Cheese eating surrender monkeys: Diggers issued halal-certified Army rations

Almost two years ago this website broke the news that the Australian Army was going halal certified.

Half of all combat ration pack configurations were to be prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary requirements, even though there were only about 100 Muslims in the entire 50,000+ strong Defence Force. Four menus were to contain meat that had been certified as sacrificed to Allah. The other were two were to be vegetarian options that are naturally halal anyway.

Just so you know, under the new ration plan which was supposedly designed to combat ‘menu fatigue’, ordinary Diggers have less choice of ordinary meals than before. That’s how diversity works.

The media frenzy regarding the halal-certified Army prompted a back down of sorts from the Chief of Army, who wrote on the Defence website in early 2016 that:

Combat ration packs currently used by the ADF are not prepared to halal or kosher specifications.

Of course, he was right. At the time rations were not halal or kosher.

Now they are halal but I have not yet seen any kosher packs kicking around.

And not just halal, but distinctly Arabic as well. These rations were handed out to infantry Diggers this week and you can see the halal-certified processed cheese can with Arabic labelling below:

Rations 1

Rations 2

Rations 3

Shortly afterwards my phone lit up.

Diggers are insulted by halal-certified rations. And they are outraged that they’re being fed them with Arabic language plastered all over the packs.

They’re also miffed that the cheese they’re eating is certified halal by an organisation that admits it funnels certification fees overseas to build mosques in Indonesia.

That’s bad enough, but to make matters worse our military is now so politically-correct that it is producing rations that the enemy can read but our own soldiers cannot.

I think that’s a world first.

Soldiers want to be soldiers and they want their commanders to get on with the job of leading an army. Unfortunately, they’re stuck with a bunch of social justice warriors who are more interested in sex-change operations and halal certification.

No wonder morale within the Australian Defence Force and especially the Army is so low. Defence’s own internal surveys have found that about half of all soldiers have lost confidence in their generals and political masters. They don’t think the top brass makes effective strategic decisions:


It’s incredible.

Every second Digger thinks the generals and Ministers are duds.

And they’re right.

Marise Payne is not providing the leadership required of the Minister for Defence. Instead she’s missing in action, hunkered down in a bunker in Canberra with a bunch of PC bureaucrats.

She must go.

And so must the halal rations.

We’ve embraced insanity so strongly that we are now catering for the dietary requirements of a community that has sent more of its sons to fight for the Islamic State than to join the Australian Defence Force.

And it’s just embarrassing that the hierarchy of the military has just given new life to the phrase immortalised by the Simpsons: cheese eating surrender monkeys…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Keep going Bernard. There are a large number of people supporting you and as time goes on (when those now asleep wake up) more and more people will support you.

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    Make sure you vote on these prinicples

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  3. Basically, we the Australian public, have ourselves to blame for voting in these half-baked politicians to run the country. And we are too late now to vote them out because by then, the mass pc culture would have pervaded all our basic institutions…from primary schools in education, to local governments in all councils, and now to federal government and our ADF. The chickens have really come home to roost. We don’t have much guts,and pride, and we have lost much of our original culture and conviction, but who cares now.We have our mansions, 4×4, caravan, and holiday home, and our football and beer. Just enjoy !

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  4. This is a truly disgraceful development.
    Shame on those who conceived it and carried it through.
    They should be named and publically shamed.
    Bega should be boycotted.

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  5. Totally disgusted. Where do they think the halal fees end up? Killing our very own guys, of course. What the….

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  6. Im ex military and work over seas for many years. I work in many muslim countrys and although i do not agree with their retoric while im there I respect their ways.
    However this is Australia I am totally gutted at the total lack of respect for our men and women of this proud nations defence force, note DEFENCE FORCE defenders of OUR beliefs and ways
    We have just wittnessed the enemy first hand with the itroduction of this disgusting policy
    Polititions and our top military leaders
    100 to 50000 personel
    And the 100 win.
    28 million none muslim Australians and 300000 muslim Australians
    Australia your starting to rot at the top

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  7. After Reading all the comments it seems that We are not fighting terrorists we are fighting ONLY MULSIMS. These are the same terrorists who kills Muslims too, in fact more Muslims of Middle east has died by these terrorists then Australians, arent Diggers there to protect innocent people from Butcher Assad???

    For example: Las Vegas Shooters wasn’t a Muslim thats why we are yet to learn about the real cause, but if he was a Muslim , even his gold fish was in the news! grow up people! No politicians like Bernard Gaynor hasnt pointed out all this that is why Las Vegas shooter’s real cause is no concern of you all!

