Top 10 moments of marriage madness you must remember when voting

Most Australians don’t really give two hoots about homosexual marriage.

They’d rather the government sorted out the problems and pricing of power.

But, instead, the nation has virtually been driven to a standstill for the rainbow regiment. An issue that is simply not on the radar for most Australians now dominates media, politics and even business.

The strategy is simple: harass, harangue and hector voters until they simply give up in despair and wearily vote yes, if only to buy a little peace and quiet.

However, Australians should realise that the longed-for serenity is only an illusion.

There have been ten key moments of marriage madness since the postal vote was announced.

Nine of them outline the ‘politically-correct’ culture that comes with a ‘Yes’ vote. This brutal culture will be emboldened, legitimised and strengthened – in law – if the ‘Yes’ campaign succeeds.

These nine moments show that the peace Australians are buying is not silence, but rather the requirement to remain silent.

And the tenth moment is the scariest of all.

Because there is a flipside to the coin that demands your silence; it comes with the demand that this silence be filled with the din of the activists. They are determined to ensure that the next campaign is one in which they suffer no interruption or objection.

This is the package deal that comes with ‘marriage equality’.

A ‘Yes’ vote will do nothing more than kick off the next round of hectoring, harassing and haranguing culture wars – the same wars that Australians are already hoping will go away.

So here we go: the ten key moments of marriage madness thus far in this ‘debate’.

  1. It’s a David v Goliath battle

Right from the start, this battle has been uneven.

The ‘No’ case faces an uphill battle, while the ‘Yes’ case has the support of the elites.

Both the Australian Medical Association and the New South Wales Law Society have declared support for homosexual marriage, despite failing to consult their members and contrary to their wishes. The AMA even went so far as to publish a statement that claimed its position was based on medical evidence – only to have that evidence shot down in flames and shown to be false and deliberately misleading.

Big business has joined the push filling the coffers of the activists, led by a personal $1 million donation from Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce. He is also happy to support ‘marriage equality’ in his position as CEO. Noticeably, no junior Qantas employees believe they have the same freedom to speak their support for the ‘No’ case.

Defence is supporting organisations promoting homosexual marriage equality. The City of Sydney and the ACT government have donated taxpayer funds only to the ‘Yes’ campaign. And across the nation helplines have been established to ‘counsel’ public servants dealing the one-sided debate in favour of ‘marriage equality’.

Of course, the media has enthusiastically supported the idea of revolutionising marriage. ABC journalists have thumbed their nose at directives to report this issue fairly. Even pro ‘same-sex marriage’ commentators have been savaged for not being supportive enough.

And both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are pushing the ‘Yes’ case.

That’s a David v Goliath battle. It’s also a pretty clear message that the elites think ordinary Australians should vote their way…

  1. Australians can’t be trusted

Though the ‘No’ campaign may enter this survey as underdogs, even that was not good enough for the activists. If they got their way, ordinary Australians would not get a say on marriage at all.

Those pushing to radically redefine marriage were desperate to halt a people’s vote.

Despite claims that the overwhelming majority of Australians supported change, Labor, the Greens and Xenophon blocked the plebiscite in parliament. Twice.

And then the activists went to the High Court in another attempt to shut it down, amid the echoes of Bill Shorten’s description that supporters of traditional marriage were ‘haters’.

Why this desperation from the ‘Yes’ campaign?

Well, that’s simple. Advocates for ‘marriage equality’ are concerned that Australians just might not actually vote for it.

So they tried to stop the vote altogether…

  1. Eradicate Father’s Day

Father’s Day was one of the first casualties of the marriage postal vote survey.

A commercial celebrating this day was banned for being ‘too political’.

Free TV Australia declined to run the advertisement because it may ‘influence a certain outcome’ in the postal vote.

The implication is clear: if Father’s Day advertising is banned during a debate for ‘marriage equality’, Father’s Day itself will be eradicated for causing offence if the laws change. So will Mother’s Day.

Instead, we’ll face a push for genderless days to recognise ‘Partner 1’ and ‘Partner 2’. And ‘Partner 3’ who donated the eggs…

  1. A cavalcade of #@*%!

‘Father’s Day’ may have become a four letter word no longer used in ‘elite’ society.

But the elites have replaced this word with others.

First off the rank was Tim Minchin. He lovingly called Australians who vote no ‘c****’.

And he was followed by Benjamin Law – an activist who has just written a 25,000 word article on why the ‘Safe Schools’ program should be implemented in every school in Australia.

