We must prevent extreme Labor in Queensland

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear: a vote for Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government is really a vote for Jackie Trad and extreme Labor government.

The Queensland Premier has spent most of the last three years fending off threats from Jackie Trad. It was surprising that she managed to last this long and it will be even more surprising if she’s leading Labor come the next election.

Every political leader only has a limited time at the top and Anna’s time is coming to end.

And there’s one thing we all know about Jackie Trad: she’s gotta do her best to keep Greens voters happy. They’re breathing down her neck in South Brisbane.

Hence her obligatory nod to Islam; she claimed Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech was a disgraceful hate speech.

Hence her rabid support for abortion; she led the charge for unrestricted abortion for any reason up until the day of birth.

Hence her love of Safe Schools:

And hence her love of sucking up to loony inner-city voters by trashing the prosperity of the regions, even if it also meant destabilising the Premier (or perhaps that was just an added bonus).

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives are not contesting the Queensland election. It’s unfortunate but not unexpected. His party is still building and its first test will be in South Australia in March next year.

But doing nothing in Queensland is not an option. Moderately bad Labor under Annastacia Palaszczuk will become extremely bad Labor under Jackie Trad.

That will mean more Safe Schools, more Green lunacy, more draconian anti-free speech laws, more mosques, more abortion, more taxes and more of everything that is already destroying this nation.

There are only two serious alternatives in Queensland: the LNP or One Nation.

I am not advocating a blanket vote for either. Instead, I urge all Queenslanders to check their candidates and support those who are worthy. Both parties have them and there are some decent independents and Katter candidates as well.

One Nation’s Queensland leader, Steve Dickson, is a good man but he will face a fight for his seat. Malcolm Roberts will also face a tough ask in the Labor stronghold of Ipswich. If you are on the Sunshine Coast or west of Brisbane you may think about lending them a hand.

Likewise, the LNP has some standouts. Mark Robinson is probably one of the few Australian politicians to truly understand Islam and the threat this ideology poses. He is also rock solid on family and life issues. If he ever becomes Premier, Queensland will be far the better place for it.

If you really want to help, it would be best to contact your local candidate directly. I know both One Nation and LNP candidates are looking for volunteers. Give your best option more than your vote – give them an hour or two as well to make it count. Because if you don’t campaign, the result will be won by those who do. And GetUp! is doing that right now.

Conservatives have the biggest untapped support base in Australia and they’ve really only started this caper. However, we managed to turn the marriage vote into a real contest. We can’t afford afford to stop now.

Finally, remember you have to number every box in Queensland. So place Labor and the Greens last.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Labour is also a big enabler of Safe Schools. It may be very early days yet in Qld, but the phoney causes the FakeNN has been astro-turfing for years using aggrieved minorities, the government will now roll out.

    Once a nation has marriage equality – then we are on the Wrong Way ramp to the motorway with no brakes (like the UK). Here’s a pre-viz of where we are going with the education dollar under marriage equality:


    The pasty old ghouls who run the UK (that would be The Crown on the sq mi of The City in London) have determined that if hate crimes of the future are to be prevented, then the little haters have to be targeted before age 3 yrs.

    This is pure Satanism and hell.

    The Brythoniaid both in old country and in diaspora must invoke an ancient rede or customary law: y gwir yn erbyn y byd. Translated: ‘the truth against the world’ and for the beloved nations – one of which is most certainly Australia .

    Hen Wlad Fy Ndhau

    Brythoniaid – Cymru, England and Gaidhlig – Ireland and Scotland – were the founding people of the Australian state and its society that has a history of welcome and hospitality as numerous migrations have shown.

    At present, this demographic is the majority demographic. But from top to bottom it has no sense of itself as the heritage population of the Commonwealth on the Australian continent.

    Demographics is destiny and no population just surrenders its majority and organises its replacement. Yet under the multi-cultural mandate, Australia’s heritage population takes a back step to every ethnic people, however sparsely represented, no matter how dysfunctional. It bends over backwards to extend respect and entitlement even to the cultural heritage of populations who are openly hostile to Australian law. It tolerates being told by the Political Elite to ‘check’ its privilege and that any effort to organise in its own interests is ‘fascist’, ‘Nazi’ etc.

    It suffers itself to be told that it doesn’t really have a culture or a history rather like the Germans being told by Morghul Merkel: ‘there is no such thing as German nation’.

    If the Brythoniaid had a sense of itself as Australians, its history and legacy, from the old country to the new, this is the one group that never would suffer Satanism to gain the whip hand in any institution of the Australian nation. And that is why its overlords have to shut it down with Communist mind control and psychological warfare.

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  2. Just like the US Presidential election 2016 (Clinton vs Trump) and the German election 2 months
    ago (Merkel vs Schultz), it comes to choosing the lesser of two evils. What poison chalice would
    you drink? I do think that no political party will have a outright majority, and will be manifested with political correctness, censorship, identity politics and he said/she said
    finger pointing. And they call this a “democracy”.

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  3. If we had proportional voting, Labor would be crushed and the will of the people would be truly reflected in any future parliamentary make up. This direct voting and preferences system is a total farce, it only suits the big parties.

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  4. Thanks Bernard , do you know how many boxes we have to fill, it’s not the long white one I hope, hopefully just five or six, can’t wait to boot out labor and greens!

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    • It will vary from seat to seat but you need to number then all.

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