Eyes on Sydney – Muslims to vote yes to redefining marriage

The word on the street has reached Eyes on Sydney: the Islamic community is quietly being told to vote yes in the upcoming plebiscite.

While this particular question is being described by the LGBT+ lobby as nothing more than the legal recognition of homosexual marriage, it represents far more than that to other groups seeking to redefine our nation’s laws as well.

For the Islamic community it is an opportunity to shove open the door to legalised polygamy.

Eyes on Sydney also reports that Muslims see this as yet another chance to weaken Western civilisation by hurling it down the path to degeneracy.

The feedback from Eyes on Sydney is supported by the fact that leaders of the Islamic community have been noticeably silent about the plebiscite.

Further, Crikey reported last year that Keysar Trad, the President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, was unhappy that the concept of polygamy was shot down at a meeting of various Christian leaders planning for the no campaign late last year.

Keysar Trad is certainly no shrinking violet when it comes to the promotion of polygamy. He wrote in Crikey as far back 2009 that polygamy was part of the campaign for marriage equality and that legalising it would be a ‘service’ to all Australian women.

And all of this is backed up by the example of Australia’s most famous Muslim politician, Sam Dastyari.

He’s backing marriage equality.

All the way.

And then there’s this group that has just popped up too:

It seems the Islamic community expects that they’ll get ‘marriage equality’ too.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. How can (Sunni) Walleed communicate same sex marriage when he can’t communicate same sex conversation with Shiite Australians on the Project ?

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  2. I was told by a friend who works in Service NSW that a Muslim father with 9 children is being given over $2,000 per week in maintenance etc. and of course he is not working. No wonder we have a huge deficit and how many thousands more are there out there? Children should be limited to four children.

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  3. An open letter to all the left leaning politicians, media & lefties in general,
    Happiness from Islam to you all!
    Please continue to do absolutely NO research into, import & support members of an ideology (Islam) that hates everything the west stands for.
    Continue to put Muslims ahead of your own people, culture & way of life.
    Continue to choose between denial & apologizing/excusing Islamic/Muslim behaviour…Muslims laugh at your stupidity & weakness. They expect & love to see you “assimilate” to them!
    Continue to berate & ridicule those that actually realize what is happening. Accusing your own of racism (Islam isn’t a race), being from the right wing & of acts of “Islamophobia”. “Islamophobia” is actually a Muslim construct, used to divert attention/avoid responsibility for abhorrent actions/beliefs of Muslims around the world today. Their response is to play the “victim” card.
    Continue to fund their schools & mosques.
    Continue to (the majority group) to pay for halal certification (for a minority group), when Muslims praying over their food would suffice. Continue to ignore that halal certification funds terrorism.
    So called “radical” Muslims do the hating/killing, so called “moderate” Muslims are the passive, sit back quietly & wait (& breed) for the Islamification of their respective locale & then the world. So called “Moderates” wont intercede, or speak out unduly against the so called “radicals”, as both the so called “radicals” & “moderates” are reading from the same script (the Koran).
    Say goodbye to all that the ‘infidel’ love & hold dear, Islam & its ‘true-believers’ are here to stay. Those on the left will make sure of that!
    Many thanks from Islam to left leaning politicians, media & lefties in general everywhere 🙂

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  4. Homosexuality Transgenderism Bestiality Incest Paedophilia Polyamory and a range of other disgusting perversions leading us down the slippery slope to total depravity is the gay agenda. The gay marriage perversion is just the tip of the ice berg.

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  5. Muslim men are saying that polygamy is a ‘service to women’ or something similar, which seems to be saying that it’s good for women to have to share a man between 4 or them. If the women have been horribly mutilated as children that may be understandable. Ironically though, for one man to cope with one non-mutilated woman could be considered a challenge…haha. Plus be a good father to the children he created with that one woman. INCIDENTALLY I have often wondered why traditional Muslim nations can’t handle basic arithmetic : If the birthrate is as usual roughly 50 % males and 50 % females, what happens when one man has 4 wives? That means everytime that 3 men have no wives !!!!!

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    • That’s why they rape Australian girls

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  6. Trad did more than just write about polygamy in general terms but in 2008 or so was in the press as considering taking a second wife himself, and he is the son of a second wife too.

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    Question for the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed
    Would you please clarify, what is the official Australian Islamic position on homosexuality and same-sex marriage ?

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    • Does the grand mufti believe a child needs a mother and father?

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  8. We have let our fanatical feminists run amuck. Hell we are the DPRK of feminism. The muslims know this and they are taking us for a ride, I bet they are laughing non-stop.

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  9. Bernard You are correct. The Islamic end-game here is to wreck man-woman marriage.

    This is a textbook example of taqiyya. While Dastyari shouts from the roof-tops in his propagation of Islamic halal, at the same time he is evangelical about propagating non-Islamic homosexuality and SSM. (Refer to yesterday’s news from Syria on textbook (or specifically Quranic) Islam. http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2017/08/14/islamic-state-photos-show-gay-man-thrown-roof-syria/)

    Question for Sam Dastyari
    If the Quran is negotiable, what sections are not-negotiable ?

    Question for Waleed Aly
    What is your position on homosexuality and SSM ?

    Question for Keysar Trad
    Is Dastyari right or wrong ?

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  10. People need to join up with Coalition for Marriage. There are over 80 organisations signed up in support now and if you can manage it donate to the cause or offer to volunteer. I did as soon as the Coalition was announced. We need to stop this marriage equality in all shapes and forms. It’s not just about SSM or islamic poligamy or child brides, it’s about the institution of marriage whether you are Christian or not.
    On Q&A last night it was disgusting that just as Eric Abetz mentioned why are the yes proponents afraid of Australians having a say he was cut off by Tony Jones and told it was the end of the show. Talk about censorship.

    Then today i read that Darebin Council in Victoria has said the following:
    Councils words
    “It will allow ‘yes’ campaigners to use council facilities and services for free in the lead up to the postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

    But ‘no’ campaigners will be barred from using council facilities, according to an urgent motion to be voted on next week.
    The council will also write to local churches and religious groups to warn them of the “potentially harmful impacts of campaigning against marriage equality”.
    “The level of debate and comments that I have heard from the ‘no’ camp is disgraceful … and just because people are free to express their views doesn’t mean council should deliver a platform for them,” she said.”

    This is where our country is heading if these minorities get their way.
    Stand up and say NO and say it loud. We cannot be meek. Don’t be bullied into silence.

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    • If the Muslims want 4 wives send them back to there own country

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    • Why would the Muslim’s back a same sex marriage when they throw gay people off of roof tops?

      It is only an agenda to further their grip on your country, and place them keep into your politics. This is why they are being so quiet about the bill.

      You people nef to fire all those asses you have in your government. Keep your eyes on the next American election to see how it is done.

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