Channel 7 news report: Halal certified rations

I spoke with Robert Ovadia from Channel 7 today about the Army’s halal-certified and Arabic-labelled rations.

You can watch the report below:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Australians should not be paying any religious food taxes. Period. No halal or kosher food taxes. Can you imagine the hue and the cry, the vitriol, the H8 and opposition that would ensue if the govt signed off on a Catholic food tax. The people would march on Parliament House. The FakeNN would have a stroke.

    So why do Jewish and Muslim food taxes get a pass.

    A complete inventory of all food products should be taken. If it has either a kosher or a halal label. Don’t buy it Australia. Basically it is that simple.

    Let these religions fund their own dietary laws.
    Crying Koala

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  2. Halal food is not needed ; a prayer will surfice if halal is not available. I object strongly to the amount of halal tax going to muslim organisations without many items even labelled as such. I also strongly object to the way government and companies are bowing down to the muslims. I know small companies have to face threats to avoid the halal fees.

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  3. Red Lea Chickens has been bought by a Pakistani Muslim
    and is now 100% Sharia compliant with it now only supplying
    100% Halal food.

    Time to boycott Red Lea Chickens!

    I told my local outlet I will no longer give them my money!

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  4. “Food is just food” is it ???? I want Halal & Kosher bacon !!!!

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  5. When Robert Ovadia quoted the “Halal Certification Authority” as his source for an authorised Islamic perspective was he referring to the private company owned by Mohamed El Mouelhy?

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  6. The creeping rot of Islamic interest, has even pervaded our most basic of needs , our food ! Not even the most vapid can ignore this,when they very people who fight to keep Moslems at bay are forced to eat halal products ! The tax which,pays for our weapons and the enemies!
    Lunacy ! ??

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  7. Boycott all halal, I support Australian Companies and Farmers who in turn support Australia and Australians, i refuse to have someones religion or culture shoved into my face without my permission. It’s my choice and i refuse .

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  8. Well, well, well…. Anyone seen Coles new advert re:: What’s your Beef, Australia??
    “Grain fed’ says a voice..
    “Grass fed’ says another voice”
    Pity a third voice didn’t say ” I don’t care, I’d just like my Beef labelled, Non-Halal Certified”

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    • Wish I could post a picture here of their Halal certificate!

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  9. we are all paying halal fees through this certification racket and the money fenerated does not benefit Australians.

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    • Stuff em! buy fresh fruit and veges they haven”t captured that market yet!
      and its healthier for you and your familie’s

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    • What a load of crap, all service and exservicemen know when “rat packs” are issued you don’t really get a choice. And if halal packaging is breaking down barriers in the Middle East, what are the Middle East people doing with Australian Army ration packs.

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