The ‘apolitical’ ADF and the plebiscite…

Officially, we don’t know if the Australian Defence Force is apolitical.

The courts carefully avoided answering that question during my case against the Chief of Defence Force.

The courts did, however, make it very clear that regardless of whether Defence is apolitical, Defence members have to wave the rainbow when it comes to the expression of their private political views.

And that is exactly what some of them are doing:

Defence mardi gras

Source: Facebook

By the way, I have been judged guilty of bringing the Defence Force into disrepute. Not the dude in uniform above.

I think, unofficially, we have enough evidence to make an informed decision about the political leanings of the Australian Defence Force.

But if you need more evidence let me show you the Army Intranet Homepage:

Defence intranet

Source: Defence Intranet

In the middle of a national plebiscite, Defence has festooned the rainbow all over its intranet.

Typical apolitical totalitarianism.

On Friday it will be reinforced by none other than the apolitical Vice Chief of Defence Force. He will talk about ‘equality’ while sending a clear implicit message that all soldiers, sailors and airmen are to refrain from supporting the ‘homophobic’ campaign against ‘marriage equality’.

Or lose their jobs.

And it gets worse.

On 23 September, smack bang in the middle of the voting period for the marriage plebiscite, Defence, through its ‘Defence Pride’ network, will sponsor the LGBT ‘Military Pride Ball’ with your taxes.

It will be hosted by the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS) – a very official sounding name for an unofficial political lobby group that campaigns for homosexual marriage and the removal of freedoms for religious organisations.

DEFGLIS has campaigned for homosexual marriage for several years now and has also called for religious organisations to lose their exemptions under anti-discrimination law. If DEFGLIS had its way, priests would be forced to conduct gay weddings.

So it is completely unsurprising that  DEFGLIS supports the ‘Yes’ vote and is currently running hard for the ‘equality’ campaign.

Its website is plastered with rainbows and information about the plebiscite. It also has some handy tips to help LGBT Defence members who aren’t in any danger of losing their job for their views know how they can ‘stay strong’ during the ‘marriage equality debate’.

I think that last word is just there for show.

There is no ‘debate’ for Defence members.

There is simply one side who can speak freely and the other side who must be silent or lose their jobs.

But it is good to know that the calibre of Defence’s new LGBT fighting force is so strong that support groups are popping up to help it cope from the ‘one-sided’ debate.

So we can all rest assured that if the wilting lilies recover from the ‘official-party-line-supported-by-government-media-and-big business-allegedly-also-known-as-a-debate’ they’ll be strong enough to withstand combat and save the rest of Australia from our enemies as well.

Strangely enough, DEFGLIS also has this advice for Defence members:

You can participate in the Australian marriage law debate and debate on other public issues, but: be respectful, keep your uniforms out of it…

When DEFGLIS says keep your uniform out of it, I think it means this:

DEFGLIS Poster 1

Source: Defence imagery

And this:

DEFGLIS poster 2

Source: Facebook

And this:

DEFGLIS Poster 3

Source: Facebook

As someone famous once said, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I am enraged at the way the “leaders” have destroyed the essential apolitical stance of the ADF. This will have huge, hopefully unintended, consequences.

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  2. Dealing withn this hypocricy every day Bernard. Good luck.

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  3. Why can’t I get a unicorn with my happy meal? Where is my smiley-face badge on my Diversity Training attendance certificate? What about my skittles with my multi-cultural kumbaya?

    Goyim, these are the problems sent to try us.

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  4. What a confused and sorry world we live in.

    I note the ‘Australian National Imams Council’ has come out in support of a man and a women marriage.

    However this should be considered in conjunction with:

    1 Why does Sam Dastyari passionately support Islamic halal while at the same time passionately support anti-Islamic gay marriage ?

    2 Are there parts of the Quran which are negotiable ?

    3 Why does Waleed Aly always avoid revealing his position on gay marriage with responses such as, “surveys show . . ” “other people think . .” “a community view is . .” ?

    4 When Waleed Aly was asked Is homosexuality a sin in Islam? Yes. or No.
    His answer:

    Bernard keep up your good work.

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