This is how it starts…

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia was one of many organisations that rushed to join the rainbow bandwagon during the marriage postal survey.

And it, like many other organisation, relied on dubious logic, flawed evidence and plain ol’ trans-butchered language to make its doubtful contribution to this debate.

This is part of the statement that it released just over a month ago:

PSA recognises that equality is a health issue, and is a right for all Australians, irrespective of age, culture, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

Research demonstrates that same-sex marriage policies and mental health outcomes are inextricably linked.

PSA supports marriage equality, in recognition of the link between improved health outcomes for LGBTIQ people and this type of legislative change.

It went on to state:

PSA is committed to ensuring that equality is achieved through the removal of structural and legislative discrimination. As such, PSA supports marriage equality, in recognition of the link between improved health outcomes for LGBTIQ people and this type of legislative change.

There are three points to make about this statement.

Firstly, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia did not canvass the view of pharmacists before it entered this debate. And its statement does not reflect the views of all pharmacists either.

I know this because the day the statement was released upset pharmacists contacted me to vent their anger.

Unfortunately, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia chose to follow in the same totalitarian footsteps of the:

What we see here is yet another example of ‘advocates’ for ‘equality’ simply foisting their views on all and sundry. The campaign for ‘marriage equality’ is synonymous with the destruction of democracy and freedom.

Secondly, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia based its decision to support homosexual marriage on the claim that it was good for the health of homosexual persons. This claim is entirely dubious, as detailed by doctors who responded to the Australian Medical Association’s equally dubious claims.

But that’s just the start.

I hate to break it to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, but homosexual behaviour is inherently unhealthy. And don’t take my word for it, but the peer-reviewed research of the Kirby Institute.

Given these inconvenient truths, one would think that an organisation that is focused on healthy outcomes would be a little less eager to promote a behaviour that results in sickness and disease.

But that’s the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for you.

And given this lack of logic, one can hardly be surprised at the third point.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s statement made it clear that it believed in equality regardless of age, religion or sexuality. Consequently, it supports equality in marriage and, in this particular case, homosexual marriage.

However, if those words mean what they used to mean it would necessarily follow that the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia also supports marriage equality for children and for those who have religious beliefs supporting polygamy as well.

If the logic is consistent, there can be no other conclusion.

Fortunately, in the brave and brazen new world of the progressive, logic is not consistent yet. It is just lacking. And words don’t mean something. They mean anything, which is another way of saying they mean nothing at all.

Hence the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia does not really support child marriage or Sharia marriage equality. It is just unwittingly promoting a philosophical world view that does.

And this is the key take away for all of us as the survey ends: the arguments of the ‘Yes’ campaign are the same arguments that one would use to campaign to decriminalise incest, to lower the age of consent or to recognise polygamous Islamic marriages.

‘Love is love’ and ‘equality’ are empty platitudes that only mean one thing: the eradication of all standards, of all biological reality and of all moral distinction.

Yet Australia may have just voted for this. Consequences will follow and this is how they start…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Wow – I’ve never read an article with so much information taken out of context.
    What is not seen in the above is the reason for such high STIs and mental health issues – it’s secondary to homophobia & internalised homophobia which ripples into every part of a persons life.

    Any harm to children of same sex couples is related to this homophobia.

    Wether you like it or not same sex attraction is real and not something remedied by conversation therapies. One could say it’s part of God design.

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    • Actually, the reason for the STIs is abundantly clear. Not only is homosexual behaviour unhealthy but it tends to be combined with reckless sexual promiscuity. Hence why far higher percentages of homosexuals carry these diseases than others. But feel free to blame it all on ‘homophobia’ if that helps you feel better.

      I’m sure you’ll find a qualified doctor these days who claim that wishing the truth away is the best medicine of all…

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  2. On a more sombre note: ender pain and confusion. Candace’s son visits the Women and Women First Bookstore
    Portlandia – Season 3 – Candace’s son visits the bookstore. The son is a nonbinary but his pain is real and no he doesn’t want a vagina pillow for Christmas.

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  3. We will be hearing more ‘trans-butchered’ language from apex professional orgs in the prolefeed. And the people they are attempting to influence with their command of noncisgender terms and nonbinary communications are laughing at them.

    There are some great vids about this caper on YouTube. Here’s one about the Feminist and the Cops.
    Portlandia – the feminist bookstore and the police

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  4. I find it perfectly understandable that the Pharmaceutical Society would support gay marriage. It makes them more money, with more medications etc being sold for sexually transmitted diseases.

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  5. Does this mean that the general public,will pay from its hip pocket,for all these diseases,which may occur,?
    And will all of us who voted NO be forced to contribute,to the medical expenses ensuring?
    If so,I suggest that many disgruntled citizens will give voice,loud and clear !

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  6. Virtue signalling is all they thought about.

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  7. Bernard, I support your moral, ethical and political views, as a returned ex-serviceman and longtime Lutheran adherent.
    Far be it for me to be cynical about the PSA’s reasons for supporting the LBGQTIWXYZ-alphabet queer ‘marriage’ agenda.
    But given the sexual disease facts you’ve quoted about the queer community, especially homosexual men, the PSA would be supportive of a long-time client base who rely on pharmaceuticals for their lives, and perpetuation of their unhealthy lifestyle.
    So PSA is simply supporting their customers.

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