His contribution to the debate:

Law went on to claim that a ‘hate f***’ was a Gen Y term for ‘consensual sex with someone who is disagreeable’.

It’s a new age way of describing rape and it’s being rolled out in support of the ‘Yes’ campaign…

  1. Deregistering doctors

The first rule of this campaign is that if you dare to defend traditional marriage, your job security will be challenged.

At the beginning of the campaign, the High Court upheld a ruling that workers could be sacked for expressing personal views contrary to ‘cultural change’ agendas in the workplace.

And after the first ‘No’ campaign commercial aired, there was an immediate push to have one of the mothers who appeared in it, Dr Pansy Lai, deregistered.

A GetUp! petition was launched which soon received over 6,000 signatures and it outlined the case against her well:

“It is clear that Dr Pansy Lai has misused her privileged position as a medical practitioner in the harmful and hateful ’no’ campaign…”

If ‘marriage equality’ passes, this type of bullying will only become more frequent. And activists won’t have to pull back because the bad press is losing votes…

  1. All the news that’s fake to print

The ‘Yes’ campaign’s bullying was not supposed to be part of the narrative of ‘marriage equality’.

It was the traditional supporter of marriage who was supposed to be responsible for self-harm among the LGBT community. The only problem, however, was that there was simply no vitriol from the ‘No’ campaign.

So fake-news stepped in to fill the void.

Channel 10 photo-shopped images of an alleged poster that no one had actually seen onto a stock photo of a bus stop billboard and ran the line that the ‘hate campaign’ was in full swing.

It was a great story until it became so obvious that it was fake that even the ABC had to admit it:

  1. It’s not about Safe Schools – except when it is

The ‘No’ campaign has been labelled as hateful and irrelevant for expressing concern about the impact of ‘marriage equality’, including on the education system.

It seems rather logical that if the nation recognises homosexual marriage in order to end discrimination, then sex education within schools will also need to do the same.

And that’s exactly what the Safe Schools program seeks to do.

The ‘Yes’ campaign has sought to avoid this issue by claiming that Safe Schools has nothing to do with the push for ‘marriage equality’.

And then at ‘marriage equality’ rallies across the country on Sunday, marches were led off by banners supporting ‘Safe Schools’:

Safe Schools Marriage Equality

This was followed by an article from the nuanced and articulate Benjamin Law (referenced above) that called for the ‘Safe Schools’ program to be implemented in every Australian school.

He wrote:

“Here’s the uncomfortable reality: parents don’t always know best.”

 Safe Schools is only part of the marriage agenda when the activists want it to be – and then it’s used to remove parental rights…

  1. From dies to lies

The radical homosexual marriage activists also shut down a meeting for parents in Brisbane late last week.

Its topic: Safe Schools.

Apparently, despite claims that Safe Schools has nothing to do with ‘marriage equality’, we are not even allowed to talk about this program anymore – a program so secretive that the Queensland government refuses to disclose which schools have implemented it.

If it’s bad enough that ordinary citizens can no longer meet in peace (the meeting was cancelled to avoid a confrontation with protesters), it’s even worse that activists then claimed to the media that they were targeted by cars driven at full speed towards them.

This is what was reported on Friday morning:

“I suffered an injury because people drove their cars nearly at full speed into the yes campaigners here today,” she told Nine’s Today.

 “It was extremely scary, extremely irresponsible, and police actually tried to help the people in the cars get through the crowd of protesters.”

The story ran for 24 hours, painting supporters of traditional marriage as car-wielding maniacs ready to rain down death and destruction on the oppressed ‘marriage equality’ advocates.

But the true picture emerged a day later. Unfortunately, by that time the story had run and not many agencies were prepared to correct it:

Footage from the protest, outside St Michael’s Church in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove, shows a car blocked from entering a driveway by about 20 protesters, before police officers move one of them to the back of the crowd.

 “We monitored it, but nothing really came out of it,” a police spokesman said.

 A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said the service received triple-0 calls from the protest for an “alleged assault” of a woman but she declined treatment or transport.

  1. Don’t mention the war

The ‘No’ campaign has been branded as homophobes with murderous intent.

But it is actually the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby that has been blown up by a homosexual marriage activist, according to court documents.

As the postal survey campaign began this story was quietly unfolding in a Canberra courthouse, although it has since received scant attention:

The man accused of driving a burning van laden with gas ­bottles into the Australian ­Christian Lobby headquarters was a gay activist who disliked the group because of its “position on sexuality” and had searched ­online how to make plastic ­explosives and a pressure-cooker bomb.

