In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

Wednesday was a dark day for Australian conservatives.

The nation overwhelmingly turned its back on the principles that have been the bedrock of Western civilisation.

A tad under half the nation voted for ‘marriage equality’. And another one in five Australians could not even take the planned revolution of the basic family unit seriously enough to vote at all.

True. Marriage has been dying a thousand deaths since Henry VIII’s time. So it’s not so much that the LGBT Brigade has single-handedly destroyed this institution. To be fair to them, as a legal concept marriage had pretty much been killed off before they even showed up.

In fact, if marriage was still revered in this nation this ‘debate’ would never have occurred at all.

So if there is an analogy that is apt, we should look at this as the vultures turning up to feast on the remains of the rotting carcase of marriage more than anything else.

Nevertheless, for the nearly 40% of Australians who do take marriage, family and life seriously, it is still hard to stomach. It would be easy to be demoralised.

That was Wednesday.

And on Thursday one man gave Australian conservatives hope: Cory Bernardi.

While other conservatives around him appeared to give up the fight, he charged at the enemy in parliament and, in doing so, rallied those around him.

It is the mark of true leadership.

He targeted abortion, turning his sites particularly on gender-selection abortion and White Ribbon (the group supposedly leading the campaign against domestic violence while also campaigning for abortion for any reason at any time even up until the day of birth).

He targeted GetUp! which has ties to George Soros and campaigns for left-leaning parties such as the Greens and Labor while refusing to disclose its donations as required under legislation.

He targeted communism, calling for Australia to recognise its many victims as the United States is doing under Donald Trump.

He targeted the hydra-headed variants of ‘Safe Schools’, backing the New South Wales government for abandoning its radical theories about gender and sexuality in the classroom.

And he targeted the political process itself, noting that since 2007 our nation has been led by those without fiscal responsibility, ministerial accountability or any stability at all.

Simon Birmingham

Education Minister Simon Birmingham abstains from voting on Cory Bernardi’s motion on White Ribbon and its support for abortion.

At a moment when conservatives could have been forgiven for giving up the fight, here was a lone Senator in Canberra taking it up on multiple fronts.

It was a counter-attack at the most unexpected of times and it caused confusion. It also separated the pretenders from the contenders in the Senate.

Because Cory might have started this fight alone. But he did not end it that way.

A number of Coalition Senators joined him: in particular Eric Abetz, Matt Canavan, Anne Ruston Barry O’Sullivan and Zed Seselja who all backed his motion to deny Medicare funding for gender-selection abortion. He also had the backing on One Nation.

Indeed, the majority of Liberal and National Senators also supported his motion calling out White Ribbon for its position on abortion.

We are living in times of chaos and confusion; anarchy seems to be reigning supreme.

Hard Labor seats in Western Sydney were the home of ‘No Central’. And government ministers are backing a Senator from South Australia over the government’s own position on abortion:

The government’s formal position was to oppose the motion. But nine other senators backed Senator Bernardi’s move, including Coalition frontbenchers Matt Canavan, Zed Seselja and Anne Ruston, and One Nation. 

It shows two things.

Firstly, the current system inputs are crumbling and out of touch with the people on the ground. We should expect the unexpected.

Secondly, there are signs of fight and hope. Cory Bernardi is providing leadership but he also has supporters within the Liberals. All of them need backing.

How this plays out only time will tell.

But one thing is certain: without Cory Bernardi’s leadership the day after the marriage plebiscite would have been a lot darker.


A quick word on media coverage.

This are the words of Judith Ireland, who covered Cory Bernardi’s Senate motions for Fairfax:

Abortion law in Australia is a state and territory matter and Medicare does not specifically fund sex-selection abortions.

She wrote them even though Medicare funding of abortion is a Commonwealth matter.

And she wrote them even though if you specifically walk into an abortion centre and specifically request an abortion because your baby is specifically the wrong gender Medicare will specifically cover specific amounts for the termination of pregnancy.

