There is no doubt that it takes courage to publicly defend marriage in Australia today.

And there can be no doubt that a group of men have shown it.

Homosexual men.

During this campaign a number of them have stood up and defended the natural order and family unit. For that, they have been ridiculed, subjected to intense pressure and attacked.

In a campaign that is supposedly about showing ‘respect’ for homosexuals, these men have been attacked more than anyone.

It shows that ‘marriage equality’ has nothing to do with respect.

It shows that ‘marriage equality’ is all about radically redefining society, shifting power into the hands of the new elite and silencing any opposition they face.

This new moral elite does not care for the LGBT ‘community’.

It is a community that can be cast aside as quickly as it is embraced. It is nothing more than a pawn to be used in a campaign that won’t provide ‘marriage equality’ but that will vastly increase the power of the state over family, parents and education.

Total state control of the family unit is the end goal and victory won’t be declared until parents are separated from children and both are entirely subjected to the whim of the Central Committee.

A brave band of homosexual men can see this and that is why they have spoken up.

I have listened to their stories during this campaign. I have shaken their hands and looked them in the eye.

I applaud their bravery.

And I am proud to have given some of them a voice on this website. If marriage is redefined, the legal concept of freedom of speech in this nation will be trashed and the voices of these men will be silenced as well.

These men should inspire us with their courage.

I have also heard moving tales from men who have escaped the grip of homosexuality and who are now happily married fathers.

These men should inspire us with the hope that their lives proclaim.

As a Catholic, I do not resile from the teaching of the Church on homosexuality.

This teaching reinforces the natural law of sexual behaviour and morality which is so important and powerful: it is the power to create life and educate children.

However, as a Catholic, I also know that all of us are far from perfect: we each have our own failings and crosses to bear.

The journey from vice to virtue is a task that we have all been given. None of us are perfect.

So when homosexual men bravely speak up to defend the natural order amidst vitriol and hatred, they should be applauded for their efforts to defend marriage. And we should pray for these men.

Here are some of their efforts in this campaign:

And there is another group of people who have showed courage too: the children raised in same-sex households who have opposed homosexual marriage.

No one can claim that these people do not love those who raised them.

Yet they know first-hand the damage that is done to children who are deliberately brought up without their mother or father.

Katy Faust is one such child and this is what she has to say about redefining marriage:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Let us hope these men can assist the LBGTIQ+ community to be more like a community and less like a cult under party discipline.

    Australians who affirm traditional marriage know that the LBGTIQ+ partisans have taken the SSM debate to new lows, but no one is going to approve them giving the ‘bigot, phobe, hater’ treatment to homosexuals who do not hold with the party line.

    Their experience makes it very clear that gender is being politicized in this country. Changing the legal definition of marriage supplies the leverage for this to be applied across the spectrum of Australian social life by a Revolutionary cadre now in place and positioned to ‘cover all the bases.’

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  2. Katy Faust has clearly not heard of the closed adoption system in the United States. Every child has a right to heritage regardless of the sexuality of parents. The commodification of children by anyone is abhorrent. What about the primal wound of adoption ….

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    • Katy has created a another website called – with a strong statement about adoption that says, in part:
      “Them Before Us understands that children are made for a relationship with their biological mother and father and do best when raised within the loving home of their married parents. Any other family structure, including adoption, exposes children to increased risk and diminished outcomes.”

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