    FDA approved white sugar and sugar is number1 cause of diabetes as well as deaths, but Bernard Gaynor hasnt pointed out that yet to all of you sheeps thats why you are still buying white sugar.. Grow Upppp! stop this hate towards Muslims, open your eyes! these politicians and defence contractors just playing with your emotions to make money!

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    • Can we buy pork in moslem countries? Can we live free as Christians in your moslem countries? As an ex-seViceman who wasn’t born in this country yet gave 6 years of my life to keep Moslem terrorist filth out of here now has to witness acts of treason such as this by our un patriotic politicians. My question to you is why do you come and live in Christian western countries?

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  8. I’m a 20 year soldier, discharged 30 something years ago. My Army would have been disgusted by these recent showings of disrespect by our Government and some Military hierarchy. I look at the situation and wonder why it’s happening. Why can’t the powers see what we, the general public, are seeing. When we see their grab for their pensions and lavish lifestyles, it’s not difficult to wonder if money and/or favors are the motivation for the content being shown to not just our armed forces, but to the population of our country. Where would these favors be coming from….maybe the rich Arab countries. Maybe China… Perhaps Indonesia. Are we being sold out ?

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  9. To the govt we are South Irian, just like West Papua is West Irian to the Indonesians.

    To me there is no question that the plan is to politically merge Australia with Indonesia.

    The only reason people aren’t saying this openly is because they can’t believe that we have such traitorous rats in Parliament who are quite prepared to see us randomly slaughtered by these savages if it means the NWO can be ushered in the sooner.

    How to make the merger easier for the Indonesian military ? Demoralise Australia’s armed forces in the several ways we read about on Bernard’s page.

    Why would Turnbull have handed over a cheque to the Indonesian president earlier this year for $40M if it was not to give Turnbull a little more time ?

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    • I don’t give the politicians that much credit. They aren’t organised or smart enough to achieve this. But they are stupid enough to set the conditions that will cause huge problems in the future…

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  10. I think that the phrase “cheese eating surrender monkeys” was coined initially by the Brits when talking about the French, and came to global knowledge on the TV show, Top Gear (also talking about the French)

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  11. Our Deceased War Vet’s, Would be Rolling in Their Graves if they Knew this.. Wake up you W*****s, Respect these Soldiers, And Respect Australia.. (Any food is made Halal, After a Self Blessing).. So stop Wasting our Taxes.. And show some Respect..

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  12. Maybe the diggers should go on strike and refuse to be deployed to these arabic countries that don’t appreciate our help.

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  13. Can you decypher the label and where is this crap made?
    If in Australia, did the contract specify arabic lettering on the label?

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    • Hi Roy – good question.

      The large red Arabic writing says: Bega.

      My Arabic is not so great now but the smaller writing reflects the English in the third photo – at the top it says something like ‘The Great Australian Cheese’ to the left of the red Bega in Arabic and to the right I can only see two words. They say ‘…in Australia’.

      Underneath the red writing it says something like: Processed cheese.

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      • I was once a lover of Bega cheese, UNTIL, I saw a halal label on a block. I rang their customer service hot-line to ask a simple, innocent question, “I thought only meat products were given the halal label. Why is cheese labelled halal?” The receptionist called me a racist without answering my question. My extended family and friends have since NEVER purchased any Bega branded product and NEVER will. Our defence forces need to boycott these products and say NO to their so-called superiors. This is just too much to comprehend. Thanks for letting us know Bernard.

  14. Disgraceful! And sick. As sick as our government.

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    • Don’t expect Hal Al Mal to do anything he doesn’t like Aussies I’m beginning to wonder if he ? one of us.

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    • who is the Harlot from Revelation 2.20 that is making us “eat foods sacrificed to Idols”? Is it a person, place (UN) or country or religion(Islam).?

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  15. Australian cheese is among the best in the world with high quality controls. There are Australian dairies like Maleny that are holding the line against halal certification.

    Australian cheesemakers that are satisfied with Australian quality controls and determined not to put a halal food tax on their produce should get Defence Dept contracts to put their excellent produce in the packs of the Diggers.

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  16. I am absolutely disgusted with our stupid politicians and both my parents were in the army and my father fought overseas in Balikpapan Borneo Singapore he would be turning in there graves fighting for these embecilies

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    • This is absolute politically correct cultural Marxist s***. These mossies…and how many are there about 80 in the entire ADF? They should be given no special consideration. How many Jews are there in the ADF? I’ve never heard of everybody having to eat Koshar food to satisfy their dietary laws. What about Hindus are all beef products going to be banned? This all utter BS..this is about the politics of division, that’s all diversity is in reality.

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    • I thought we are in Australia not middle east Can you think if we send pork in the arab army

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