Kim Vuga’s victory

Remember this?

Dutch MP Geert Wilders has arrived in Perth but his plans to speak publicly have had to be abandoned after several venues refused to host the even…A spokesman for the group said more than 30 venues across the nation had reneged on hosting Mr Wilders. The Premier Colin Barnett reiterated that he does not want the politician in WA. 

“I don’t want him here but he’s here, and I’m not going to interfere in that, but he certainly is not going to use Government buildings to promote his message,” he said.

And this?

The latest display of “tolerance” comes from The Rose Hotel in Chippendale, which has banned a group of young Christians from holding their monthly meeting in the pub’s beer garden because patrons complained that gay marriage was being discussed.

Tomorrow night’s Theology on Tap meeting, titled Listening as a Form of Love, has been cancelled after organiser Natalie Ambrose received an email on Friday afternoon from The Rose Hotel licensee George Kanellos.

“I’m terribly sorry to inform you that we can no longer let you host your event with us in the beer garden,” the email said.

And this?

The Western Australian government has banned Milo Yiannopoulos from government venues with the Premier saying the outspoken conservative speaker was not welcome in the state.

Speaking to Nine News, Premier Mark McGowan said people didn’t need to hear the British commentators views.

And this?

The Coalition for Marriage is without a venue for a same-sex marriage No campaign event in Tasmania, after the Wrest Point Casino cancelled its booking and UTAS refused to take it, campaigners claim.

The coalition was set to host a rally at the casino’s 600-seat Plenary Hall on Friday, spruiking speakers such as senator Cory Bernardi, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton and “Political Posting Mumma” — who the coalition describes as a “Facebook sensation”.

A contract was signed on Monday, and fees for the hire were paid on Tuesday. The group was informed on Wednesday the venue was “no longer available”.

It’s a long litany of shame; documented discrimination against those who are deemed to be conservative.

At a time when ‘progressives’ are claiming that they face hatred, bigotry and discrimination, the truth is quite the opposite. Discrimination against conservative political viewpoints is a daily reality in Australia.

In early 2016, I booked an RSL club function room as part of my campaign for the Senate.

The venue was regularly used by major parties. However, the day before the event the club manager contacted me and told me that the booking would be cancelled due to my political views.

The cancellation itself was cancelled only after I promised the manager that the club would become the centre of a media frenzy and after members of the RSL sub-branch intervened.

Many others have similar stories. And they all tell a tale of unlawful behaviour against conservatives due to ‘progressive’ pressure.

Hopefully this will now change due to the efforts of Townsville’s Kim Vuga.

During the 2016 election campaign, Kim Vuga was denied entry to the Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay. She was campaigning for the Love Australia or Leave Party, focusing on concerns about Islam and immigration.

Shortly after the pub shut its door on Kim, the Brisbane Times reported this:

The independently owned hotel’s venue manager, Paul Robins, told Fairfax Media a party representative had contacted the venue earlier this week and asked to host the forum.

“We said no, that we didn’t support their views or didn’t want anything like that associated with our venues,” he said.

So Kim went to court.

And she’s just won:

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found discrimination occurred as a result of:

“…dislike of Ms Vuga’s political views and disagreement with those of the party.”

While this decision is based on Queensland law, other states have broadly similar protections against political discrimination. They just are not being enforced.

That’s why Christian groups, marriage campaigns and those who are prepared to challenge politically-correct insanity are regularly told that they can’t have a venue.

So this is an important win against progressive tyranny and completely turns the anti-discrimination racket on its head. I congratulate Kim for her courage.

I just wonder now how long it will take for these laws to be tweaked. They were never designed or intended to protect conservatives.

And even if they aren’t, they still allow venue owners to deny entry for health and safety reasons. That means all the ‘progressives’ have to do is threaten a protest and we’re back to where we started.

Laws that allow conservatives to be silenced because a bunch of leftist thugs might show up? Now that is exactly what is intended…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks for posting Bernard – well done Kim. Gutsy stuff.

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  2. It’s becoming much like Nazi Germany with all the Political Correct rat bags pushing people around and making others have to live in fear of speaking their mind.

    I thought Australia fought for Freedom of Speech in WW2 against such dictating mongrels like them degenerates.

    I remember back in the 60’s 70’s when one had the freedom in the Pub to say what ever you wanted to out loud, but being a perverted creep or depraved would get one tossed out for sure.

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  3. I have debated these Left Wing Luvvies on Same Sex Marriage & Euthanasia online have won hands down every time.

    Not once has a single argument of theirs which hasn’t been defeated with reasoned discourse only to be returned with sneering & hysterical hatred. When that doesn’t work these intellectual titans usually run away only to pop-up somewhere else & spruik the same incoherent babble as before hoping you won’t catch them out & hound them down again.

    When I debate I do not mention Morals, God, Jesus or the Bible once……& the Lefties hate it because they don’t know how to respond to logic.

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  4. Antifa, LBGTQI..XYZ activism and lawfare will be increasingly used against conservatives and especially Christians to compel PC behaviour or deny us our civil right to peaceably assemble and discuss or protest.

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  5. I’m pleased that at least one other person has achieved justice in the evil, incompetent and corrupt kangaroo tribunal (so named because decisions are made prior to hearings) as precious few who enter that den of iniquity escape unscarred by their experience. Decisions invariably favour the big end of town, consequently is is surprising to see a regular person getting up. My partner is only the third victim of the guardianship racket in ten years to regain control of their life with remaining assets un-exploited by the criminal organization trading as the Office of the Public Trustee. Despite probative evidence that the PTQ is grossly incompetent (see the Costello Inquiry and Coopwr Rview), the kangaroo tribunal ALWAYS appoints its PTQ cohort to MIS-manage guardianship victim’s financial affairs. In almost all cases, the kangaroo tribunal refuses to allow victims to escape the guardianship racket before the Office of the Public Trustee has embezzled every cent in the victim’s estate, including their home and superannuation fund. Legislation creating the kangaroo tribunal provides for reviews in 2011 and at five yearly intervale. To date there have been two attempted but ‘apparently’ uncompleted reviews (some sources claim the reviews were completed but are permanently sealed) that were put on hold indefinitely (or sealed) after receipt of absolutely scathing submissions and the Court of Appeal ‘Maher’ matter which found the member responsible biased and ‘the quality of decision-making in QCAT is deplorable’ The government subsequently edited the record to delete the offending comment although some parties saved copies of the original record. Various other antics have proven that the government will do whatever it takes to hide the damaging comment and the involvement of the Queen of QCAT. Consequent to the 2017 victory, the government attempted to prevent any further escapes by amending legislation to outlaw common law and international law, and to legitimize fabrication of evidence by kangaroo tribunal members.

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  6. Thank you Kim for standing up for the majority.

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  7. Its good to hear that sanity has prevailed and the left get a wack around the ears for once. I for one do not tolerate being told how I should think.
    Keep up the good work Bernard.

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  8. Love your work Bernard.

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