Nevertheless, she still wrote them. That’s called journalism these days.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “Nevertheless, for the nearly 40% of Australians who do take marriage, family and life seriously, it is still hard to stomach”.
    Bit of creative maths on display here, old mate.
    Turnout was about 80%.
    Let’s look at the 20% that you referred to as – “And another one in five Australians could not even take the planned revolution of the basic family unit seriously enough to vote at all.”
    It is reasonable to assume that the split for this crew was probably about 60/40, probably resembling the overall result.
    With that reasonable assumption, the “Yes” vote would be closer to 72%, the “No” vote closer to 45%.
    This doesn’t change the result, but reveals your creative spin.
    And the claim that the no-shows didn’t take the survey seriously, has no validity. They may well have been happy for it to go through. You wouldn’t know.
    Your reference to PHON in relation to the survey is evidence that they are in bed with the ultra-cons. Bernardi and Hanson – a match made in heaven…..

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    • Thank you for your comment and your claim that I engage in ‘creative maths’. I’ll respond by pointing out that you claim 72% voted yes and 45% voted no. That adds up to 117%. Well done and it’s also perfectly consistent with the entire notion of same-sex marriage: a phrase that makes no sense at all.

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  2. Dear Bernard,

    It’s somehow gratifying to know THE most conservative Federal seat in the country is Blaxland – YES that’s right. Home of the Homus, Tabouli, Kebab & Felafel in OZ. The place where I grew up & learnt how to fight & how to be resilient, which as a staunch Protestant was a dangerous place to be amongst Muslims.

    This year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation when Martin Luther told the Pope to stick-it along with his rosaries & statues of Mary & so started a very bloody period in european history where those non-Catholic bible believers fought for their lives to live free of tyranny.

    What’s so different about today, not much except the tyranny is now represented by the Church of LGBTQI, Globalism & Climate Change.

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    • Thanks Viking. I disagree with your view on Luther and would point out that violence followed his ideas. Indeed, the entire concept of liberal thought that has landed us in today’s mess stems from the ideas of Luther and the actions of Henry VIII. However, I take your general point.

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      • Oh Bernard,

        Luther was far from Liberal. HenryVII had his brains permanently scrambled after a severe jousting accident & was never Protestant. He split from Rome because he wanted out of the Popes influence & he wanted to pillage the Monasteries of their wealth. The real conversion of Britain didn’t get going until QE1.

        Liberalism of today’s moral decay has it’s roots in KGB infiltration into our Universities in the late 1960’s early 70’s – NOT Luther. I remind you that the British Empire embodied the Protestant work ethic which was built on the moral under pinnings of Calvinist & Lutheran teachings that propelled Western civilisation to dominance.

        You will notice that in the Roman Catholic empires the people faired very poorly & still do, e.g. Latin America.

        We did not win the Cold War – the KGB did.

    • Thank you Aunt. I look forward to your equally loving support of this side of the family…

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  3. You should be fighting against bulls**t Green Renewable’s here in Australia. They are an inefficient form of power Generation and just drive the cost of electricity up.
    You should be fighting to have our ELECTRICITY SUPPLY NATIONALISED. This can be done if a new National Bank of Public Credit was established to replace the one destroyed on behalf of the City of London by their Asset Menzies. This would allow buying it back and building new infrastructure without a Burdon to the tax payer and users of electricity.
    It would also mean stop listening to more Green Bulls**t as they just talk about 50/60 year old technology as part of their scare campaign as we should be building New safe clean Nuclear Power Stations and we have the fuel for them.
    We could then rebuild our Aluminium Industry as a Government owned industry. Then with low cost electricity our industrial sector would grow. Instead on continuing to shrink. How long before we have no Oil Refining in Australia.
    Time for you to start learning and working for Australia otherwise you are just a waste of space

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  4. In Australia the breakdown of marriage was encouraged by Gough Whitlam He changed the divorce laws so that all a wife or husband had to do was shack up with someone else for twelve months and they could then divorce. As G K Chesterton said in the 1930’s, Trivial divorce makes for trivial marriage. Whitlam was a pathetic P M and now we have even more pathetic leaders in the form of SHORTEN and TURNBULL. What a disgrace they are for the human race. How could anyone vote for either of them. Their gods are only money and power!

