DEFGLIS dinner declares war on ‘pockets of resistance’ in Defence

Marise Payne is treating Australians with contempt.

She’s failing in her duties as Defence Minister.

And she should go.

Four weeks after a petition was launched, nearly three weeks after a letter was sent and after several phone calls with her office, the Minister for Defence has failed to even provide a response to the blatant politicisation of the Australian Defence Force during the marriage postal survey.

I’ve been ‘informed’ by embarrassed staffers that Payne is busy.

I’m not sure with what.

Recent media reports show that our submarine program is a failure, our fighter jet program is a failure and even our armoured vehicle program is a failure. Multi-billion dollar duds all of them.

And that’s without any reporting of the fact that our new multi-billion dollar helicopters can’t even land on our new multi-billion dollar warships.

Yet the day I was told that Payne had too much on to explain why Defence was supporting a dinner for a lobby group that campaigns for homosexual marriage, this appeared on social media feeds:

You’ll see Payne in her bright red jacket standing there and campaigning to radically redefine laws on marriage. She’s not too busy for that.

That’s her right. But one wonders whether the Minister for Defence is busier with social justice wars than ensuring our military is able to fight real wars.

And it is a complete dereliction of duty for her to allow the Department she runs to be dragged into this as well.

The Australian Defence Force has a requirement to remain apolitical.

Yet over the weekend it supported a dinner with the leader of Australian Marriage Equality.

It supported a dinner for a lobby group that has been campaigning for homosexual marriage since at least 2011.

And it supported a dinner which attendees claim had a theme: being on the ‘right side of history’.

That all sounds political. Too make matters worse, the keynote speaker from the Australian Human Rights Commission stood up in front of a cabal of LGBT officers within the Australian Defence Force and said this:

While progress has been made, our work continues. And so does yours…

…While pockets of resistance remain in the ADF, a number of personnel now recognise diversity as ‘business as usual’.

It really is incredible. At this speech, war was declared on conservative ADF members.

They are the ‘pockets of resistance’ to the DEFGLIS agenda and they will be hunted down, interrogated and thrown out of service.

That is the clear message from this politicised dinner. It announced a political witch-hunt underway within the Australian Defence Force.

And it will only grow in strength if the laws on marriage change.


I mentioned above that Marise Payne’s staffers were embarrassed.

And they were.

They ‘informed’ me that Defence does not support DEFGLIS or the dinner. They also ‘informed’ me that Defence has never sponsored DEFGLIS.

When I pointed out that the DEFGLIS website was advertising that Defence’s LGBT ‘Defence Pride’ network was listed as an official partner, there was embarrassing silence.

And when I pointed out that Defence’s own webpage showed documents proving that Defence had sponsored DEFGLIS over $7,000 there was embarrassed muttering.

But no answers.

DEFGLIS sponsorship

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Marise Payne was Turnball’s left-hand and loyalist during the Australian Republic referendum in 1999. The Defence portfolio is her reward for loyalty.

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  2. Yep she’s a heifer all right. Stress hormones are probably off the chart.

    I actually sympathize. Politics is very stressful. But not as stressful as combat.

    One of the facts of nature hated by the workers of the Great Work (against God and nature) is that men tend to handle stress more successfully than women. Just one of those XY and XX mysteries that folks who want to run a reality based programme have to deal with.

    This would be stuff like – the high T people (that would be men/XY for our LBGTQI+ readers) will tend to handle the stress and fatigues of combat more successfully than lower T people. Read women/XX. Even if he has to wear high heels and make-up and use the appropriate pronoun for a non-cis normative CO, he will still handle the stress of combat more effectively. Not always – but mostly.

    And an intelligent military will, of course, take facts of this nature into account. Not with Marise at the helm. The ADF is stuck with a ‘you go gurlz’ programme and tranny affirmative action while capable men are sidelined.

    I would say God help Australia. But then God has helpfully supplied the natural order for our guidance.

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  3. Yep the current useless fat slob replaced previous useless fat slob who was sacked for making unfounded & highly offensive remarks about the new AWD’s currently being built in Adelaide….Which are actually the best piece of kit built for Defence in years !!! F@#%!ng typical of politicians.

    The contractor in the case of the AWD’s was barred from competing for the Submarine contract……WTF is going on with Canberra.

    Sack all fat slob politicians

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  4. I just read an article that said army morale has hit an all time low.

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  5. The job of the military is to protect Australia and Australians.

    There should be no social justice warrior support, or politicisation.

    Was a time, not so long ago, when public servants weren’t allowed to take political sides, it was unseemly as they were there to serve the public, not a political party or a lobby group.

    It’s very much time for this to be enforced. No taxpayer money should be expended on social justice or political causes. People are entitled to their opinion, but they should not be spouting it and saying that it is the stance of their branch of the public service.

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  6. How does minorities end up controling the majority are Australians short of a quid they keep voting for labor liberals and the greens who will allow the slow destruction of freedom and morality.

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  7. Our Westminster system, derived from Magna Charta, remains a good and sound system of government. Our Australian Constitution is one of the best (if not the best)charter for social order.

    The problem with our system at present is that it is being subverted by a political elite with a Marxist / world government agenda. The Long March through the institutions proceeds.

    People should learn about subversion as a Marxist tool for (wait for it) – CHANGE. And change in what direction, one might ask – change in terms of reconfiguring all social institutions to interface with a Globalist/Communist Agenda.

    Ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov explains subversion and psychological warfare as Marxist tactics.
    Yuri Bezmenov : Full 1983 Lecture

    It is Australia’s best and brightest, especially in Australian Intelligence who must understand these principles and see that they are being applied to all levels of Australian society by (let’s just say) outside interests.

    These changes are not coming from the Australian grassroots population as a whole and finding political expression as any kind of electoral mandate . These changes are being ‘astro-turfed’ by specific agents being paid to run the Globalist agenda on all Australian institutions.

    They have a long list of changes that Australian institutions must undergo so that human resources on this land mass can mesh with the Globalist project now being astro-turfed on all Western nations.

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    • Sorry, but in my view it is a weak short term system that has produced the above pip-squeako-cracy. A strong Presidential system like the US is needed. As for the defence minister, this role is too important to be filled by an MP and should be given to someone with military background. Look at the US, they have James Mattis!

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  8. From her biography:She was sworn in on 21 September 2015 after previously serving as the Minister for Human Services for two years

    Perfect background for a Defence Minister by the sounds of things!

    Maybe we have the target for the next petition for Mr Turnbull? Remember in the end votes are all that matter for these people and we have a choice on where to place our votes.

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  9. What qualified her for the job in the first place? Our Westminster system is so flawed

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    • I think it is obvious. It was her gender.

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