Marise Payne’s anti-male discrimination smokescreen

Following the revelations Defence will not process applications from males for front-line combat roles for at least 12 months that appeared on this website and the front page of the Daily Telegraph today, understandably, the Defence Minister, Marise Payne, went into damage control.

This press release was issued:


And the obligatory tweets were sent:

However, these were nothing more than a smokescreen that billowed forth from a Russell Offices complex in Canberra intent on obfuscating itself out of this mess.

It is true that all roles in the ADF are open to males and females. It is true that males can apply for any of them.

But that is not the issue.

It is not in dispute that males are applying for these roles. All of them. That happens every day. It’s what happens next that is the problem.

Males are not having their applications processed. And Defence cunningly, cleverly and craftily crept away from dealing with that issue at all.

But if you carefully read the press release above you will see the sleight of hand. Between the first and second line, there is a complete change of tack.

The first line is about the jobs males can apply for. All of them.

And the next line is all about the jobs females get.

After that there’s a bunch of PC bunkum about diversity and statistics that fails to disguise the fact that Defence has admitted it has quotas for females.

And that also necessarily means discrimination against males.

Hence the spreadsheet I received this week named ‘Weekly Target Priorities – 7 Aug 17’ and authored by ‘Defence Force Recruiting’. Defence has not denied it exists or that it clearly shows all front-line combat roles in the Army are closed to males for at least 12 months but are open to females now.

Screen shots of the appropriate cells in the spreadsheet are shown below:

Armour Artillery Engineer Infantry

Because you’re a bright bunch, I’ll let you work out what out the (F) stands for. But you can see the meaning of the colour codes below:


After today’s events, I can tell you that angry, frustrated, annoyed and concerned fighting men of Australia are coming out of the wood works. They’ve had enough.

And now I’ve got stories to chase for the next ten years.

Stay tuned…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. If any of this is true and the evidence is at hand then surely this will lead to massive discrimination lawsuits against the government. It is truely beyond belief that this kind of gender & race discrimination can even be considered by a government organization. Why is there even Male/Female categories in the first place in a so called gender neutral ADF.

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  2. My son is a year 12 student very keen on getting into the Navy on a “gap” year promoted by a visit from the ADF careers personnel. Aptitude tests past 100%, BMI test fail as he is to lean (under by .05 you have got to be joking) attitude passed with flying colors, now on to work experience.Did a week and loved it, attended a social function on the last day and had a chat with one of the officers regarding his chosen career path.
    The advice was unremarkable “you son, look like a fit strong white Anglo Saxon Male” don’t get your hopes up.


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  3. If the government is serious about gender equality then it should adopt an affirmative action program for males in the Australian Public Service, which is dominated by 60% females.

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  4. I have no problems with females in all areas of the military. I can only hope that they can kill another person by bashing them to death with a rock, cut their throat with a blunt knife and kill children that are trying to kill them. And I hope the country can handle when thirty or forty mothers, daughters and sisters are killed overnight in combat.

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  5. What does the RSL say?

    Who cares what they RSL say.
    In NSW it is run by “alleged” rorters.

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  6. This is happening in the police force as well. Explains why crime rates have continued to rise, no one respects the police anymore.

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  7. Please take this to court, for the sake of Australia. Need to make a stand, here is a good place to start…

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  8. Thanks Bernard, the dishonesty of lowering physical standards started in the 80s. The standards were quite basic, but too much for the females, so Chin Ups had to go, and they did. It has been downhill ever since. Our Senior Officers are more politicians than commanders, which is frightening.

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    • 21 years infantry and carried a machine gun thru Vietnam. How do I feel? Gutted. Australian Government, both major parties, Army and future of the way of life as we know it has gone. Hands up and white flag to the Muslims. We are stuffed as a nation. I’m so pleased to have lived in the best possible time of the nation since settlement.
      However, one should never complain unless you can see a solution to the problem.
      But I just can’t see anyone with the power to do anything. They are too gutless. Too frightened to fight for what’s right for us. Vote for me and I’ll done right thing for Australia. Bullshit. They just look after their own ego trip. Pollies have lost our respect. We only vote now because we don’t want to get fined.
      I’m just going to live my remaining years in the most relaxing and friendly way I can.
      The future can go whistle Dixie.
      I fought for nothing.

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      • Well said Sir, and thank you.

      • I’m sorry mate. Most of us feel the same way. It’s embarrassing it has got to this diseased state of affairs. I and most Aussie men admire and honour what you fought for and the sacrifice you made. We are still trying to hang on to sanity. In any way we can. But normal men are bound by facts and logic. Two things that are in short supply in politics at the moment.

  9. This needs to be brought to the attention to Pres Donald Trump and, Rex W. Tillerson. Perhaps they can talk some sense into our idiot MP’s.

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    • Are you serious?
      Trump is a completely inept, big-mouthed buffoon who cannot control
      his own hot-headed ego, and is talking about going to war.

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  10. What does the RSL say??

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    • What does the RSL say??
      The RSL says “Give me your money”. They are just gold diggers.

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