Andrew Hastie should be Defence Minister

The Defence ministry has been a political suicide vest for years. It’s the place where dud politicians go to die.

And Marise Payne is proving that rule.

She has brought absolutely nothing to the role and the only reason she is there is because it was the price Malcolm Turnbull paid for her support during the anti-Abbott coup. But her time is almost up and she will rise no further.

Payne might have helped get Turnbull to The Lodge. But she is not helping to keep him there. Her performance has been lackluster (and that’s being charitable). She is the Defence Minister who is prioritising sex-change operations, genderless officer cadets and female-only recruitment at a time when major capabilities such as the tank landing ships, joint strike fighters and helicopters are failing.

We continue to face serious threats in the Middle East and now from North Korea. Australia cannot afford yet another useless factional warrior or PC warlord running the military. The attitude towards this important role must also change and the government needs to get serious on Defence.

Our nation needs a competent politician to be the Minister for Defence. One with military experience and courage.

That person is Andrew Hastie.

He should be put in that role now.

The only reason Turnbull won’t do it is if he is more concerned about putting his own factional self-interest ahead of the national interest.

Here is Andrew Hastie yesterday tearing apart the PC policies within Defence:

And here is Hastie in The Weekend Australian doing it again:

Former SAS commander ­Andrew Hastie has criticised the Australian Defence Force for spending more than $1 million on treatment for staff experiencing gender dysphoria, and revealed he left the military because of ­“aggressive social engineering”.

The West Australian Liberal MP, who was an army officer ­before entering parliament, said taxpayers should not have paid for 27 ADF personnel who underwent sex changes and treatment for gender dysphoria over the past five years.

“The ‘no fail’ mission of the Australian Defence Force is to win Australia’s wars,” Mr Hastie told The Weekend Australian. “I do not see how these surgeries ­enhance our war-fighting capability as a nation. It’s a bad joke. Why is the ADF now a ­vehicle for radical social engineering?”

In a speech delivered to the Defence Christians Dinner last month, Mr Hastie said he left the force because of its support for “social engineering”.

“I repudiate the aggressive ­social engineering that has been taking place in the ADF, particularly in the army,” Mr Hastie said.

“The military is no place for the latest academic fad or trendy political orthodoxy. We have lives at stake every time we send our people in the field. Commanders particularly need to be clear-eyed about the threats they face and how they can defeat them.”

If political correctness is forcing SAS veterans out of the Australian Army, our nation has a serious problem. And we need a man like Andrew Hastie to be given the power to fix it.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Female defence minister?
    Women hate guns!
    Ok let’s fight with our handbags.

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  2. There is no hope with either the Libs or the Labs. In every election – just flip a coin to see which one to put last.

    Australia is a de facto multicultural nation. And Lib/Lab policies are the wrong way to make this work for the nation as a whole, for its state with a foundation in Westminster system and the people of European heritage which have worked that system . Minorities in fact need this system to work for them much in the ways that minorities in Russia need the Russian state to work for them.

    A new political force must form government. And it should look seriously at the Russian experience and strategies of multiculturalism.
    Europeans have no future – Putin on the migrant crisis

    Clearly Europe with its massive importation of populations that are unassimilable to the laws and way of life of the host nations and native population/s has no future. Rape gangs roam free across the North of Britain – trafficking English girls at will – while the state and civil authorities are stood down by the Political Elite: police, hospitals, social services, schools etc.

    “a society that can not defend it’s children has no future. It has no tomorrow…[As opposed to Europe]We [Russia] have a 1000 year history of forming a multicultural society. Our understanding of these intricacies is much deeper”

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  3. Andrew I am so glad to hear someone say it like it is my daughter is serving at the moment with the reserves and was so excited to finishe her studies and apply for duntroon but after nearly 2 yrs listening to the rubbish this government has been handing out she has now changed her mind and will join either the fed or local police and she knows of numerous cases like this some have even gone to the uk to join there forces I think as an ex military man I am ashamed and embarrassed by what is being done to this once great fighting force I hope and pray you get into power and become the defence minister the boys and girls need someone now more than ever to lead them good luck you have my vote .

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  4. Have to disagree with you Bernard.

    Andrew Hastie should be Prime Minister.

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  5. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Australia needs analysis and intel from the military professionals on the Ca ‘wildfires’. We do not need pushups in pregnancy suits and exercises on the correct pronoun and boob jobs for the cadets.

    At the appropriate level of security clearance, Australia should know exactly are we looking at with these ‘wildfires’ in Ca? Long lists of WTC-7 effects there, I would say. All buildings burnt to the ground but green trees still standing and marking the streets seemingly untouched by the conflagration. Roads not even smoking – so cool in fact that a postal van can drive down the streets of the burnt out buildings for miles supposedly delivering mail. This was on all the FAKENN. No reported bushfire lines advancing on the burnt out population centres just reports of suddenly – fire everywhere – and then lines of fire burning outward into forested areas.

    The official conspiracy theories are not without humour. The FAKENN has been pretending for months that if little ZOGbot Kim sends over a nickel popper he will take out NORAD. (You know, just like the guy in the cave on 9-11) But under cover of this nonsense, ZOG has just tested a terrible weapon on a civilian population in California. So what was it?

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    • Agreed. It was extremely unnatural, like most things promoted these days.

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    • Mate – I’ve got to disagree with you – and I speak as an ex-CFA member who was pouring cold stuff on hot stuff up in the Dandenongs in the days after Black Saturday in 2009. I was in the CFA for ten years in Gippsland and turned out to any number of fires in that time.

      It is not unusual to see tall, green trees among a sea of completely burned and destroyed houses. That is because a fast-moving fire at ground level will often completely destroy anything up to 3-4 metres high – but not that which is above that height.

      And that is exactly what happened in Victoria on Black Saturday. If you look at photos of some of the small towns that were destroyed (Marysville, Kinglake etc), you will see exactly the same phenomenon. Just like you, I was really surprised back then to see that strange effect of living trees amongst utter destruction, but there it was.

      What happens is this: a fast-moving fire at ground level will consume anything directly in its path – but not necessarily that which is above it. The fire will hit a house and set a wooden wall or plastic cladding or something flammable next to the house on fire. Because no-one is there, or because the person or people inside are hiding internally from the heat and the blinding, choking smoke and the tsunamis of sparks, they do not or cannot deal with that fire – and so it takes hold and grows and ultimately consumes the entire structure. And them as well, if they cannot escape.

      But a fast-moving fire that passes beneath a tall green tree may not be there long enough to set the trunk, branches and leaves on fire. Hence the tree does not ignite and is still there while the houses around it burn completely to ash either slowly or quickly.

      If a bushfire gets up into the tops of trees – that is, it “crowns” – then trees will be completely destroyed. But if the fire remains at ground level and travels fast, the trees will very often survive.

      There’s your lesson on bushfires for the day.

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