‘Marriage equality’ activists: if you don’t like it you’ll have to home school

It comes as a complete non-surprise that the ‘Yes’ campaign’s response to the latest Coalition for Marriage commercial is both hypocritical and anti-freedom.

The commercial is shown below:

In response, the ‘Yes’ campaign has claimed that ‘marriage equality’ has nothing to do with the education system.

Despite that, activists have gone on to state that if ordinary parents with ordinary families don’t like ‘marriage equality’ and the programs it will bring into the school system, then they should be forced to home-school their children.

This is from 9news.com.au, reporting the response from ‘marriage equality’ supporters to the latest commercial:

“I actually do not see the connection between this (inaccurate argument) and marriage equality?” one Facebook user wrote.

“Same-sex marriage and Safe Schools are two totally different things,” another said.

“Amazing how these people try to work on fear and bigotry! If you don’t want your children to be taught tolerance (which you obviously don’t have) then home school them,” a third suggested.

There is something very wrong with the argument if the side in the ‘debate’ supposedly pushing ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance’ claims the solution to the impact on freedom is for concerned parents to resort to home schooling…

…and if these guys win, does anyone really believe that they will allow parents to take their children out of the schooling system anyway?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. If the YES Campaign succeeds, Oz will certainly be over the rainbow. It will not be possible to write any legislation that will protect freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

    The US is finding this out the hard way. In the wake of SSM becoming law in the US, the state of Michigan is now being sued for its law which protects conscience rights of faith based adoption and foster care agencies.

    The ACLU is suing the state of Michigan to strike down that law.

    Whatever the outcome of this legal test may be, there is certainly a case for the Dept of Justice to compel the ACLU to register itself as a foreign agent just like AIPAC.http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=853

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  2. Nothing about LGBTQ is or has ever been about equality.Not one thing they do is of equal or normal status.Everything is overt; attention seeking and contrived idiocy.They have No self control; regard for others nor integrity.They bitch the most of any whingers I have ever come across; and play the victim so well.They should grow a spine and get over their greedy self indulgent arrogance.No child should ever be brainwashed to believe that they are a “neutral” gender free commodity.They should not be confused about what sexuality is sex is.I can not fathom transgender “beings”.They are created freaks.When There is no place for them.Kids should never be told they can choose which gender they are and how tey will behave. parents have the right and responsibility of raising and guiding their children with unconditional love; patience and boundaries.These kids now “learn” through lies on social media and these thugs.I feel a storm coming…LGBTQ will meet greater resistance now they are showing who they REALLY are.I find it crass that they refer to seemingly innocent childlike notions like rainbows; unicorns;fairies; mermaids in order to flounder and manipulate with their oppressive and aggressive propoganda.All of these seemingly childlike references have a more sinister history-of the mythological; religious or magical background.They dont tell children that, though.Tis is predatory behaviour.A new generation of home schooled kids will not ensure that LGBTQ “offspring”/acquired commodity kids will ever be accepted properly by normal kids from normal families. They have started the damage.A civil war is what they look for.They might just get it.

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  3. I hope homeschoolers take the education voucher with them (this is a note for CORY B and all Conservatives!).
    I now find it hilarious that lefties often comment “my taxes go to fund schools so I do not want them for private/independent/Catholic schools” – as if others did not have their share of taxes paying for it.
    Note also that when it comes to unvacc/not fully vacc kids – no pay or even no play, but when it comes to schooling, the right to education trumps it. Believe if you want, but I smell the rat.
    I think indoctrinating kids in “tolerance” is more important than the apparent danger of having unvacc kids around fully vacc (which are at danger more than unvacc – someone needs to explain this!).
    They want to bring up the next generation as “new men” (homo sovieticus-like?)
    The comments above re. safe schools is right, but even without UN conventions, is it fair to have little ones exposed to things their parents disagree with/do not know about?