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  5. Yes the senator from S.A. was in good form. Looks like he has in his sights a goodly number of globalist widgets hell bent on making their contribution to the infernal din, social predators, family destroyers (orc battalions of the Eye), terminators and human tissue harvesters (ghouls) – all deployed to bang away at the Australian polity and outfit it as a serf state of the 1world global corporation (globcorp).

    Glad this website also took aim at the FakeNN tasked with delivering the PC douchebaggery, black goo and official blather straight up the collective wazoo.

    Bearing is also at the console table
    Bearing – the video game is here.

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  6. Thank God for Cory Bernardi! I sincerely hope you become our next PM as you display not only courage, tenacity, strength of character but also strong allegiance to the moral backbone that forged Australia as a great nation. Sadly, under the current PM, Australia is falling down quickly into social and economic decay similar to other western countries, you provide us with the hope that once again Australia will be a great country, where freedom of speech and religion will be restored.

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  7. Morals and decency are slowly being eroded. The once silent majority is all but dead. Paving the way for anarchy and a Godless society of zombies. Cory is a light that shines brightly. We must come out of the darkness and join the light for the sake of our country.

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    • Good article. I have never been interested in politics before…that is until it some bright spark decided we should redefine something that i thought was impossible to redifine ( my head still hurts trying to understand this). It’s like someone has said from now on we all have to walk on our knees and that walking on your feet is discriminatory and therefore illegal, it doesn’t make sense and i would honestly believe i was in the twilight zone, as i do now. I am not even trying to be difficult or argumentative i genuinely cannot believe that this is real. The funny thing is and this is consistent, no one is really telling the truth…me included. Homosexuality will never be accepted, we will never accept it, we water it down and say we are to hate the sin and love the sinner, but the truth is we despise it, especially me as a father, i find myself shielding my son from this, i don’t ever want his eyes to see what the world has now conditioned us to see as normal, i will always tell him the truth and that is it is a sin. The bible does not mince words, and it cannot be misinterpreted, old and new testament. “Oh but what if Jesus was around today……?”, He is around today and he changes not. People struggle with pornography addiction, does that mean they shouldn’t come to church? no it doesn’t mean that, of course they should come to church, but i will not allow them to bring their pornography into church. People struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, they to should come to church but i would not standbye and allow them to bring the fruit of their addiction into the church. The same is true with homosexuality, they should come to church, however if it manifests at church then they are not in repentance and therefore i would not abide by them being there. Please vote for senator Bernardi he seems to be someone who has our back.
      BTW i am not some self righteous religious nut. I have struggled with the above mentioned addictions in my life and i understand the struggles.

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      • Thank you for your comment. It is honest, selfless, humble and powerful. You have my admiration.

  8. Thank you Cory Bernardi for being a man who is out to fight & have courage to stand up & fight for the protection of families, marriage, our children , our freedom & the future of our country???. God bless you always?? . We need someone like you to run our party because it’s gone downhill & many have sold their souls to the devil?. Keep up the great job ?

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  9. Thank you for supporting Senator Bernardi. He is the only one standing up for decency and high standards in our morally bereft parliament. Few could do need than to emulate him.

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    • Thank you Corey bernaddi for standing up for righteousness and holding true to your godly convictions. we appreciate your faith and strength that has been given to you by the almighty God and we support you with our prayers and fasting at this time for God to intercede and heal our land in jesus name we stand united

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      • Support Australian Conservatives Cory Bernardi Stop this Madness

    • It’s a pity that WE here in Australia,only have”Cowardly,Lying,Do Nothing,Career Politicians”who have allowed these”Leftards”in the LGBTQI community,to ride rough shod over OUR religious freedoms,now that the YES vote has gotten up.This should have never been allowed to happen in the first place.Come the next Federal election,there are going to be a lot of these COWARDS who will not be getting back in,on BOTH sides of the isle.Cory and Pauline had better get a move on.

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