Hand out the hand-bags (or the Army is promoting females ahead of men)

Defence keeps leading with its chin. And Defence keeps being whacked.

From today’s Daily Telegraph:

AUSTRALIA’S Chief of Army told recruiters to study women’s shopping habits to better understand how to attract them to frontline combat roles.

The extraordinary advice came as part of a politically correct recruitment revolution that led to a ban on men being hired for military roles while female recruits are pushed to the front of the queue.

Lieutenant General Angus Campbell told recruiters in Canberra last year they could learn from a Canadian study called Men Buy, Women Shop.

We are fighting the Islamic State and facing an increasingly uncertain situation in North Korea. Yet our military hierarchy is modelling Defence on the inscrutable ways of the female mind whilst shopping.

Will this madness ever end? Will all soldiers soon be required to follow former Chief of Army, David Morrison, and wear high heels in public?

Defence might as well start issuing the handbags out now.

I previously wrote about Campbell’s crazy speeches to recruiters in February. As I said at the time, they represent insanity.

Perhaps the most damning aspect of them was that Campbell himself admitted that the PC push to recruit women was failing so badly that it was likely to actually result in less women in the military:

“We only met 60% of our ARA general enlistment target for women.  We also did poorly in officer entry.  We only hit 67% of our target overall, and 55% and 10% for women and Indigenous candidates respectively.  Not hitting anywhere near our targets for ARA women means that not only are we not on path to 25%.  In fact, the actual percentage of women in the force in being is likely to decline.”

But still the push continues.

In a speech for International Women’s Day, Campbell made this very interesting observation:

“The representation of women in our full time force is still only 12.7% and it’s not enough. But 18% of our commanding officers are women.”

If Campbell actually thought about what he said, and if he actually believed in merit, he could reasonably come to the conclusion that women perform better than men and are accordingly promoted to the higher ranks at a rate 50% higher than there statistical numbers.

But it is clear that this is not about capability. It is about ticking the PC boxes, which is why he was talking about quotas and targets for a gender representation.

The guys I graduated Duntroon with are now lining up to become unit commanders. Many of them are very good operators. And some of them will miss out on this very important career posting because they are male.

Females are being promoted ahead of males in the Army. And I don’t mean in a general sense. I mean in the most specific sense possible.

They are getting the better jobs because of their gender.

And this is not something hidden.

Defence personnel are now explained on career progression courses that where two candidates for promotion rank similarly, gender will be taken into consideration. What ‘similarly’ means is always open to interpretation.

Warfare is probably the most uncivilised thing humans can engage in. However, in the Australian Army it is now ladies before gentleman onto the battlefield.


Oh, and one tidbit of information that filtered my way yesterday.

Apparently 50 females have graduated into the infantry since it was opened up to them a couple of years ago. According to the grapevine, already 40 of them have been, or are in the process of being discharged or corps transferred due to injuries suffered trying to keep up with the blokes.

I have not been able to confirm if this is true. But I am digging…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We are already the laughing stock of the world due to Malcolm McGregor now Cate McGregor. He now likes to be called she and is the reason behind this push. McGregor trying hard to prove status as a women decided women’s rights were now the agenda for The Australia Defence Force. McGregor took becoming a woman so serious he/she demanded to play on the womans Big Bash cricket team. That’s a bit like a white Australian saying they are aboriginal and taking Aboriginal grants. McGregor is also the forging reason the ADF spent $648,000 over 30 months for sex change and breast enhancement procedures for serving members of the Australian Defence Force, all tax payers money.
    This stupidity has got to stop.

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  2. Was this clown really in the SAS? How do these people think? Such spinelessness! Or does everyone get corrupted by power and high office.

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  3. thats modern life for us.
    The men can stay at home and watch the football rugby or what ever while the girls go out to fight the wars so that we can live safely in our democracies till we all become moslems.

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  4. By virtue of biological constraints women cannot compete with men on the same playing field, why then has defence leadership put women in Combat roles to compete against men in warfighting?

    Contrary to all commonsense, the recruitment women in fighting roles by quotas is absolutely insane and they are failing the experiment because the training replicates combat. Combat roles are the most demanding and arduous jobs in defence requiring great physical strength and mental stamina to endure extreme hardship and sustained close quarter fighting. How you can have women deploying a howitzer, building a bridge or patrolling is beyond me. You’d be lucky to get them to deploy in the field and with less blokes the work gets harder.


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  5. Let’s employ the same policies on with the Australian sports team and see what happens.

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  6. God forbid that it should happen, but what will the politicians and public say when the body count of female soliders starts going up. I am not against women in the ARA,but when are people going to realise men and women are not physically equal.

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  7. As an ex grunt I am glad I am no longer having anything to do with Battalions. My sources tell me 3 females have been ARA 343 qualified. Nil passed the PESA or have since. The 30 odd others have got through in the ARES stream. The 3 that got through the ARA side of the house, I have been informed 2 of are known to be almost permanently injured and non effective in essence… They claimed they would never lower standards, well guess what….

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  8. Old warriors such as Lucius Siccius Dentatus must be wetting themselves with laughter in the afterlife at the antics of modern day soldiers to effeminate, eliminate, emasculate and exterminate themselves.

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  9. An ex SAS friend of mine (just turned seventy) explained that this decay of the ADF will continue until there is another real war.
    In his estimation, it will take at least two years of major conflict before the wheat is sorted from the “diversity” chaff and the real ADF is restored.
    His greatest concern is that we will be trounced within that first two years and risk the chance of complete capitulation.

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  10. Thank you Bernard, I was recently reading an article by a celebrated female US Marine Captain, who is now physically wrecked and barren, due to the extreme stress on the female body. She recommends that female marines accept reality and pursue their careers, in the marines, but not in the Infantry.Sorry but I did not note her name and dates etc.

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      • Thank You.

  11. Personally, if I were on the front line I would much rather have a bloke beside me than a woman.

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  12. You are correct and the reason women have a much higher injury and MEC discharge rate, is because we are not built for frontline combat roles…

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  13. I know of one current serving Major-General who as a Troop officer in Cambodia in 1992 had absolutely NO idea as to how to handle troops. I had been in the Army for 12 years at that stage and she kept trying to tell me what and where i would be doing when i get to Australia in 1993.
    Since then as i understand it she HAS NEVER BEEN in a position to actually Command troops as A OC or CO of a unit.

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  14. The combination of affirmative action and political correctness can be seen in the gender balance of the Australian Public Service in 2016: 60% female, 40% male.

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  15. Chief of Army is another emasculated male husk. Does this guy have any shame ? Apparently not. In this day & age in order to be promoted to senior officer a male must have his testicles removed & have oestrogen therapy.

    NEVER EVER TRUST A GENERAL. Senior officers are nothing more than politicians & public servants in uniform.

    Bernard feel free to edit my comment as you see fit.

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  16. Perhaps Campbell’s wife when out shopping could find him a spine, one that would remain stiff enough and for long enough to explain to the politicians pushing this pc garbage that they are destroying the best small army in the world from within something no outside force has ever been able to do.

    ECN 343

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