What will it be like if the laws on marriage change?

You can already be sacked for defending traditional marriage outside the workplace. Business and government ‘cultural change’ agendas trump legal freedoms of speech, religion and thought in this nation.

My wife has spoken for the first time about my case involving Defence and the threat that now faces families:

Authorised by Bernard Gaynor, Brisbane.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “Firing people for their political views is a hallmark of Communism” – Henry Makow

    Senior software engineer James Damore has returned from Goolag and the tablets are in his hands. James, it will be recalled, has enraged advocates for greater diversity in the technology industry for “perpetuating gender stereotypes”. And for this crime against GroupThink, he was promptly fired by Google.

    One would hardly guess that James is a gender stereotype perpetuator by looking at his photo – a White guy with a pleasant expression. He looks like he would be more comfortable patting the homeless dog and giving him his tofu sandwich rather than provoking a tech giant with crimes against diversity. (Probably that should be : Diversity).

    But James’ memo is now doxxed on the web. Looks can be deceiving. James it would seem is indeed a contentious nonGroupThinker and Gender Stereotype Perpetuator. He just looks like a math geek in a Goolag T-shirt.

    At his place of work, he was concerned that his comrade female software engineers were not handling the stress of the Goolag very well. He may have even entertained a thoughtcrime like: ‘Maybe it’s her period or something’. At any rate, James tried to be helpful to his comrades and his company and fired off a memo : “Google’s Echo Chamber” in which he recognizes that personality differences between men and women, like women’s lower tolerance for stress (oh dear) might explain why there are fewer women in leadership and engineering roles in the company. (undoubtedly hoping that the benign forces in the Google boardroom would have one of those – ‘you know, come to think of it’- moments.) But then he went on to grind their gears with the completely inexcusable observation that efforts by the company to reach equal representation of women in these roles were unfair, divisive and bad for business.

    Well. At Google, a statement like that is the social equivalent of doing a doo-doo on the carpet. James was promptly fired and Google has re-iterated its Diversity mantra. So good luck with that Larry and Sergey.

    Unfortunately for industries like Google and its parent company: Alphabet, nature tends to produce proportionately few minds with stratospheric abilities in mathematics (you know, for like creating computer code and stuff). And among these few – a dreaded ‘over-representation’ does emerge to the candid mind : white and male.

    So just keep on with your crap Google, I will personally enjoy watching the young Russian Orthodox geniuses of Sirius bury you and your Diversity in math and computer engineering. If the Yes vote gets up on this plebiscite you’ll be stuck with moving Alphabet’s world HQ to Australia.

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  2. Can you share a copy of the letter or links to the supporting information. Thanks

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  3. Bernard you are a credit to your Corps your commission and to Army as a service I think you certainly have been given the raw end of the stick. The sad truth about your case is one of shame and disgrace on behalf of the ADF in particular Army and the lack of leadership from the very top as in service chief Army and the chief of the ADF as a whole as they have certainly demonstrated a lack back bone and spinal cord. I personally think that the service chiefs are more like politicians and forgetting where they have come from and to who their loyalties should and always for the soldier not the PC BS, that has raised its ugly head from the pollies and not from the trench or the front line, where the real fighting is waged not from some air conditioned office in Russell Offices. I am truly sorry and embarrassed that the service has treated you with such disdain and disrespect on your service and your ethos which certainly stands out from the rest of the commanders who have left you high and dry and how they use there office to whiled the axe when the truth comes to light. I served 25 years in the Army and unfortunately those at the top always land on their feet always, but the truth will not ever change.Just hang tuff mate and stay strong for your wife and family as you have done the right thing for speaking up unlike those at the top.

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  4. I respect both you and your elegant wife, Bernard,may you and your wife and children travel safely through this evil storm of others making !
    I also believe that marriage is between man and woman, and that children who are not brought up with a real Father and Mother will come to much confusion,and harm !??

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