Bernardi begins in Bennelong

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party is set for its first electoral battle in the seat of Bennelong, as reported by Miranda Devine:

CORY Bernardi will announce this afternoon his Australian Conservatives candidate for the by-election in Bennelong. He is 25-year-old Hunters Hill local Maronite Catholic Joram Richa.

Richa’s brother, Chechade Richa, is the face of the faith-based Verum Media, which played a prominent role galvanising No-voters in the same-sex marriage debate.

This will be interesting.

Bennelong is one of the few seats in this nation that recorded a majority ‘No’ vote in the marriage survey. Yet both major party candidates support the redefinition of marriage, while Shorten and Turnbull have also backtracked on the need for religious freedom protections.

And since the survey results were published a number of vitriolic attacks and insults aimed at Western Sydney’s Christian population have caused outrage, leading to an unprecedented expression of public faith:

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives will be well placed to represent a large section of the electorate that has now been abandoned at the very same time that it has been mobilised for a political fight.

A vote of over 10% would send shock waves through the current political system, especially with the implications it would hold for the Senate. It would also indicate that ‘No’ voting Australians are prepared to take this fight further.

I wish Joram Richa all the best.

Joram Richa

Joram Richa (right) with brother Chechade.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The same Globalist/Communist Revolutionary agenda is being rolled out all over the world.

    This month Uruguay has its first transgender Senator – an LBGTIQxyz activist who just happens to also be a Communist (now there is a surprise)
    He/she/’whatever’ has a long list of things to do – she wants trans people to be able to change their identity without a court order, 1% of gov’t jobs to be reserved specifically for trans people, lots of compensation for trans victims of phobe attacks….for starters

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  2. Thank you for standing. An opportunity for disenchanted Liberals to make a stand against the direction of the Party and to return to Australia’s Judeo/Christian heritage.

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  3. Great selection. A young nation like Australia needs the heritage and cultural wisdom of the Levantine Christians.

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    • well said uss Liberty

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  4. Bernard / Cory.

    Could you give voting advice and make sure people vote carefully with Benardi’s Australian Conservatives first.

    The how-to-vote card should put Labor last, to minimise Labor getting up because of a divided Liberal / Australian Conservatives vote.

    PS and I am no fan of Turnbull’s Liberals either.

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  5. Very proud of what you are doing and what you represent you have my full support God bless

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  6. Onya BERNIE ,good to see you with Cory , you may remember our meeting in Adelaide . I have been with AC from the start ,GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH . Wayne H.

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