 Court documents tendered to the ACT Magistrates Court ­yesterday reveal Jaden Duong had also run searches about gay marriage in other countries and, a month before the alleged attack at 10.45pm on December 21 last year, had searched for the “Australian Christian Lobby”.

 Unfortunately, a million media hours focusing on a fake car rampage in Ashgrove will outdo the truth that a homosexual activist allegedly managed to blow up the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby.

When it comes to ‘marriage equality’, the truth does not matter at all…

  1. This obsessive tyranny is just the start

All the examples above go to the heart and culture of the ‘marriage equality’.

But this next one goes to what comes next: a full scale cultural war on pronouns, gender and the remaining notion of a traditional family unit.

Benjamin Law wrote in his essay on Safe Schools:

“…it might be stating the obvious but same sex marriage is far from the final frontier in the battle against homophobia…”

 It’s a warning shot across the bows. After ‘marriage equality’, much more is to come.

It’s exactly what the Greens are saying:

The Greens

And the Greens have been pushing and prodding us into this debate for two decades. Now they have won over Labor and even the Liberal Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

They won’t stop now.

And Labor has already revealed plans to widen the scope of 18c to silence speech critical of homosexual marriage.

Given all of this, and the fact that we do not even know what the proposed law will be, vote no.

That’s the only way you’ll buy some peace from this radical and revolutionary cultural war…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The term ‘Same Sex Marriage’ is an oxymoron. Marriage is not about a ceremony, certificate or celebration legally recognised. It is the right and ability to CONSUMATE a relational union!
    Something that can never be achieved by a homosexual union. Any union between them called’marriage’ will be a psuedo-marriage.

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  2. I’m the mother of 2 daughters. One is severely disabled,the other prefers women. It has broken my heart that she is like this. Our bodies are not designed for same sex. I am so over the whole situation but I definately will vote NO

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  3. It has taken many years and ideas that has brought about the social changes we see all around us now in this nation – many have been sexual.
    Who would have thought that one day a man would want to marry another, and ask that we and our children agree that this was normal.
    The more we walk away from what God created, the more consequences there will be, not because God wants this, but because He respects our choices.
    Each one of us will have to give account to Him one day.
    He is our ultimate and last judge.
    Consider the future – choose carefully.

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  4. So many talk about the High Court decision of 2012 which supposedly gave the government the right to define “marriage” from the constitution as they saw fit.
    As a matter of precedence, will that lead to the government to define any word within the constitution as they see fit? Because it is just an “Instrument”?
    In our lives we have all made judgements and as a matter of inclusiveness and diversity in occupation to give a broad view, shouldn’t the word “judiciary” include all Australians or should we stick to the prehistoric definition of old fat white men with wigs that it only includes people with law degrees.
    Once the line is cast, who knows what fish…. or smelly old boot will come up.
    This is not a parliamentary decision, nor one that can be made by plebiscite. It is a constitutional question.

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  5. Apart from everything above, two more things concern me: 1. A heterosexual will get married and discover afterwards that they have in fact unknowingly married a person of the same gender who has had a sex-change operation or are transgender. 2. And if the Muslims later succeed in having polygamy legalized, any husband or wife can then marry another spouse without consent of the first spouse just because they want to. This actually happened to me when I was married to my first husband who is from a country in which polygamy is practiced. I was forced to divorce him when he would not leave the other woman. He wanted both of us: me in Australia with our children and her in his country with their children. We were Christians.

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  6. Bernard….As you know I am a confirmed CONSERVATIVE, bought up in a strict CofE (Anglican family. Grandfather a CofE Preacher, Father a Grp Capt Principal Medical Officer South West Pacific Area WW2 Critically injured in a Catalina Crash Cleveland Bay Townsville Sept 1943, a very strict CofE and Councillor of the ChUrch plus good friend of Robert Menzies…I was bought up with his beliefs (an accident of Birth you might say). At the present moment I AM LOST. I can not vote Lib…NAT…LNP or anything else. I was a member of ALA as you know but now I am not too sure. I have not renewed, but am attending meeting with CORY BErnardi’s group. I stood as a candidate for the NP in 1983,needed 26.4% of the vote to succeed and got 24.6%…Close but not quiet enough. I am a retired Sgt of the ADF and served to Support Australia …FOR WHAT RESULT? The Do Gooders and Wusses in Canberra have seen yo have put a stop to all out efforts. I am absolutely PISSED OFF. Where have our IDEALS gone? Discipline, Respect. Love. Honest….you name it. I am now over the hill at 78 years of age, but by golly I would love to put the KHAKI back on and blast some of these BASTARDS to KINGDOM COME…The way things look it wont be long with WW3 knocking on our door step…It is coming and WHERE WILL OUR DO-GOODERS be….OUT THE BACK OF BOURKE..The Squibs and COWARDS.

