We must organise – so a major restructure is coming

I started writing in January 2013. And I thought things were bad then.

Yet last week the rainbow was joined by the Grim Reaper. Australia will soon usher in a joint union of euthanasia and homosexual marriage.

Next week we will see freedom of political communication and the right to express traditional views on marriage thrown in front of a train.

And today children are now be able to access ‘gender-changing’ hormones. The Army is also publishing articles canvassing the ideas of open fraternisation and taxpayer-funded prostitutes and ‘sex toys’.

Meanwhile, the political system is in disarray: our politicians cannot even get their own citizenship paperwork in order and Senator Sam Dastyari is alleged to have passed on counter-surveillance information to a Chinese man linked to its Communist government.

No wonder the major concern of Australians, feeding and housing their family, is left unaddressed.

Wage growth is at record lows while housing prices are expected to remain high and unaffordable for many for at least the next 40 years. And even before you start paying off your own mortgage, you will be taxed to pay off the debt left by today’s politicians.

Families are being battered on every front.

However, there is good news. The recent marriage campaign awoke a national conservative movement in Australia. I’ve seen this same movement personally: just over five years ago I felt alone and left to charge the enemies on my own.

How wrong I was on that score.

There is an army of Australians who are concerned about the direction of this nation. Over 25,000 have signed up to receive updates from this website. Many more support other organisations. And there are many more still out there as well, looking for hope, courage and leadership.

However, this army remains unorganised and there is no better example than that given by this website.

Over the past five years it has been able to prevent some radical changes in the Australian Defence Force, from changing hat badges to appease Muslims, shutting down the Navy’s Islamic Twitter account and forcing the resignation of the Defence imam.

It has also influenced the media on a number of fronts: freedom, family values and security. And it has served as a foundation for detailed submissions into parliament on 18c and halal certification.

More importantly, legal cases we have fought have stemmed the abuse of state-based anti-discrimination law by anti-free speech activists and laid the foundations for future fights to protect freedom of political communication.

All of this was only possible with your support.

But the website is still just a blog.

That is going to change.

I have given some long, hard thought into planning for the future and how we might organise our army. Over the next two months I will step back from writing to concentrate on building an administrative structure and technological platform to transform the current blog into a campaign support tool for conservative Australians.

The new site will launch early next year.

It will not exist to promote a politician, or a political party or a platform. Yes, it will defend principles of life, family, freedom, civilisation and prosperity. But it’s primary purpose will be to assist Australians who believe in those things to save them. This new website will exist for you.

Stay tuned.

And provide your suggestions as well. I want them. A survey will be going up next week.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Hi Bernard,
    I greatly value your thoughts and efforts in raising an ‘army’ to marshall Conservatives together and help make them an effective force in this nation. I look forward to the next steps you will be putting in place toward this end. Thank you for all your hard work and courageous stands for such important issues so far.

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  2. It’s about time someone started a mass support organisation for the conservative side of political thought. In opposition to “GetUp” – it should be called “WakeUp”.

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    • The government already tried it, it was called ‘The Fair Go’ and it was an abject failure like most things this govt puts it’s name on.

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  3. Good one Bernard, keen to see where you go with this. There are a large number of reasons this has worked out this way, but if an organised 2-3% of the population can change the direction of a nation, then an organised >20-30% should be able to do a lot better. It is the 2-3% that have taken the drivers seat – the voices of media, big business (etc), and whoever is in the driver’s seat controls the direction of the vehicle. I think it takes identifying these high grounds and starting there. This will take time, as the “interpretation lens” of several generations has been and is still being changed so that what was normal, is normal no longer. And the “she’ll be right” Australians are by and large still asleep.

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  4. I don’t think we Conservatives have a hope, just look at the tactics the QLD LNP just did, they have the audacity and malice in turning down 300,000 of their once loyal voter base and given it to the ALP, not to mention from all the ones who did vote LNP, no one truly has a high opinion of their Party at all, before the election that I have come across.
    The LNP could of picked up around 12 more Seats with taking on One Nations votes, not to mention One Nation would have no power over them at all, with maybe only 1 One Nation Seat.
    It’s criminal act to hand it over to the ALP and this just goes to show the LNP is in bed with the Socialist ALP nowadays.
    They should come clean and call themselves the Socialist Liberal Party both State and Federal because it’s a fact they are dabbling in Marxist Socialist agendas.
    Around 300,000 of us do not want to be lead by degenerate dictating pond life, so this is now war we have to expose the Marxist for what they truly are scum sucking pond life.
    We have to inspire the Conservative Labour Voters that have any backbone and the Liberals that are apathetic in thinking she will be right, to understand the fact is that the Liberals are not the Party they once were at all, but they only use the name Liberal as a Façade.

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    • If you thought Australia was really a democracy then you’ve been fooling yourself – well done you’ve just been red pilled !

      Liberal/National/ALP/Green – doesn’t matter. The country has been heading down the sewer for decades while the population just sits on its arse & chews its cud.

      The permanent government in Canberra runs the show. Policy is worked between the Senior Executive Service, Senior ALP & Liberals (more recently Greens as the LGBTQI party) in accordance with UN agendas & international Trade treaties. The Australian population is regarded as an ignorant nuisance that needs to be treated like dumb cattle.

      Anyone who seriously challenges that balance is likely to end up in prison, bankrupt or murdered.

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  5. Totally agree with your plan Bernard,we must unite to defeat this incredible attack that the country has never seen before, unless we fight it our kids will be doomed,with you all the way..

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  6. That’s really good news Bernard. I am only 42 years old and with all the changes in the last twenty years I feel like I’m living on another planet. I have been on a disability pension for the last four years due to health problems and I also live in public housing. A lot of people think that those on welfare vote Labor or other left parties, I personally and very conservative and am seriously thinking of joining AC. I’ve never been a member of a political party and I feel now that I should put my money wherey mouth is so to speak. I am seriously worried about the welfare cost in this country. At first when I went on the pension I felt quite ashamed. I am quite well educated and here I am living in public housing and on the pension. Then I thought, well I’ve paid takes most my adult life, then I didn’t feel so bad. What really riles me up is all the people around me who I feel are undeserving. Their are so many frauds around my area it’s getting beyond a joke, it really does my head in. Im extremely grateful for the help I’ve been given but all I see around me is a culture of entitlement and ingrates. Anyway that’s my rant over. I’m usually only a reader on blogs, I never comment but I’m now going to become more involved politically before this country goes down the drain. All the best to you and your family. WHITEHAWK

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    • Good on you Whitehawk. If more people like you step up we’ll make a difference. Don’t underestimate the difference you can make. Fight the good fight.

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