Where are the men?

Men, it’s time to man up. Get off your backsides and become the men that your fathers and grandfathers were.

They didn’t watch the world go by around them. They shaped it, lead it, fought for it, owned it and then handed it over – to us.

But the polling from the marriage postal survey shows that they handed it over, by and large, to men who have male bodies but not much else. Women are voting but men are not. It looks they’ve given up the fight.

marriage polling

We live in an effeminate world where even the leading blokes now push the gay bandwagon. And the fault lies entirely with the majority of males who find this whole subject repugnant but who are too lazy, too cowardly and too caught up salivating over Hugh Hefner’s sordid magazines to be real men.

If you want your children to be taught to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality as they are now in Canada, great. But stand up like a man and state it. And then wear the consequences.

But if you find this deeply troubling, disturbing, offensive and immoral, then do something about it. Our fathers would not have cowered in fear or left these battles to others. They’d have spoken up, taken part in the campaign and done their duty for their children and families.

Even if it meant copping flak. Because that’s what men do.

Don’t let this battle pass without taking a stand…sign up here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Some men that I know that have been in relationship breakdowns, are immediately painted as the offender.
    The wife gets “counseling “ from her friends and soon the relationship is doomed to fail.
    Men have AVO’s taken out against them and they are not allowed to see their children.
    Men are severely affected by this and generally bottle it up inside until something happens.
    Most men are ashamed of the position they have been put in and don’t share their problems with anyone. They try to deal with it in their own minds, but when all your getting from their former lover and wife, and her friends, is hate and rejection, it is hard for them to make rational decisions.
    I know that this doesn’t apply to all men, but to those it does, they are knackered by the legal system.
    The LGBTI also use the threat of legal action against those that disagree with them and it is very affective.
    As for me, I will say what I believe to be the truth, and not let threats and their anger affect me. Even though I may feel like being violent, that would play right into their hands.
    If I was physically attacked though, I would respond in kind, which is something that, these days, we should all be prepared to do before we are ever in a situation like that.
    Be prepared to defend yourself or your family or friends, now, settle it in your own mind what you would do, because if you leave it until violence from any quarter is upon you, you will fall back to the position of “I don’t want to cause trouble, I don’t want to get involved etc”
    Unfortunately these days, you have to be prepared to kill someone, if they are trying to kill you or your loved ones.
    That may never happen, but you should always be prepared in your own mind, to act if necessary.
    When someone is intent on a fight, then there will be no escaping it and they play on the fact that there will be no opposition.
    Don’t allow bullies to berate you into submission, be prepared to stand up and fight, your life may depend on it.

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    • Thanks for the upload from the ‘Toilet paper of Record’.
      Here is a more in-depth article-https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-face-of-australias-surveillance-malcolm-turnbulls-recognition-database/5612239

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  2. It is men who build & defend civilisations – not women. Our Western civilisation is crumbling – NOT morphing. Take a look at shows like “The Bachelorette” & you see what a bunch of modern stud muffins looks like & it makes one want to vomit. They’re not real men, they’re self absorbed pussies with no self respect.

    It is time for men to take the fight up our Feminist, LGBTI & Marxist Overlords & cast down their depraved laws – by what ever means. Because, they are creating a hell on earth for the rest of us to suffer.

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    • Where are the real men? Not in parliament, obviously!

      Otherwise we would not have wasted millions of dollars on a survey, that any any fool can see, the media would drive. A referendum would have sorted it for the same cost. It would have forced apathetic people to express an opinion that would matter!

      It has successfully diverted attention from world affairs, the economy and the soaring drug/ crime rates to boost the world shattering, important issues of the rainbow agenda.

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  3. Fear of consequences may also a big factor.
    Being brave and losing your job or any prospect of promotion is not always an option.

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  4. Unfortunately some men have taken a back seat. They sit back with their footy & beer like ‘real men’ & talk about the BS that is going on but don’t believe that it is happening to them personally. They are like the frog in the pot of water slowly boiling to death.

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  5. Bernard I think you’ve missed something here. Men are not too lazy or too cowardly, they’ve become a generation over the last 3 or more decades that understand (rightly or wrongly) that noone gives a sh#% about what they think say or do (and if they do, that it won’t make a difference). They’ve been given to understand that there is nothing intrinsically good about the qualities inherent in being a male. This can be seen firsthand with your Aus army (and now police force) employing women exclusively on the basis that they are not men. This kind of undercurrent message is everywhere and did not happen yesterday. Some men (like yourself) seem to have not been affected, but by and large many western men have. Until men start understanding that they have qualities that make them both different and worthy, and able to make a difference – with an understanding of what those qualities are, you will not be seeing them any time soon. The phrase ‘man up’ is essentially a Hollywood joke and one that much of the western world has lauded and embraced (until recently subtly, but now more overtly) over the last few generations. It’s no wonder you don’t see them.

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    • Feminists have been raising boys in their own image for three decades. That’s what happened!

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    • Media (especially TV, internet) and schooling with its anti-Western indoctrination, history wars, march through the institutions … Left may just say “the world is ours”.
      Well, for a moment they seem to be the winners with many jumping on the wagon.

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