    Post a Reply
  7. There is a broader agenda being promoted by the militant section of the homosexual community led by the like of Socilaist Alliance, Get Up, George Soros, Etc.

    Warren Pont’s comment about not knowing what is in peoples minds is worthless because there is ample evidence in the press about the future direction of this homosexual marriage drive.

    We are being bullied by a group to change the Marriage Act for the benefit of a very small minority. We don’t know what is in the fine print.


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  8. When parents lost control of their kids to Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll in the 1960s, older, wiser heads predicted that if not counteracted, such a societal change, if allowed to continue and flourish, would bring the West to its knees by sinking into the lowest common denominator of standards in morals, ethics and decency.
    How right they were. We have a fractured, broken, perverted society, devoid of beauty, elegance and grace in dress, behaviour, art, music, arhcitecture, entertainment, role models and heroes, and mired in sexual saturation and perversion.
    I have seen this change happening for 60 years. It is tragic. And worse is to come which, thankfully, I will not be around to see.
    Vale the beautiful Western Civilization, and Australia, I knew and loved.

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  9. I don’t know what the fuss about changing the marriage act is all about. Nothing needs changing! These people can already live together like a heterosexual couple in a De-facto relationship enjoying all the benefits.

    The joining of the male and female is required for the creation and maintenance of life which cannot be achieved through the joining of single genders in a relationship.

    The joining together of the positive and negative to create and maintain life of any form and at any level is necessary for life to exist on earth and is visible everywhere, even in nature.
    That which God joined together, let no man put asunder!
    What comes next? Changing the law to allow Muslims to have multiple wives each with many children so their father does not have to work and for which the taxpayer will have to pay.

    The raising of children however is a different matter. There is always a danger for a child living in a single gender family to be exposed to the practices of that family. As the mother figure in a child’s life is important, so is the father figure to give the child a balanced upbringing.

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  10. And you amaze me that you are a good example of what has been said but you are as blind as a bat and don’t see it.

    Post a Reply
  11. How about an investigation into professor Gary Dowsett La Trobe university who writes books positive about paedophilia?

    Post a Reply
  12. 1) The Catholic Church through its schools is supporting the no vote. Its the wealthiest organisation on the planet. It on its own is more than able to bank roll this no propaganda campaign.
    2) This tells me it was the NO campaign who pushed for the vote.
    3) Is a decision made by a business. Nothing to do with the campaign.
    4) Hold on, the no group claim yes support attack individuals who do not support them, yet this one has a go at people who do not support the no group.
    5) See point 4.
    6) So a news service seeking to invent news did that. Why is that the responsibility of the YES supporters.
    7) Safe Schools etc etc in NSW was dumped early this year.
    8) It is fact that some activist were taken to hospital.
    9) Check the facts. The guy has an issue with religions over all. He has never claimed he was hired to do this in the name of the YES vote.
    10)I have enough trouble following what is happening now, how you lot can claim to know what is in the minds of people you would never suggest you keep company with. You amaze me.

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    • If it doesn’t go through it won’t stop these radicals. The thing is, legally they already have all the same rights as anyone in a marriage. To say they don’t is to not know the law. So are they trying to say that somehow a marriage license makes you more superior than a couple in a loving de-facto relationship? Isn’t that discrimination? No matter how they paint it their argument falls apart because marriafe equality is not their true agenda. Oh and many catholic schools do actually support safe schools and marriage eqaulity. Infact their are many christian religious leaders who also support both. But for those that don’t they should be able to feel safe to say so.

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    • Your comments are thoroughly laughable….hot air without a screed of knowledge, just your agenda and a clear hatred of my Catholic Church. So, your remarks show how you will behave against us Christians if you manage to bully a so called Yes vote. Got your jack boots ready I suppose. You have done this before to millions of innocent Christians in Soviet Russia, in Marxist Mexico and in Communist China.

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    • I tell you what. Rely on your friends and your moral principles. But read David and Goliath. I call on the name of God Almighty and though we have no army and little voice, we will win this battle. Because our weapon is prayer. And it’s the most powerful thing on earth. Rally with surety and firm faith all who support ‘this’ army.

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    • You are talking through your rear end. Blinkered delusion on every point. You have had a truth bypass.

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  13. Fully agree with your statement.

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