No respect: ‘Yes’ cowards targeting women

It is kind of strange.

But then again, it’s not.

I’m talking about the abuse dished out by ‘Yes’ extremists in the current debate on marriage.

I have not received all that much. The abuse sent my way has not really kicked up from the usual level of background noise that I routinely receive.

But I have seen it hurled at others. And those others are women. Under the shadow of the rainbow, we’re ‘progressing’ to a world where women can be absolutely humiliated, intimidated and denigrated.

For instance, earlier this week I was standing with a group of mainly young people holding signs along a busy Brisbane road.

They didn’t state anything offensive at all. They stated that it was ok to vote no. Like most of the others, I copped fingers. I copped verbal abuse. I copped veiled threats.

But I didn’t cop it all.

Two young ladies were spat at by a passing car.

This vile and criminal behaviour was not aimed at me. It was not aimed at the other fathers or the young men with them.

It was aimed at the ladies.

The age of chivalry is long gone. And now the marriage revolution is eradicating its memory. It can come as no surprise that the side that is seeking to banish the concept of motherhood has no qualms hurling phlegm at women.

This barbaric behaviour is not isolated. I was speaking with my good friend Kirralie Smith earlier this week and she detailed the level of abuse and vitriol she has received simply for stating that she’ll vote no. Some of it is shown below:

Kirralie 6  Kirralie 7Kirralie 1Kirralie 2 Kirralie 3 Kirralie 4 Kirralie 5

To be honest, I was shocked.

Not just at the number of intimidating messages that she has received. Not just at graphic homosexual and pornographic images left in her inbox. And not just at the hatred and the threats that some allegedly ‘decent’ human beings actually took the time to write.

I was shocked that these messages could be sent to a woman.

The ‘Yes’ campaign talks about respect. But it has none.

It does not respect women. It does not respect mothers. It does not respect wives. It does not respect daughters.

In fact, the ‘Yes’ campaign has so little respect for women that it would see all of these words, with all of the love that they symbolise, done away with.

The end goal of the ‘Yes’ campaign is clear in the new laws proposed in the Northern Territory. Under these laws the word ‘woman’ will be done away with altogether.

And under such laws, a man’s right to enter female bathrooms and female gymnasiums and to compete in female competitions must be protected. Fake transgender women have more rights than real women when the rainbow flag flies tall.

Anyone who stands in the way of this radical new order will be attacked. But women will cop the most abuse.

Because the ‘Yes’ campaign is fuelled by bullies and cowards as well. It’s easier for the ‘progressives’ to target women than confront men.

These people no longer understand what it is to be a lady or a gentleman. They don’t have any desire to be chivalrous. They would rather promote barbarism.

That’s where we are headed and we are almost there…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. where are all the men who will stand in front of Kirillee and take the bullet ., hands up

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  2. In a candid moment LBGTQI+ activists come clean about what Marriage ‘equality’ means for them.

    Let Masha Gessen, LBGTQI+ activist tell you – that the marriage should not exist anyway. The goal of the marriage ‘equality’ demand is to destroy marriage as an institution.

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  3. This is nothing new. Lesbians were pissing on every day English Mothers on the street who were not political they were only protesting against their kids being forced in government preschools in England to praise “GAY DADS” with homo-story-book-time classes.

    Q: Who covered the story of “When lesbians piss attack mothers?”

    A: 60 Minutes USA.

    Where did it happen?

    London England.

    Would the gay reporters at 60 Minutes USA like Anderson Cooper cover this again?

    Probably not.

    For your viewing Enjoyment circa the 70s.

    Bonus: English Principal flees to Australia to get away from the state forcing little children to praise sodomite parenting. How ironic

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  4. As a mother, I notice that there doesn’t seem to be much said about lesbians, the terrible insults are mainly aimed at women, yet they consider marriage to a same sex person, one of whom is deemed to be a bride. Seeing two brides or two grooms is odd to me.I think all people should not overdo showing affection in public, Love between two people is a private matter.I have seen gay men, and their fathers were not as caring as they should be, and this might be the reason some men become gay’

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  5. It couldn’t be clearer; because the Genderless don’t want white Australian women to have children they are attacked , so that within a generation the intention would be that we as a people go extinct.

    They would not be attacking aboriginal women, nor any other minority women, nor would any minority women be caring if the yes vote came through because the Genderless would single out white Australian women to be attacked with a redoubled fury.

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  6. It’s becoming clear, just how vicious ,and dangerous the desperate yes vote,is becoming!
    I’m truly shocked that these odd people are confronting Kirralie Smith in such a crude and downright offensive manner !??

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