I hold Bill Shorten responsible

Here is a photo of Bill Shorten at the announcement of the postal survey results:

Bill Shorten

Pay particular attention to the symbol he is making with his hand.

And here is a photo of a man who decapitated statues outside the St Paul of the Cross church in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, last night:


Again, pay particular attention to the symbol this Bill-Shorten imitating vandal is making with his hand.

This is a satanic symbol. And here is Anton Levay, founder of the ‘Church of Satan’ explaining just that:

True, most people who mindlessly parrot this symbol have no idea of its meaning. For them it just represents a primeval and rebellious ‘I will not serve’. And we all know who said that first.

Prior to the marriage vote, protestors held signs up calling for churches to be burnt and churches were inscribed with graffiti demanding that Christians be crucified.

Burn churches

Crucify no voters

And since then we have had churches sacrileged in Sydney. In Brisbane last Sunday my own local parish was subjected to an intimidatory, aggressive and foul-mouthed tirade. It was directed mostly at children from a man who refused to leave and who instead unleashed expletives and foul gestures.

Those present believed that violence was likely and stepped in between him and children.

Police needed to be called.

For the first time in my life, the church is no longer safe. It is now a target.

Whoever imagined that this would be the state of affairs in Australia in 2017?

At the start of the marriage postal survey, Labor’s Bill Shorten ranted in parliament the following about Malcolm Turnbull:

“I hold you responsible for every hurtful bit of filth that this debate will unleash.”

It’s time for Bill to have a good look at himself. Violent low-lifes are crawling out from under the rocks and bringing Shorten’s arrogant and contemptuous hatred of traditional marriage supporters into churches.

An onslaught of hatred has been unleashed.

And it’s been unleashed by those who mimic Shorten’s own hand gestures.

While people were still voting, Shorten stated:

“I can give this guarantee to the Australian people: I and Labor [will] not support legislation which impinges upon religious freedom in this country.”

Yeah, right.

And now that it has been decided, Shorten’s tune has changed. The current bill put forward by Dean Smith has no protections for religious thought, belief or speech. Yet this is what Shorten says now:

“I don’t see the case is made for massive amendments.”

Shorten has been two-faced on his position. He now refuses to protect religious freedom, even in the midst of a wave of anti-Christian thuggery. And his arrogance and contempt has given wind to the wings of those who seek to destroy Christianity.

I hold him responsible for the filth that is come. This persecution has only just begun. And we will see churches burnt to the ground before it ends…


  1. BS, i.e. Bill Shorten didn’t hold his first marriage in high regard and had little respect for his own marriage union.
    He was still married to his first wife Debbie when he dated a married woman – his current wife Chloe (the daughter of the former governor-general, Dame Quentin Bryce).
    What can you expect from the rest of a fallen society when the immortal and unfaithful leader leads the country by example.

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  2. Just to clarify the fact! The hand symbol shown by Bill Shorten supposedly a symbol of satan. it seem as he got it wrong! However, in the Deaf community worldwide commonly used that symbol. It is actually an acronym of I L Y which is I Love You which is a beautiful sign amongst the Deaf community.

    However, there is a big difference between a symbol of satan and I Love You sign. The sign of satan do not use a thumb sticking out! The symbol of satan is also used as a sign in the Deaf community in the context used to describe Evil, Devil, Satan, Lucifer and its related term.

    If you don’t believe me ask any Deaf person and they will confirm this. I am a member of the Deaf community therefore I know the fact.

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  3. A presenter on the *ABC Kids channel* was getting little kids to do it – “heavy metal” “rock and roll” yeah!

    The result of 40+ years of dripfeeding the lie though the culture “Evil is cool”

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  4. It was Western Sydney migrants – possibly predominately Muslim – who most strongly voted “No”. Why do the left not attack mosques? Because they are absolutely pathetic hypocrites. They would much prefer to ‘celebrate’ with a massive painting of Tony Abbot with his hand down George Pell’s pants. That in itself says lot about the sodomite mindset.

    And Green’s leader, Richard Di Natale (with ‘Di Natale’ Italian for ‘Christmas’) saying yesterday that the gay community needs another $20 million for pain and hurt counselling.

    Folks this is all a massive spiritual battle. Same-sex marriage is only the start. And within minutes of the “Yes” vote, ‘SSM’ legislation was transformed into ‘2-people marriage’ legislation. If two why not three?

    There will be rough times ahead.

    Hastie for PM.

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  5. Funny that none of those brave hipsters has attempted to vandalize a mosque . Ironically if they did, it would be the only place they’d receive a good hiding.

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  6. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks several churches were burnt to the ground in SW Sydney which went unreported in the MS Media. Some of the calls made by the hijackers before the attack were traced to said area yet we never heard of anyone being rounded-up. We will see churches burn again by the Luvvie community.

    As I was implying in earlier posts, it’s the Reformation all over again with a twist being, the fight is between those believe & those who don’t. And it will get dirty & violent & Christian lives will be lost before too long. Make no mistake about it, the LGBTQI thinks it’s on the right side of history & will do whatever it takes to silence their critics.

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  7. Christian businesses will be targeted for lawsuits and activist harassment


    And we will see a lot worse than churches burnt to the ground before it ends.


    LBGTIQ+ and the Ummah will work together on the advance of LBGTIQ+ rights and Sharia Law.

    This is because even though they are opposed to each other ideologically, they are controlled from a single Apex.

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    • Sharia law and LGBTIQ, mmm, will that make it legal for islam to throw gays off roof tops as Sharia law says that is what to do?

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