It’s a Western collapse thing

The Australian Defence Force isn’t the only Western military in the world that has its own Gay Enforcement Brigade.

The US military has been heading down this path for some time. The latest incident involves the destruction of a promising Air Force career of an officer who failed the new politically-correct requirement to endorse homosexuality:

A highly decorated Kirtland Air Force Base colonel who refused to sign a certificate of appreciation for a retiring master sergeant’s same-sex spouse says he was wrongly disciplined for following his religious beliefs.

Col. Leland Bohannon was relieved of command and a letter was sent by a superior officer recommending against his promotion after an Equal Opportunity complaint against him was substantiated. A religious liberties group is now demanding the reversal of the decision.

In May, Bohannon, then the commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency headquartered at Kirtland, was asked to sign certificates for a retiring master sergeant, including a “certificate of spouse appreciation,” according to an appeal letter to the Air Force from First Liberty Institute sent on Oct. 5.

The certificate is one traditionally given to the spouses of retiring military members; it is not legally required to be given and is not an official document.

Bohannon did not sign the certificate for the master sergeant’s same-sex spouse, as it conflicted with his religious beliefs.

According to the letter, Bohannon consulted others on the base, and his command chaplain suggested he file a religious accommodation request that would excuse him from signing the certificate.

That request was returned “without action” six weeks later, the letter states.

Instead, an off-base superior officer agreed to sign the certificate in Bohannon’s place.

The master sergeant subsequently filed an Equal Opportunity complaint, alleging Bohannon unlawfully discriminated against him due to his sexual orientation by not signing the certificate himself.

The complaint was substantiated, and Bohannon was removed from command. A letter was sent by a superior officer to the Air Force Brigadier General promotion board, recommending Bohannon not receive a promotion.

Religious freedom protections meant squat in this situation. And even though the Colonel made arrangements to ensure that the ‘spouse appreciation’ certificate was signed by someone else, it was not good enough.

Homosexual marriage is not about love or tolerance or even acceptance. It is based entirely on the desire for complete, total, 100% society-wide affirmation.

Everyone must join in.

Bohannon’s battle is not over yet. Eight US senators are now backing him so he may just have a fighting chance.

Col. Leland Bohannon

Colonel Leland Bohannan and his young family.

Meanwhile, the new politically-correct US is pushing the Bohannons of this world out and bringing communists in.

Earlier this year Spenser Rapone, an avowed communist, graduated from the prestigious Unites States Military Academy at West Point.

Here are some photos of him on graduation day:

Spenser Rapone 1 Spenser Rapone 2

Rapone continues to serve in the US Army even though he was reported to West Point officials as far back as 2015 for his views justifying the Islamic State and blaming terrorism on the nation he ‘served’. He also had this to say on his Facebook account:

“Fuck this country and its false freedoms…”

Unsurprisingly, Rapone is a huge fan of ‘Chelsea’ Manning, the transgender soldier who passed thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks.

But don’t be complacent or think that this only occurs in America. In Australia, our military marches with these communists down Oxford Street every year:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. As for more to say on a western collapse thing one would have to say that the QLD LNP has proven it is on a Marxist wave length and has abandoned it’s traditional voters who were just loyal LNP people who had no other way of getting the message across to the leadership, but had to vote One Nation or Katter. Australian Conservatives Party was not up in the running yet so the only alterative was to abandon the LNP by not voting LNP.

    I would say that what the LNP Party has done is the biggest betrayal in the history of Australia that a political Party would inflict on it’s traditional voter base.

    The LNP has now proved it’s self to be a Socialist Liberal Party, it has gladly handed it over to the ALP on a sliver platter, in malice to it’s traditional voters, when they could of easily picked up about 12 seats wiping the ALP out easily as, not to mention that by doing a deal with the One Nations Votes the LNP would still be holding all the cards in fact because One Nation has no sitting reps, so by doing such a deal, there is nothing at all for them to fear at all in doing so.
    This malice of the LNP goes beyond belief that they would toss it all away to the ALP just goes to show they are in bed with the Marxist Socialist ALP.

