Safe Schools, communist activists lead ‘marriage equality’ rally

EXCLUSIVE: Yesterday’s ‘marriage equality’ rally did not just support ‘Safe Schools’. Instead, it was led by activists who themselves linked the campaign to redefine marriage with the radical ‘Safe Schools’ program:

Safe Schools Marriage EqualityLegalise Safe Schools

Even though this has been a hot topic since the campaign started, this fact was not reported by a single mainstream media outlet. And one prominent ABC personality has already ruled out asking any questions about the activists who themselves link the two issues:

For weeks now, ‘No’ advocates have been ridiculed and abused for expressing concern that the push for homosexual marriage will radically alter what is taught in the classroom.

After the first ‘No’ campaign commercial aired which raised concern about the link between ‘marriage equality’ and the requirement to teach ‘Safe Schools’, every politician in Australia was given a platform by the media to deny there was any link at all.

Liberal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, claimed that it was misleading and ridiculous to assert that the push for homosexual marriage was linked to the ‘Safe Schools’ program. George Brandis has scoffed at suggestions the new law may impact religious freedom or parental rights in the classroom. He’s gone on to ask Australians to trust him and Malcolm Turnbull when it comes to ensuring religious freedom. And Bill Shorten has demanded that such concerns be silenced, calling them ‘total rubbish’ and ‘hurtful’.

It needs to be remembered that Bill Shorten’s Labor Party is making ‘Safe Schools’ compulsory in Victoria and won’t tell parents in Queensland if it is being taught to their children. It also needs to be remembered that both Simon Birmingham and George Brandis agreed to initially fund Safe Schools and then defended the content of the program before being forced into a humiliating, if half-hearted, backdown.

And now it needs to be recognised, once and for all, that none of the ‘Yes’ activists or politicians are being truthful when they deny ‘Safe Schools’ is part of the push to redefine marriage.

It is right there, front and centre. It is at the heart of the campaign. And sure as the night follows day, existing anti-discrimination laws will mean that any parent who objects to this program and other similar ‘anti-bullying’ campaigns will themselves be bullied into silence and submission by state-based ‘Thought Police’ tribunals if marriage is redefined.

Given this, it can be no surprise that activists themselves will hijack children’s characters and turn them into symbols for homosexuality:

Bert and Ernie

Expect more of this – much more of this – if marriage is radically reshaped.

It should also be known that yesterday’s rallies were also a drawing card for another aspect of the ‘Safe Schools’ program: communism.

The co-founder of the ‘Safe Schools’ program, Roz Ward, has publicly conceded that it is part of a ‘broader Marxist strategy to change society‘.

And it seems that the Marxists have taken notice too. They were out in force yesterday and a key element of the rally:

Social Alliance - Large crowd Socialist Alternative

And then there was the rabble.

The good news for these guys is that if the communists and ‘Safe Schools’ activists don’t scare off thinking Australians, then their dignity, logic and nuanced language is likely to be a winner with the mob:

Equality Fucking Now Fuck Yes 2 Fuck Yes I like being fucked Queer as Fuck

I think this is the first time that being ‘Queer as F***’ claimed to be on the same moral high ground as ‘family values’.

And then there was this:

More Pussy

Considering this was the ‘talent’ on offer, I’m gonna pencil that claim in as yet another lie from the ‘Yes’ campaign…

No cinderellas

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. To start with, I am voting No. But, you know what makes me loose hope in the ‘No’ peeps? People who aren’t holding logical and respectful conversation about all this. If the best you can do is make fun of people who are overweight then we are never going to win this. C’mon people, there’s no need for that.

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  2. Do you need to ask? lol

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  3. I see the LeGBITers are up to their usual sex-obsessed myopia.
    Marriage equality? But marriage is founded on diversity: male and female.
    It is marriage for mono-sexual uniformity, genetic dead-ending, bludging on the next generation produced by sexual diversity (marriage and its de-facto echo) for retirement income.
    So, a dead-end all around.

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    • I forgot to mention, the irony of the F poster…there is none of that in same sex pairs, just groping.

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  4. The big question from the Brisbane “Yes” rally on Saturday is this:


    Who ate all the pies?

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  5. We need someone to drain the swamp. ASAP!

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  6. Thanks for the upload of images Bernard.
    There are some very unattractive and irrational broads and cucks that had too many soy lattes.
    I would like to have children one day, you can guarantee that many shown
    here will be crossed of my list.
    I have a feeling that the people are starting to see the deception that is being played out
    and these fringe, paid-off and indoctrinated leftists resorting to antagonize those who oppose this plebiscite.To those who threaten us/me/you, we can stand up to you.
    Look out for more dirty tricks that they will deploy-similar to some kind of false flag/psy-op.

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  7. It is indeed a sick society in which we live. Anarchy is expanding at an exponential rate until society as we know disintegrates completely.

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    • Isn’t this all linked to the UN Agenda 2030? As is climate change and Muslim world wide immigration?

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      • It certinatly is linked and Australian politicians signed off on it long ago under the table, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ of whom our politicians should be serving, hid it. They are ellected for one sole purpose, that being to make laws according to ‘THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE’. I don;t know how they determine what the peoples WILL is, when they don’t tell us and we are no longer given any imput into policy making. This is willfully failing compliance with our constitution !

    • If I identify as a woman. (I have the chromosomes of a man) and wear a full burka (I identify as a muslim today) and I walk into the CBA and they toss me out can I make a complaint against them for hatefulness with the BLT sheriff?

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