The Law Society of New South Wales, in its wisdom, decided to issue a statement back in August that gave the impression all of its members supported redefining marriage.

That’s the way things are supposed to work in the world of ‘marriage equality’: the Central Committee decides your moral worldview.

However, we’re not there just yet and the statement has backfired spectacularly. More than 250 lawyers forced a humiliating retreat.

And now the Law Society of New South Wales has had to tell the truth: not only did the Law Society not ask its members their views about marriage, but the Law Society cannot guarantee legal freedoms won’t be stripped if marriage is redefined because no one has the foggiest idea about what the actual law may look like.

This is from the Law Society’s embarrassing statement today:

In light of concerns raised with her that the press release held out that solicitors had formed a united view on same-sex marriage, the President wishes to state that they have not. There has been no survey or poll of solicitors on the issue…

…Lawyers have an obligation to question any adverse consequence of a proposed change to the existing law, in particular how it will affect the dignity and equality of all Australians and the impact on justice, fairness and other freedoms. This is made difficult, if not impossible when there is no available draft legislation containing the proposed change. 

If the Laws Society of New South Wales has no idea what the impacts of ‘marriage equality’ will be, how can Australians have any idea what they are actually voting for?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. While we have the Law Society on the line….I have been doing some research along the lines of: why is it that the corporate sector


    and the political agenda of the government both state and federal line up on this issue (as so many others)?

    What pops is this. The (late) great state of Qld and the corporate sector are one and the same. The state of Qld. is a corporation called the Brigalow Corporation.

    Not only do we have to have a logo that looks like a suppurating melanoma,
    an international boardroom has decided that human resources of the Brigalow corporation are going to be multi-gendered.

    For those whose job it is to look into such matters (that would be you folks over at the Law Society) the late great state of Queensland is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission under CIK No. 0000852555


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  2. All manner of bodies, associations, organisations, companies, and government interests are declaring their support for gay marriage, but how much of their argument is based on actual truth, and how much is nefariously neglecting certain facts that don’t support their position?

    Interestingly, in its’ support of SSM, the Australian Medical Association issued a completely false statement on the outcomes of children raised by same sex couples, which has now been refuted and completely nullified by a “working group” of GPs who knew the AMAs’ claims were not just misleading, but some were outright lies and called the organisation on it all. The rebuttal, of course, gives a comprehensive list of verifiable references to support everything claimed to be true.
    This link is the rebuttal, and contains links to –
    Part A
    1. The AMA’s suppression of evidence of harm to children.
    2. The AMA’s uncritical support for evidence of benefit to children.

    Part B
    1. The AMA’s claim regarding stigma, LGBT health and ‘marriage equality’.
    2. The AMA’s claim regarding a link between ‘marriage equality’ and health care access.
    3. The AMA’s claim regarding “tragic consequences in medical emergencies”.


    Be careful about taking everything at face value people! Everyone is trying to scam you ;)Sh

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  3. Hi Bernard,I have heard some very Loud Comments about your treatment as Australian Military leading officer! I am disgusted to find the so called defense force of AUSTRALIA has descended so far below Australian expectations, However I am of the opinion that we are entering a very dangerous period of outright treachery that is threatening the real culture and safety of our country.WE MUST RETAIN OUR SAFTEY AND INDEPENDENCE OF OUR GREAT AND Crumbling spirits, K J Smith

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  4. The Law Society has treated its members in the same way the ADF has treated those who serve. The ire of the Jolly Swagman should be directed to their offices. But unlike the ADF –

    “Lawyers have an obligation to question any adverse consequence of a proposed change to the existing law”…Well rather, one should say, if one wished to be mettlesome.

    Especially under the Westminster System of government do they have an obligation to raise the hue and the cry and not just sing along with the Political Elite and their (((Agenda))).

    Justice Judith Scheindlin’s TV courtroom is designed to showcase Talmudic dispensation of American law for the goyim. ‘See – goyim – your laws don’t work for you because you haven’t got the right dispensation. Look at how well Judge Judy does it’. So. Yes, we should get this. Not only are bought and paid for legislative traitors to the old Republic busy, busy creating conflicts of law that are designed to be unworkable and unenforceable (except through the totalitarian interpretation of ‘judge made law’), eventually a military police state will be required for enforcement. All that is required is for ZOG Deep State to continue staging its psychological warfare on the American population through its agents. They’ll get there through due process.

    Even so, you don’t have to agree with Justice Scheindlin’s TV courtroom/show in concept in order to appreciate how she goes about the determination of facts.

    And already there are plenty of facts of matter at hand from nations that have changed their legal definition of marriage.

    Take a page out of her playbook, Law Society, she is good at what she does.

    Judge Judy – Dumb and Dumber

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  5. To many bodies have come out in support without consulting members and in a lot of cases it looks as though the marketing people have pushed it for popularist reasons

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  6. Good stuff! Wish you and the NO campaign all the very best.

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  7. We don’t hear enough from you…where can I read your comments?

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  8. Thank you Bernie, Australia is very lucky to have you. Eva Breward

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  9. Bernard Keep up the good fight!

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    • Yes Bernard, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
      I don’t think though that the law society is where we find truth, they work to a different beat of a different drum.
      We need morality in this God forsaken country, when we find this collectively, we will again become a strong, united country
      Keep up the good fight Bernard

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