    27/11/17 the Bolt report said that M Turnbull’s spin on the subject was proof that he did not know why we voted the way QLD did, but I would say that the fact is M Turnbull knows exactly why but is playing the fear tactic to make people vote Liberal regardless, of all the people I know who still voted Liberal, not one of them are happy with the Party at all, in fact they are far from impressed with the Liberal Party.

    M Turnbull is going to loose the next election and from what I can see of it, he will be only to happy to hand it over to his ALP Marxist Socialist mates.
    The only thing that now truly separates the liberals from ALP is that their greed principals are some what from different perspectives.

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  2. And here is another aspect of The Diversity rioting in Brussels – imported by the Political Enemies of Belgian people for the takedown of their state. What are they rioting against? I think it is (wait for it) : slavery. As we all know the Belgians are big slavers and oppressors.

    For riots in Belgium I think it is the LBGTxyz on Wed and Saturday. The anti-slavery African imports on M and Friday. And the Sharia Now! Muslim imports on Tuesday and Thursday.

    The many NO GO ZONES created by imported, hostile populations who hate the native Belgian people and the Belgium state are called in the press “vulnerable areas”. These are the safe spaces where all those with Victim Status entitlements can be given protection by the police, military etc. No help will come to any native Belgian in any ‘vulnerable area’. The police simply do not have the resources as the story goes.

    However, they have plenty of resources to shut down ‘wrongthink’ among the native Belgian population. Even if they are on one of those ‘wear high heels for breast cancer’ exercises they can certainly disrupt any attempts by native Belgians to organise in their own interests against the invasion and the Political Elite that is sponsoring it. A native Belgian distributing ‘wrongthink’ leaflets will even be shadowed by a military helicopter.

    But from time to time the protected invasion erupts out of its safe spaces onto the main streets. This is a rather tame video of the African mayhem with the police (under orders) standing down. Not as bad as one of those attacks they are mounting on Melbourne – but still this is a good snapshot of the African mayhem.
    Nouvelles violences a Bruxelles

    The Political Elite working together are running the same script against Australia

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  3. The Marxist are extremely cunning, the Russian people did not comprehend what they were truly dealing with till it was too late, much the same cunning is now at hand going down with the whole Western world.
    Our democracy that our forefathers won for us is surely doomed to fail and Christianity has failed because they have took Christ Jesus in vain.
    Salvation in the Lord will never fail and has never failed because it is the only Light to the World.
    The problem with all the Churches is that they are not “Born Again” of the Holy Spirit and they do not preach Christ Jesus, not one of the churches has the strength to preach Christ Jesus nowadays, they even collude to support grubs like child molesters for crying out loud.
    It’s a creep show they are even preaching Humanism and Socialism nowadays.
    The welfare of the people can not progress under Marxism, it never has and never will, because it is in fact the epitome of Corruption it’s self.

    Anyone who peddles communism is a moron or evil it’s self, to be a communist is to be in fact associated with the biggest murders in history, not to mention the biggest plague of misery ever devised.

    Old mate Spenser is pushing what is called Hog worship and it’s based on totally false freedoms that go no where but into a deluded life of worship, it’s a type of ego driven madness, I would think that with people like Spenser drugs is a big factor.
    I have taken notice of people who have taken ICE at some point of their life, is that this makes such people loose track of much of their in depth reasoning ability’s.

    I think that ICE must be rife in our leadership within the Australian ADF and all the Governments, it’s like the lights seems to be on but no one is at home, what a joke that people even entertain all this total nonsense rubbish that’s being pushed nowadays, only 20 years ago or so, if you claimed what is going on nowadays everyone would say your totally off your rocker, but the fact is brainwashing is what it is, Hitler did just as such to the Germans in only a few years and we have been fed this type of crap for how long and now we have little Hitler’s running about everywhere dictating to you how to think, or they get the shits and start ranting you must this you must that as if you are a enemy of the State.

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  4. Thanks, Bernie. You are spot on. The problem is in epidemic proportions. We, particularly in the West, have certainly lost it. Truly blind. And nothing will save us, except God: Yahweh! John MacArthur had this to say 4 years ago, and the title is very apt: ‘When God Abandons A Nation’ >> Very insightful!

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  5. Another Fort Hood in the making.

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