The road to Sharia and polygamy

It seems that the media’s interest in gay weddings is not matched with the same level of enthusiasm in the general population.

Polling has consistently shown that opinion is divided on the issue, but there is a general agreement in the community that it is just not important.

As far back as 2010, the Essential Report found that almost twice as many Australians thought gay marriage was unimportant compared to those who do. And in June, Essential Report surveys showed that when it came to shifting votes, this issue simply didn’t.

Most Australians said the homosexual marriage made zero difference to how they voted. And when you include those who could not make up their mind along with others who said it only made a little difference, you get a grand total of 68% of Australians who said ‘meh’ when it came to rainbow weddings.

The Australian newspaper’s polling tells the same story.

A report published just under a year ago found that only 13% of Australians thought this issue was a top priority.

Despite this, I get the feeling that there is a level of wedding weariness within the community. Most could not give a tinker’s cuss about it and some are probably inclined to vote yes in vain hope that the rainbows will go away.

They should think twice.

The experience in Europe is that the rainbows keep coming.

This agenda is being pushed by the endlessly offended. There is always something new that needs ‘reforming’ for ‘equality’.

And there’s also the other forms of ‘marriage equality’: Islamic marriage equality.

If the rainbows win, you can bet your bottom dollar that the fighting over marriage won’t end. It will simply ramp up and move to another phase.

Let Italy be a lesson for us all.

It legalised same-sex marriage in May 2016.

And by the end of the year, the campaign for polygamy was in full swing:

ITALY is facing calls to legalise polygamous marriages but more than 20,000 already exist among Islamic communities in the European nation.

Muslims also claimed there was “no reason” to object to polygamy after same-sex marriages, which are frowned upon under Islamic laws, were approved earlier this year…

…Hamza Piccardo, founder of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations (UCOII), said: “There’s no reason for Italy not to accept polygamous marriages of consenting persons.

“When it comes to civil rights here, then polygamy is a civil right. Muslims don’t agree with homosexual partnership and still they have to accept a system that allows it.”

Voting yes for homosexual marriage will be voting yes to opening the door to ‘marriage equality’ for the Islamic community as well.

And yes, as well, to years more political argument over marriage pushed by the ABC, Fairfax and the Australian Human Rights Commission…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I could see this coming years ago. Vote ‘Yes’ and pour oil on the slippery slope.

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  2. I worry about this country full stop. Everything that we hold dear is gradually being taken away from us. The list is growing.

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  3. I fear for my faith and my right to practice it.

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    • You need not fear for your faith. Religious freedom is guaranteed. Plus, “faith” is an internal, personal decision to believe in something. No-one can take that away from you.

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  4. Couldn’t agree more, unfortunately there are so many who think YES will put the whole thing to bed, they haven’t done any research into the ramifications SSM will bring. I will be voting NO.

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  5. Great to hear someone in the Parliament start the discussion on exactly what a YES vote will do to our country. Along with opening the country for Polygamus Marriages……..Child Brides are sure to follow. Next on the list for Equality will be Pedophiles, under the Term “Sexual Orientation”…….Be careful what you ask for when voting YES, you can’t say yes to one, but not another.
    Australia’s Anti-Discrimination Law’s are sure to back them 100%
    Australia’s anti-discrimination law

    In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of a number of protected attributes including age, disability, race, sex, intersex status, gender identity and sexual orientation in certain areas of public life, including education and employment. Australia’s federal anti—discrimination laws are contained in the following legislation:

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  6. Excellent information. All vote NO! please.

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  7. While Finland has recently introduced SSM, the Finnish “Greens’ Youth” say: “Finland, an equal marriage law is required, which does not specify the gender of the spouses or the number of spouses”.

    From the Young Greens website:
    The above is a Google translation from the Finnish.

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  8. Concur with your comments.
    Australias need to wake up and vote NO

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  9. Totally agree. Given the media coverage I think many people feel like Wyllie Coyote standing in the tunnel with the train roaring toward him. A problem we face is people don’t investigate the ongoing implications of things we agree too. The worst thing you can do is make decisions on feelings. Look at facts and history.

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  10. Well said Bernard. Completely agree with you & I believe the push for homosexual marriage will not stop there.
    I pity the children in these unions.

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    • Opening up doors for child MARRIAGES vote no no its a piece of paper who cares INVASION of our country is way more important

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    • You are so correct The where will it all end.

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