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  4. Its their idea of tolerance that I do not like. What makes these people think that I have not already taught my children tolerance. My 15 year old son (my youngest) and his friends stopped bullying last week on a gay kid in the playground. Just because he straight does not mean he is intolerant and needs to learn anything from these people. Its one thing to be tolerant and another to have trans ideals pushed onto our children. Thank god I don’t have a 5 year old. I worry about my grandchildren though. It looks like home schooling is in our future. I am definately voting no. The future generations are depending on it.

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  5. I have seen people on message boards state that they are voting NO to SSM, because of the truly insidious Safe Schools association with it, yet the pro-SSM people reply, telling them that one has nothing to do with the other!
    And yet the SSM lobbyists and activists make the link themselves at their rallies and elsewhere.
    Proves them for the liars they are.

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    • My daughter home schooled her 3 children and they are lovely kids, and quite smart.

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  6. The very fact that the “Safe Schools” programme has been operating without parental consent, already violates the ICCPR, which was ratified by Australia in 1973, and is legally binding on Australia in international law. It also affects domestic law where legislation permits a discretion: it is accepted that discretion should be exercised in conformity with Australia’s international treaty obligations. The ILO 111, like the ICCPR, is not directly implemented in Australia and does not form part of Australian law though, so Australia needs to clean up and positively cement our religious freedom formally into our legislation

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  7. This might be the down side for the Yes Campaign if they win. They will educate their gaybees: the children of their surrogates and the children they can steal from the heterosexuals through the government systems in the public and private systems . They will have to undergo mandatory vaccination and the dumbed down process in the Safe Skool. Don’t forget to put in the diet soda with all the chemical calouries for the skool lunch.

    On the other hand, Home School communities have been forming for some time by parents whose first child had an adverse response to vaccination. They went into the clinic with a healthy normal child and the next day they had a round the clock screamer who later retreated to a corner rocking and flapping. They were told: ‘ooooh no. It couldn’t be the vaccination.”

    Not being stupid, they decided not to have the younger siblings vaccinated. Not even ‘no jab, no pay’ has any leverage with families who are caring for children who have suffered neurological damage from vaccination.

    These home schools are now rolling merrily along. And for the record they do not cover gender theory, sodomy and the range of developmental disorders that are being foisted on the regular schools.

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    • First up, there is no scientific basis to the contention that vaccination causes Autism. If you believe there is, please post the research. There is, however, plenty of science to show that if herd immunity is not achieved, the epidemic of deadly and disabling diseases will return.
      I have recently retired from teaching children with Autism for over 40 years. Your description of a child with Autism as “round the clock screamer who later retreated to a corner rocking and flapping” is disgraceful. I can remember only one child (in 40 years of close contact with these families) where there was a possible connection between vaccination and Autism, and then, there was no scientific proof of this. Early symptoms of Autism often emerge at the same time as vaccination, and grieving parents confuse causation with correlation.
      Adverse reaction to vaccination is a very rare occurence, and most often separating the vaccination into its various components remedies the situation.
      What you are posting is deadly dangerous to public health.
      By the way, what on earth does vaccination have to do with SSM?

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      • Not as dangerous to public health as invincible ignorance, drug company lies and fat cat health policies.

        Learn to read 1735099. You show me where I mentioned Autism in my post.

        In my post, I described an extreme adverse reaction to vaccination. I personally know families – several families, actually – where a child has had the response I described to vaccination.

        If you really had any experience with severely Autistic children (which you don’t) you would know that what I have written is an EXACT description of the neurological shock and cerebral congestion of an adverse reaction to the bizarre practice of injecting a cocktail of live viruses, toxic heavy metals into the blood circulation of an immature immune system.

        Since you raised the subject of Autism – a subject of which you know very little – here is a video that might interest you

        Robert Kennedy Jr interviewed on vaccine autism cover-up

        As for research, it isn’t my responsibility to do your research for you 1735099. The data on the vaccination/Autism connection is abundantly available in scientific, peer reviewed, independent studies. Let me translate: not conducted with Big Pharma money. As a ‘teacher’ of children on the Spectrum for (what was it – over 40 years) I assume you have access to professional journals. Don’t let me discourage you from keeping up with your field in your retirement. This is the era of the internet – go for it.

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