‘Yes’ campaign: Get the *&%# out of the country

The ‘Yes’ campaign claims it is tolerant.

But it does this:

No doubt, campaigners for traditional marriage will now be blamed for nearly causing the death of ‘Yes’ activists who are so insane that they will run across busy streets to tear down and steal signs…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The ad campaign for DNA and Me screened on South Park is now a classic.

    The campaign targets your average guilt-tripped White who can learn the percentages and now play the race card. White males: tired of being on the bottom of the Victim Hierarchy. Cis-nomatives – you do not have to accept bottom status on the grievance gravy train or invent a new gender in order to move up the hierarchy. DNA and Me can help you. Very funny social satire. Everybody in the caboose of the grievance gravy train should click with this.

    South Park – S21 E3 DNA and Me ad.

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  2. That flipping dipstick sheila was a thief.
    She was stealing somebody else’s property.
    The police should have been called.
    The arrogance of those who believe they can take the law into their own hands!

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  3. Dear U.S.S. Liberty June 8 1967

    The points you make above are correct. I agree, “Full marks to the Coalition for Marriage worker who stood his ground”. Many of the “Yes” tactics are completely hypocritical.

    With great respect, could I ask you to not use derogatory personal insults against our opposition. That type of language nullifies any fair criticism.

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    • Jack, should the genderless get their hands on the levers of state power, as is their goal, parliament will be suspended indefinitely, and then they will ruthlessly exterminate those M and F who refuse to accept becoming genderless, for that is the implacable way of communism, which over the last 100 years has exterminated about 150Mn people, at the lowest estimate.

      This lot are playing for keeps, and in no way can they be seen as akin to ‘her majesty’s loyal opposition’ where the thrust and parry of verbal jousting is mostly conducted in the spirit of collegiate camaraderie.

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    • Dear Jack. The beauty of the acronym is that the reader is free to plug in whatever he wants. I am sure that the Yes campaign will read p.o.sh. in an affirmative way: like ‘pair of shiners’ (did you see those dagger eyes?) or ‘pizza of shazam’ (why not a pizza ap? – she certainly has both sauce and a can-do approach). And, of course, people who think like I do will think: pot of sharks or something else.

      The world needs clean water, fresh air and fair criticism. Some of the best fair criticism ever made actually has plenty of ‘that type of language’ going for it. My personal favourite:

      “O ye generation of vipers, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come” Luke 3.7. Even after all these centuries the Baptist’s rebuke still conveys the same truth and scorn – and to the same people.

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  4. Very disturbing ! Shows us just what terrifying lengths these determined animals will go to to destroy the Australian family Ethos !??

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  5. Looks like the true colours shining through. The ‘Yes’ campaign has had some Antifa training. She has her script: provoke and demand: ‘I want my signs’.

    Here is this little p.o.sh. running around removing the Coalition for Marriage: ‘No’ campaign signs, then lunging at a Coalition for Marriage worker demanding: ‘I want my signs’ trying to get him to push her away. All of this has been scripted to play on the FakeNN so the editing room can get to work to make it appear that he is the one who attacked her to take ‘her’ signs.

    Full marks to the Coalition for Marriage worker who stood his ground, expressed concern for the risks she was taking and told her: enough.

    Double marks for getting the raw cut on video.

    There are a lot of these ps.o.sh. out there removing Coalition for Marriage signs, brochures from coffee shops/ community bulletin boards and crashing the groups of the No Campaign – disrupting the right of people to express their opinion or be informed about an opinion they oppose.

    Everyone can see this is not just about changing the Marriage Act. This is a whole agenda and the Rainbow Activists are going to push it all the way.

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  6. For sure, looking at the conduct of this Yes campaigner, I am certain that she doesn’t at all believe in democracy, but is after raw state power for herself and her kind, which means total disarmament of us Australians, but the 400 mosques here will be well supplied with AK47s and ammo, as we are marked for extermination by both the left and Islam working in tandem.

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  7. On the other hand, try removing a “Yes” sign, and all hell will break loose.
    That guy was a lot nicer and more diplomatic to her then I would have been!

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