Freedom of speech and religion hits High Court

Next Tuesday the battle over speech and religion will hit the High Court in Canberra.

The dry legal documents might not describe it that way. They speak about the Constitution and the Judiciary Act and jurisdictional arguments over whether one state’s tribunal can deal with matters involving a resident of another state.

However, speech and religious belief are why this case commenced and they are at the centre of what this case is all about.

Self-described anti-free speech and homosexual activist, Gary Burns, is appealing against our win earlier this year in the New South Wales Court of Appeal. He will be supported by every single state except South Australia.

The Commonwealth is lining up on our side.

There’s a great deal at stake: after next week, it may be entirely legal for activists in one state to drag you into another because of your views on marriage and family.

I am confident that our arguments are sound and hopeful that they will succeed again. I am just as confident that if we were not prepared to fight this battle, things would be much different.

Until we stepped in, tribunals in New South Wales and Victoria had taken action against residents living interstate. Victorian grandmother, Tess Corbett, was facing the prospect of contempt charges and the possibility of jail for her views on marriage. And even though this matter is before the High Court, the Australian Capital Territory system ruled recently that it could determine complaints against people living elsewhere in Australia.

We’ve heard a great deal about the need to protect freedom of speech and religion as legal concepts in recent days. The biggest attacks on those freedoms comes from state-based anti-discrimination law.

Consequently, I am not fighting this case only to defend myself from complaints lodged in New South Wales. If we are successful we will put a limit on the weaponised use of anti-discrimination law in Australia. No longer will activists in one state be able to target those living in another state entirely. It will end the possibility that draconian laws passed in one state will be able to affect all Australians.

Your support has been immensely appreciated thus far. And it has enabled us to approach this battle from a strong position: an earlier win in the highest court in New South Wales.

However, the costs of this next phase are likely to exceed $50,000. If you can assist, please donate here. And please say a prayer or two as well. I need those too…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Hello Bernard keen on making a donation, but wish to have it focused on the court case specifically. Could you send through details in this regard?

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  2. If the Australian Government keeps insisting that Islam is a religion, as their shady spokes people (sorry spokes men) keep telling us, “We are using your laws against you”!
    Australia must allow Sharia Law according to the Constitution.
    Section 116. of the Australian Constitution authorises Sharia Law in Australia!
    “or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion”
    Pauline Hanson was right in wanting a Royal Commission to declare Islam “not a religion”
    If you want Australia to have an internal gorilla war with the Muslims where many thousands of innocent Australians are murdered in the name of Islam (men, women and children) before they are all expelled, speak up now, demand from your local Federal Member that they act to stop the Islamisation of Australia NOW!

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  3. I am with anybody who is taking steps to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I am a member and donor to Australian Conservatives and following them.

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  4. Sun is sin and some people don’t like being told they are sinful. Likewise, some Christians don’t want to partake in sinful behaviour or conversation. Religious freedom becomes abusive language and offensive without legislated freedom to speak and act as God directs us.
    Goid the court: may God be with you.

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  5. Wish to make a donation to your family to assist with court costs. Please advise dettails so I can transfer funds. Thank you both for your great work. Will be in my prayers.

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  6. best wishes for you, ive previously battled through the courts on issues and was successful, be wary, they can get very excited in their approaches on how to deal with challenges.

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    • The high Court no doubt will rule that a State cannot make laws for foreigners unless that foreigner is on its soil or jurisdiction. However, those who believe that democracy should not rule in the Commonwealth of Australia will continue their push for minority rule and their numbers are within our Parliaments.
      Presently, they are beginning to show their faces or they are making themselves known and this is the first step to cleansing.
      We should all be attentive as to make notes of such persons who would undermine our way of life in a Christian influenced democracy.
      John Abbott

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