Turnbull admits he cannot protect freedom if the laws change on marriage

Malcolm Turnbull has admitted that he cannot protect freedom if the laws on marriage change.

This is what he said this morning, as reported in The Australian:

“No doubt it [same-sex marriage] will be amended and debated and we don’t have a majority in the Senate and in any event, it is a free vote.”

Any change to the law on marriage will be subjected to a Senate controlled by the Greens and Labor. And that means the only protections will be the ones that the radical ‘Left’ wants.

To make it even worse, the states actually control homosexual vilification laws. So the government has no power to protect freedom of speech and religion, even if it had the numbers to do so…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. It appears Mr Turnball was aware of this from the beginning. What an absolute disgrace. He is out of control. He has no place in parliment and the likes of his 3 little sheep in wolves clothing, Payne, Joyce, Brandis should hang their heads in shame. Julie Bishop is spend spend spend like there is tomorrow, which, of course there isn’t for the Liberal Party. Anyone not defecting to the Conservatives Party now, will find themselves without a seat at the next election. Australians do not forget when they have been stabbed in the back! Labor is no better and it will not be a clean sweep for Labor at the next electio, because, we did it before and we will do it again, we vote minorities so they cannot get there crazy agenda’s passed. No more playing nice.

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  2. This madness became acutely apparent when our Elected Prime Minster Tony Abbott was kicked out by those amoral loonies. Now we have elitist minions doing the Big Globalists’s bidding at the expense of tax payers’ hard earned money. Even if we can’t win, it won’t mean that we give up and die, it will mean that we will fight harder and stand united. Let’s thank God that we the No voters are still United, otherwise there would be no hope left.
    But I pray that the NO vote will win.

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  3. It seems that whether their are laws prohibiting homosexual propaganda (as in Russia) or laws legitimizing homosexual marriage (as throughout the West) – freedom of speech suffers.

    Here’s Vlad at a loss for words regarding Russian laws against homosexual propaganda and education (are you listening Gender Fairy?)

    Putin Jokes about Homosexuality

    So the question will come down to whose speech?

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  4. it gets ugly when primary schools send home notes with young children advocating a no vote. Tony Abbott even turning up to a Catholic Church in Sydney to also advocate a no vote. The politicial catholic.

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    • And it gets even uglier when the Safe Skool starts putting pressure on kids in grade 1 to change their gender.

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    • Perhaps this Primary School actually cares about the welfare of the children and doesn’t want to use the ‘safe schools’ material and promote transgender to young children.

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  5. Don’t try to tizzy it up by blaming anyone. The fact as you have stated it a yes vote changes a whole lot more than just marriage. People are using equality as the argument when they have equality in everything except the marriage title , all the benifits were change by K Rudd .
    If freedom of speech goes , everything goes.

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  6. Another reason to vote “No”

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  7. And still it continues, the attack against those of us who believe that a man and a woman are true marriage!??

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  8. Hasn’t he ever heard of the Australian Constitution?

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    • There is nothing in the Constitution that gives us Freedom of Speech. The only ‘protection’ we have is a High Court decision that gives us ‘an implied Freedom of Speech’.

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      • It’s not even ‘Speech’ its ‘Political Communication’ and considering we aren’t allowed to openly support the current laws of our country without been assaulted or abused, I doubt ‘Freedom’ exists anymore.

  9. What is the point of spending $122M on the postal vote if the government is not going to be held to the resujlt?
    If the result is NO then that should be it.
    If the result is YES, start working to keep the safeguards for Freedom of Speech and move on to same sex marriages.

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    • It is so they can’t be held responsible.

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