It’s day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

Less than an hour after news broke that Australia is to be lumped with homosexual marriage, Richard Di Natale’s Senior Media Advisor posted this on Twitter:

Thanks for confirmation that key players in the ‘marriage equality’ debate have been knowingly pretending away the consequences.

Many ‘yes’ voters only did tick that box out of weariness and in the vain hope that it would make the culture wars go away.

They were wrong.

Today is day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Homosexual marriage is outlawed in Israel

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  2. Once subversion sets in words that once meant something understood by the common sense begin to acquire the prefix – “traditional”. This prefix will now have to be employed to designate what was once meant by the word : marriage.

    Marriage – a wedding between a man and a woman is their vow usually made before their families to live within a covenant and create a common life (family) into which children may be born through the sexual union of the man and woman. This word has now lost its meaning. And by extension so have the relationships created by marriage. In marriage, two families are brought together in the new family created by marriage which creates a new set of relationships like: father, mother, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers etc.

    The closest and most formative human relationships are created through the marriage bond. And in the culture wars these relationships will all be at issue as a powerful Revolutionary forces use the rights of ‘gender fluidity’ across the social spectrum to destroy relationships that form and nurture the human identity.

    This is so a new type of identity may be created – one dictated by the state.

    Trans-humanism is one of the goals of the Revolution.

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  3. With respect to gay people, not all of them are rabid lefists but conservatives! There is nothing wrong with loving others. However, I have foreseen the consequences of allowing SSM. However, bear that in your mind despite the result today, it is still NOT binding! However, parliament may not be able to make laws for a number of reasons. one it may become a conscience vote rather than political vote which could defeat it. Two, it may be unconstitutional for parliament to make laws on SSM unless there is a referendum! Someone put it this way in facebook without a reference
    Cormick and Cormick v. Salmon 1984:
    `The scope of the marriage power conferred by sec. 51 (xxi) of the Constitution is to be determined by reference to what falls within the conception of marriage in the Constitution, not by reference to what the Parliament deems to be, or to be within, that conception.’

    `In Hyde v. Hyde and Woodmansee, Lord Penzance defined marriage as ‘the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others’ and that definition has been followed in this country and by this Court.’
    If Parliament is allowed to make Constitutional changes without a Binding Referendum of the People, then citizens of Australia are at grave risk.

    This matter should be placed back before the High Court and a Binding Referendum should be demanded on behalf of the People of Australia.

    Once the laws has been passed, they are effectively opening gate for horses to bolt out! The first horse was SSM. The second horse will be polygamous. The third horse will be child marriage. And so on!

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    • In striking down the ACT’s gay marriage legislation the High Court signaled that it was doing so on a technicality and that it was not to be interpreted as ruling out same sex marriage. So I doubt that the High Court would step into this matter.

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  4. One clue can be found in the “LGBetc” moniker – think what the ‘B’ stands for – how do Bisexuals legitimately marry their ‘interest’? – don’t they have to marry one of each to express their rights as a ‘Bi’? Hence, polyamory by definition.

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  5. The paradox is that in the LGBTI and left’s atheist thrust to destroy Christianity, they have taken the Muslims as their bed fellows.
    They need to study “The art of War” to understand that Islam welcomes their “Temporary” ascendancy, because it will only be temporary unless there is a Christian Phalanx to protect them.

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  6. The Smith Bill has (well before the postal survey) used the term marriage of two people rather than same-sex marriage (which we were asked about)

    if two why not three ?

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  7. Anyone who uses the term “Towelhead” should hang their bigotted head in shame and disgust

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    • I proudly use the term ‘towelhead’ because it saves me the extra typing needed to correctly describe the barbaric & uncivilised followers of Islam. They are getting treated lightly with the innocuous term ‘towelhead’.

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    • Agreed.
      There’s so much misrepresentation and hate in these comments.

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    • Would headchoppers be okay with you ?

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  8. Same sex marriage I have no problem with, however, have being said before today that a ‘yes’ vote wiould provoke towelheads to push for their polygamist lifestyle, I changed my mind only for that reason. Oh well, love is love is love is love, as long as we, the taxpayers don’t get screwed and have to pay for the 50 brides of one towelhead!!

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    • Sadly we already are, thanks to Centrelink

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    • Cherly and others. Are you aware of the hundreds of millions this SSM business has cost the taxpayers? SSM proponents are the reason that taxpayers are out of pocket to satisfy the dubious claims of 47,000 same sex couples in Australia. That is around 0.2 percent of our population who think they have had a win. Well they may have won the first battle but the war is yet to be fought and they may not find the going too easy in the future.

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    • We’ll be paying for them, pal. Don’t think for a moment that we won’t!

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  9. Greens lying bastards like the rest.

    Intersting to note the highest NO vote was in the seat of Blaxland in south west Sydney which has a high Muslim population.

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  10. Mmmmm not good I respect the democracy and vote of the Australian population.
    But I can see this will open up a can of worms.
    The question has always been asked why haven’t we heard from the Islamic community?
    Hopefully it doesn’t go down the path of Canada.

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    • A very nasty can of worms has been opened

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