The entirety of the ‘Yes’ case

Thanks to the lovely, well-mannered Tim Minchin we have the entirety of the ‘Yes’ case.

In song form. It’s pretty short. And mostly expletives.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Marriage “equality” is triumph of dogma over truth. Re-defining marriage, diluting away its qualities.

    Not complementary – male and female fit together. Ask a 5 year-old!
    Not procreative – can cause disease and death. Cannot create new life
    Not nurturing of children – no mother and father
    Not monogamous – see the research. Homosexual academics conclude monogamy is homophobic. Homosexuals are inevitably promiscuous.

    Australia does not need to follow the flimsy fashion of delusional capitulation to all things LGBT. You can show us degenerate Europeans that at least some of the West still has backbone and common sense!

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  2. People need to understand the wording of the Bill that Smith put to parliament states the union of two people. That could mean Brother and sister, uncle and niece, adult and child and proves that this debate actually has nothing to do with same sex marriage. If it was about SSM then it would simply state ” a union between two consenting adults” instead of changing it from ” a man and a woman” to ” 2 people”. It doesn’t, so what is the real agenda???
    Better still leave it as it is.

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  3. Let’s celebrate by singing a song written by a man who’s same sex behaviour sent him (and his partner) to the grave.

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  4. And as for Penny Wong, That evil entitled attitude of a cow should be in prison for her antics whilst Finance Minister. She broke the law & has not been brought to justice. Wong represents EVERYTHING that’s wrong with politics in Australia right now.

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    • Wong hasn’t had much to say on the dual citizenship issue. He’s normally quite vociferous.

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  5. and we have Penny Wong demanding Australia legalise homosexual marriage. Meanwhile back in Malaysia, from whence she came :

    Malaysia holds contest on how to ‘prevent’ homosexuality

    Sodomy is criminalised

    Atheists in Malaysia should be hunted down, minister says

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  6. That was great.
    Absolutely tops.
    I’m really glad this long-haired PC rainbow parakeet belted that one out for all of us to hear.
    And I hope he keeps trilling his smarmy, smarty-pants lyrics that are so terribly inner-city chic.
    Because the more he projects his bilge water, the more he will turn people completely off SSM.
    It’s PC dudes like this warbling wombat who will ensure SSM is defeated at the plebiscite.
    So – yo! – munchkin Minchin! – you keep going, you good PC dudester thing you!
    We who are against all this SSM stupidity need you!

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