…and here we go (again)…

Well, it’s started.

You all know what I mean.

The redefinition of the redefinition of marriage is already under way.

And it was always gonna happen.

For those who don’t know (and I didn’t know until I was informed that Defence celebrated it), 23 September is ‘Bi-Visibility Day’.

It ‘celebrates’ people who ‘love’ more than one, and from every diverse ‘gender’ that there can be imagined.

Apparently, bi-sexual people are being left behind in the push for ‘marriage equality’. So much so, that there are even media guidelines that carefully inform journalists that the politically-correct term for bi-sexuals is actually not ‘bi-sexual’ but ‘bisexual’.

Hence why I have used the wrong one. The world is probably about to end. Or I am about to be dragged before another anti-discrimination tribunal. So I’ll go with the first.

Anyway, bi-sexual activists are now complaining that the debate on marriage is sidelining them, even with the LGBT community:

Having one’s sexual identity disregarded lingers long after coming out, in Joyner’s experience. Misunderstandings of bisexuality pervade the straight as well as the gay community. The problems stem from the fact that many people don’t understand how to define bisexuality. The sexual orientation goes beyond an attraction to men and women, in Joyner’s definition.

I’m not sure if anyone actually knows what that means in an age where language is meaningless.

But this much should be obvious: If ‘love is love’ and that means you should be able to get married and bi-sexuals love just about everyone, then they should be able to marry them too.

The Sydney Morning Herald summed up its primary argument for the redefinition of marriage this way:

First and foremost, yes, because at its heart, denying consenting adults the right to marry based on their gender and sexuality is discrimination. Equality under the law is – and always should be – the bedrock of a democracy.

The current laws on marriage discriminate against bi-sexuals. They can only choose to marry a single partner who happens to be of the opposite sex.

And the proposed laws on marriage will discriminate against bi-sexuals too. They will be able to ‘marry’ any of their partners, but only one of them. Their full ‘loving’ experience will not be recognised.

And that means the Sydney Morning Herald and all the activists will still have work to do to end this horrid discrimination after the postal votes are shredded. The battle will only end when people who are in love can marry everyone that they are in love with. At that point marriage will be entirely meaningless and the radicals will have achieved their aims.

Hence reports that this bi-sexual ‘discrimination’ is already causing hurt. So one American ‘throuple’ is pushing to end it:

“But I would definitely love to get married to Adam and Jane. It’s something we’ve always wanted even though it’s not legal.”

“Even so, it’s important that the three of us can make a commitment to each other with our family and friends around.”

Jane, Adam and Brooke already have a ‘blended’ family with two children and are expecting their third.

According to the logic of the Sydney Morning Herald and those arguing for ‘marriage equality’, it is ‘good’ for children.

So we should all be able to see where this is going. Unless marriage is redefined further, children from bi-sexual relationships will be ‘disadvantaged’.

And it will all be the fault of heteronormative cis ‘bigots’ who live with the deluded view that marriage is a monogamous relationship for life precisely because one mother and one father provide the real stability that children need to thrive.

The radicals want normal parents to go and to replace parental responsibility with a village. And that means the village idiot will be involved in raising children too. He represents the government.

Hence, the redefinition of the redefinition of marriage must continue. By the way, this is exactly how we are going to end up with Sharia marriage equality too.

A ‘yes’ vote won’t end the culture wars. It will only open the next phase in a battle.

So get prepared to hear a lot more about ‘Bi Visibility Day’. Mark 23 September on your calendar.

And May 22, January 27, December 10, May 17, October 8, March 31, March 1, July 14, October 26, November 8, April 26, June 26, October 11, December 8, May 24, October 19, June 28, November 20, December 1, May 19, June 12 and the months of October, February and June.

They are all set aside to celebrate all things LGBTIWHATEVER, and represent the days where the most ‘oppressed’ people in the world are recognised.

But you can now free up Father’s Day. It was the first casualty in the ‘marriage equality’ campaign…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Come in Dean. Bisexuals are likely to be monogamous? In Islam it is quite common for straight men to have multiple wives. That is their religious entitlement.

    Babylon is about to boil over. No one will know the numbers for minorities, majorities or entitled creative genders and their preferences until it does.

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  2. Rather delusional given the polygamy/polyamory conclusions are things you’re extrapolating. Bisexuals are just as likely to be monogamous as straights. The issue you’re looking at here isn’t with gay straight or otherwise, it’s the exact same thing as straight men wanting multiple wives. An extreme minority.

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  3. Yep the real war has nothing to do with Gay Marriage……Oooohhh Noooooo. Marriage Equality is a completely different debate altogether. It means marriage for Polygamy, Polyamory and those who don’t identify as NEITHER MALE OR FEMALE & those who identify with as an animal & want to hook up with their pet Chihuahua. Yes folks, bestiality is on the horizon & don’t kid yourselves it isn’t.

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  4. Not to mention in the ACT you can now have mum and mum or dad and dad on your birth certificate.. I think they bought that in last week

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    • And so ends the ability to trace your bloodline.

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  5. This Jerry springer shit needs to stop ✋

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  6. In all seriousness I am sure the Gender revolutionaries currently storming the Bastille of Australian parliamentary democracy do intend that the village will raise the children of the future. All children will be entitled to a tranny nanny.

    The republican ‘marriage’ barges depicted on so many stained glass windows of the Brittany parish churches are being readied. Even Cis-normatives who assume things like: the village idiot/government is a ‘he’ will be embarking shortly. Once upon a time the village idiot or the third goofy brother (and hero of many fairy tales) got to be a ‘he’. No more.

    We will have to learn to address the village council (Soviet) like AfD parliamentarian Steffen Koniger. This is even better than Vlad’s KGB jokes.

    Brilliant: German politician mocks PC and addresses the Parliament in 60 different genders.

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    • Hit of the week/month for me : )
      Sell it to Bolt or Latham!

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