the liberal party in Canberra need a big wake up call but don’t seem to be listening. I don’t think senator Dean Smith would’ve been elected had he been honest and up front about his SUPPORT for gays changing the marriage act !!! So lets go Corey Bernardi a man of principal and sticks to the unlike many others !!! The Libs are gone and LABOR no good so its got to be Corey, and One Nation cant be trusted !!!

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  10. Unless the electoral system changes, this is all smoke and mirrors. Back in 98, One Nation gathered almost a million votes yet virtually 0 seats. Unless we get rid of our BS electoral syatem, then the two parties will remain in power for the forseeable future

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  11. I keep watching how he is going and so far he is doing ok.

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  12. Previously, our family have always been Liberal voters.

    Now, we are all paid-up Bernardi –
    Australian Conservatives.

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  13. Australian conservatives are for the people and led by a man who listens to the people Go Cory

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  14. I have never felt the need to become a paid up member of any political party,but when the Australian Conservatives came on the scene & seeing the way the Liberal party was headed I wanted to be a part of a party who’s policies I agreed with.

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  15. I’ve been following Cory Bernadi’s blog for several years and have never seen him back down from his principals. Hence I’ve become a member of Aust. Conservatives.

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  16. Not surprising. I am one who would most likely vote fo r Australian Conservatives given the current political climate
    Go Cory Bernardi!!

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  17. Our country needs action and on all that I have read on Cory Bernadi thus far he appears to be the right man for the job

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