Every colour of hypocrisy

Defence’s policy manual states:

Political activity MILPERSMAN

It is pretty simple.

So, apart from utter hypocrisy, how can there be any explanation for the fact that Defence members will march in uniform at the Mardi Gras next year when the Mardi Gras is tweeting this:

And the Hypocrite-in-Chief is the Vice Chief of Defence Force. Right now, in the middle of a plebiscite on marriage, he’s got tweets up in his official capacity as Deputy Head Honcho of the Apolitical Forces of Australia stating this:

The leadership of #yourADF is showing that its true colours of hypocrisy come in every shade of the rainbow…


If you want to express your disappointment at this, please sign my petition to the Minister for Defence, Shadow Minister for Defence and Senator Cory Bernardi calling on Defence to cease its support and funding for organisations supporting the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Link to the petition is here.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. PS

    I apologise to the ‘T’s (see above). I would not like anyone in the Defence Force to think I was discriminating against the ‘T’s. I think it should be LGBTIQA+

    I also am concerned about the use of the word ‘Force’ when discussing rainbow soldiering, as it does seem a bit too ‘macho’.

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  2. And they pull off air an ad, just before Father’s Day showing a father cuddling his baby, because it is deemed political. Meanwhile our Defence Forces are practicing their moves [see note below] for an LGBIQA+ ball and for their Mardi Gras prancing. Absolutely pathetic.

    Note: Providing they are not in therapy because of the dreaded plebiscite.

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  3. Here we go. An Australian boy (aged 12 yrs) assigned a medical diagnosis of ‘gender dysphoria’, now after two years of hormones, puberty blockers and God alone knows what pressure from Safe Skoolz political correctoid gender engineers invested in his transition, he has decided he is a boy after all. Appparently he was born that way. A a very intelligent and capable young fellow I am sure he is.


    This is your tax dollars at work Australia.

    Whatever happened to allowing children to be ‘fluid’ in the true sense of the word. All parents know about this : today he’s an astronaut, tomorrow he’s in the kitchen with mum being the master chef; today she’s a ballerina, tomorrow she’s a cowboy.

    But along come the cadres of the infernal columns. The Cultural Marxist Long March through the institutions has come to the neighbourhood Safe Skool. And this natural ability of children to act and pretend (you know – like : play) must become sexualised for a political correctoid agenda.

    Gay marriage was always about getting the children and sexually initiating them into homosexuality. It was always about gaybees and stolen generations of normal children.

    But as I knock on doors and distribute the brochures for the NO Campaign, I discover that most people just want this issue to go away. They don’t want the feelings of gay people to be hurt. They don’t want them to feel excluded or bullied because their sexual relationships can not be recognized by the society as marriage. If making SSM legal will make it all better – they are for it.

    I bet if we were to seriously look into how young Patrick wound up with a medical diagnosis and medicated on puberty blockers and in gender counselling for two years we would find some serious bullying going on at the hands of the gender engineers in the school. I’ll bet we would find some parents who were told on no uncertain terms they had to support this or risk having their child taken away.

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  4. The enemy within.
    Corruption in high places.

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  5. The ADF of the future will be reduced to the “Mardi Gras Precision Drill Team”.

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  6. Defence personnel represent each Aussie – not just a select few. Their participation, while wearing their uniform, in ANY public event that is partisan or touting a particular controversial point of view does not maintain the appearance of impartiality.
    Members wishing to participate in these events should do so as private individuals not wearing their military uniform or paraphernalia.

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