Defence’s internal nuclear bun-fight

It appears that a nuclear bun-fight may have erupted inside the Department of Defence, prompted by this webpage’s reporting of politically-correct and insane Defence policies that have also been covered by the Daily Telegraph and The Australian.

News broke this morning that the Australian Defence Force Academy had its first ‘genderless’ officer cadet.

It has reverberated around the nation, much in the same way as news did that Defence was actively discriminating against males (also broken on this website along with the Daily Telegraph).

The Mandarin is reporting that media inquiries about the ‘genderless’ cadet have prompted the Minister for Defence Personnel, Dan Tehan, to order Defence to reverse its policies and seek exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act. And it appears that this is not just for ‘genderless’ persons, but potentially also opens the door for a reversal of the decision to employ females in combat roles as well.

But the real bombshell (if true) is this: it is reported that Dan Tehan took the opportunity to order the reversal while the ‘progressive’ Minister for Defence, Marise Payne, was away overseas:

Last night, while Defence Minister Marise Payne was out of the country, junior minister for Defence Personnel Dan Tehan ordered the department to find a way out of protections for non-binary gender individuals. The same legislative protection shielding women from discrimination also protects non-binary gender individuals since a 2014 High Court ruling.

The instruction was prompted by media inquiries about the first non-binary gender cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy…

…Defence’s move has not been qualified to just X, rather suggesting it would be excused from all protections in the Sex Discrimination Act, which includes marital status and pregnancy.

If successful, Defence would be the first Commonwealth government organisation to be granted blanket exemptions to discriminate since the 2012 anti-discrimination law reforms. Doing so would undermine the efforts of the Attorney General’s Department, Office for Women, and prominent champions including the Minister for Women Michaelia Cash and former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.

It almost seems like it is time to bring out the champagne…

The Mandarin’s journalist, Harley Dennett is also reporting that ‘horrified’ Defence staff are claiming that the decision was made behind Marise Payne’s back. Further, speeches are now being re-written for a ‘workplace diversity’ event – this almost certainly refers to the LGBT ‘Military Pride Ball’ which will be held tomorrow night and is being run by the pro-same sex marriage lobby group, DEFGLIS.

Incidentally, this website has also launched a petition seeking Defence to withdraw from that event in order to maintain its apolitical standing during the marriage postal vote survey. So I won’t shed any tears if it has just been blown off the rails.

There is no way of knowing whether any of this is true.

However, it certainly seems likely that something is up and that can only be good news.

Firstly, the response issued by Defence yesterday contained this curious statement:

The Defence of our nation is our first priority and we will examine anything that arises that may impact on our ability to achieve that.

In this regard, the Government and the Australian Defence Force are currently considering the need for an exemption to the Act (Sex Discrimination Act 1984) and the guidelines due to the unique operational requirements of military service.

I am always sceptical about such statements – unless they are backed by action they are meaningless.

But this one just may be.

Secondly, Harley Dennett is the ‘boyfriend‘ of the DEFGLIS chairman, Wing Commander Vince Chong.

He is likely to have extensive links with LGBT staffers across Defence and in the ministerial departments. And his article indicates that they have just erupted.

Things could be about to get very interesting indeed…and not just inside Defence but in Turnbull’s government as well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. A neighbours son recently got told that after 8 months working towards fitness levels and other criteria in order to enter the army- he has to wait 12 months and try again then as he is MALE. You can imagine how keen he will be to try again in 12 month. The Defence force has gone mad.

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  2. I was kind of disappointed today, when the predicted end of the world never arrived with the colliding planet Nibiru!

    Surely the end is nigh though! If not, please stop the planet….I want off already!

    WOFTAMs being trained to lead our men into battle! Whatever next level of depravity will the idiots of the asylum in Canberra permit?

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    • Butto, Sept 23, 2017 was never about the arrival of a colliding planet – Nibiru, Nemesis or whatever. That was just the dysinfo campaign.

      It was about the translation of Apoc 12.1 as a sign in the heavens, about which much interest and comment for over a year. To wit:

      Great news for the Rosary Crusade labouring with the intention to save the traditional definition of marriage in Australia.

      I went out to the Cleveland Lighthouse on Sept 20 to see this alignment lining up – that was the morning when Venus (the morning star) was conjunct with Regulus (the king star in Leo) – glowing even more brightly in the dawn light than Sirius which was almost overhead. And then on Sept 23 – the alignment.

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  3. The ADF Leaders & Government Defense Ministers, really need brain readjustment, currently we must be the laughing stock of the world, As an Ex-Soldier, I’m totally disgusted, with the latest recruitment requirements & other current events

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  4. This is the best news I’ve read all day…. in my 27years I’ve never been so disappointed by hierarchy and policy of defence. I cringe every time I hear of some new PC agenda being promoted instead of properly rewarding everyone on their merits and effort. I always fear speaking out even though what I would be saying would be simple fact and to most would be stating their thoughts.

    Change is a constant in Defence, and I’ve seen my fair share of it. Some change has been good, but much of it has been pointless or even negative change and these later years I would suggest have been the worst that truely has me considering if my morals and values (which I always thought were of the highest standard) are ceasing to align with the changing values, and catch cry Signature behaviours of the Navy and Defence.

    I have followed your case closely when I was made aware of the defence forces decision to do the unthinkable and allow participation (in uniform) in a disgusting, and politically agendered Mardi Gras. Particularly with clear policy still stating that as a defence member we are to remain Apolitical, not allowed to join a political party, not even allowed to be a member of a union else it be considered a mutiny. The fact that you simply hilighted the breach of this policy and were then dismissed for this action I thought was appalling. I would like to say I’m surprised that it wasn’t reversed by the high court, but then we should realise how deep this moral decay has spread like cancer through our nation.

    Let’s hope this is change for the better!!

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  5. You can’t reassign chromosomes.

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  6. Nice work, please keep it up. This insanity has to not only stop but be reversed.

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  7. I would import a number of very experienced U.S. Marine Corps drill sergeants to Australia, grant them Aussie citizenship, then appoint them to the top positions of the ADF.
    They would go like a broom through the hopelessly PC, LGBTI-friendly defence force!

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    • Your solution is to hve foreigners run our military?

      That’s not very patriotic mate. Almost treasonous.

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      • Get a grip Arthur!

        Can’t you recognise satire when you see it?

      • What’s “treasonous” is destroying our own defence force from within.
        How would our current snowflakes in the ADF have spun transgender and female rapes, beheadings and execution by the Japanese in WWII?
        Don’t think that it couldn’t happen in a future war, including against possibly Islamic enemies!

  8. Keep reporting Bernard Gaynor a sane voice in a world that has gone crazy

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