This pattern is not a pattern…

Last week we heard news of yet another arrest. Yet another planned target. And yet another Islam-inspired terrorist plot.

This time it was Ali Khalif Shire Ali.

He also likes to attend Hizb ut Tahrir conferences.

So did Man Haron Monis, the Lindt Café killer. And so did Farhard Jabar, who shot dead Curtis Cheng outside the Parramatta Police Station. In fact, listening to Hizb ut Tahrir was almost the last thing Jabar ever did:

During his final visit [to the mosque], Farhard Jabar was part of the audience for a lecture given by a speaker associated with notorious extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, according to Seven News.

I think there’s a pattern forming.

And you know who else signed a petition supporting Hizb ut Tahrir? The former Defence imam, Sheikh Mohammadu Nawas Saleem.

And guess what? He’s also an imam at the Werribee Mosque. It’s the same mosque attended by Ali Khalif Shire Ali, as reported by The Australian:

The family prays at the Werribee Islamic Centre in Hoppers Crossing. The imam is the highly respected Sheikh Isse Musse, who preaches a moderate brand of Islam. He renamed his mosque the Virgin Mary Majid to promote harmony between Muslims and Christians.

And I’m not sure I’d call Sheikh Isse Musse ‘respected’ or ‘moderate’ either. He also signed the same petition backing Hizb ut Tahrir as Mohammadu Nawas Saleem.

Australia clearly has a problem with ‘moderates’. So we should expect more Shire Alis. And Man Haron Monises. And Farhard Jabars.

And we should expect, at some point, one of them to infiltrate Defence or the police. That is bound to occur when ‘moderates’ like Mohammadu Nawas Saleem can be appointed to help increase recruitment to the military without anyone raising an eyebrow at all…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Why hasn’t Hizb ut Tahrir been banned in Australia yet? It should be.

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  2. Their is only one thing that Islam truely understands & respects, & that is force.

    The same goes for Marxism. Only Marxism is far more dangerous & my views on the treatment for it is far more severe than it is for Islam. As a student of history I finally understand the sentiment behind General Franco’s attitude towards communists.

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  3. In order to have a civil and public debate on issues of national importance you have to have freedom of speech. You have to have the basic right to state an opinion and the reasons why you hold that opinion of what you believe to true.

    In the cut and thrust of public debate many opinions will be demonstrated to be false. Those that can withstand scrutiny and cross examination of their evidences and premises will be demonstrated by an open and transparent process to be true and correct and on what terms. Such will become principles that can be applied to analysis of policy, law and government.

    This right has been taken away from Australians who have been alienated by Our Betters / the Political Elite by active and punitive measures from conducting such a debate – on a range of nominated and politically incorrect issues.

    Anyone with anointed Victim entitlement can shut down opinions they do not like by denouncing you as an Offender to the Committee of Public Safety. These organisations (which today are called Anti Discrimination Tribunals) will initiate punitive measures against you on behalf of the entitled Offendee.

    Wrongthink is punished in Australia and it will become severely punished as ME (me me me me) is rolled out.

    As we roll along we will discover that we might be able to hold critical views on some laws and policies but those which entitle and enable an anointed Victim Class and its gravy train will be untouchable.

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  4. Islam is a civilizational dichotomy capable of autonomous fluidity in the face of adversity, which has simultaneously perpetuated and maintained rigid theocratic orthodoxy throughout the ages. A duality made possible using a theocratic political ideology, encompassed within the Qur’an and Sunnah.
    The Qur’an is universally accepted by its practitioners to be the literal and inerrant word of god, unchanging, universal and timeless. A factor that allows Islam to culturally transform itself by any means necessary, in order to not only survive, but to thrive. This is a factor that allows Islam, as a civilisation, to contend with any and all opposing world powers for global supremacy, without losing orthodox Islam to history, modernity or human reformation.
    This is a fact that has manifest itself throughout Islamic history, via a compilation of interpretations and hear say that have been recorded throughout Islamic history, commonly referred to as Sunnah. The Hadith are compilations of Qur’anic interpretations and the Sira are biographies of the Islamic prophet, written by leading scholars and biographers of their respective time periods. Islam has repeatedly “reformed” itself, adopting “modernity” in times of adversity, in order to keep itself viable as a civilisation in the ultimate pursuit for civilizational expansion and global dominance. Only to revert back to orthodoxy using Islamic history and doctrine as justification whenever the absence of an existential threat allows it.
    “Islamification” is a culmination of simplistic tactics that have been implemented repetitively throughout history, tactics that begin with the implementation of Islam in a format that does not emphasise Islamic political ideology. Non-political Islam is delivered in a format that is easy to understand and accept, information and culture rich, quick to spread and fluid, to accommodate for varied indigenous cultures and perspectives. These elements in league with an obligation to proselytize, precipitate the systemic growth of Islam within new societies, which continues largely uninterrupted until reaching a point of critical mass. Once the inhabitants of a civilisation have systematically accepted the fundamental Islamic perspective and become majority Muslim, orthodox Muslims or “extremists” as they are referred to in the west, who were previously implementing political Islam known as Shari’ah into the belief structure incrementally begin to implement these laws forcefully.
    These implementations are backed by the irrefutable historical and cultural evidence found within the Hadith and Sira, which ultimately allows orthodox Muslims to enforce orthodox Islamic cultures, beliefs, values and laws upon the society, while simultaneously crushing any opposition through the use of violence and brutality.
    Indonesia is the most recent example in which these tactics have been employed. Long heralded as the epitome of “moderate Islam,” it has quickly exploded with the “extremism” that is all too commonly precipitated by Islamic orthodoxy.
    The fight for “moderate Islam” cannot continue in its current format and must be confronted on ALL fronts; individually, socially, theologically and politically. Islam is a political ideology and not a religion, which encompasses elements found within communism and Nazism. Elements that have already been deemed incompatible both morally and legally within western societies.
    Religion is by definition “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods” and a political ideology is “the ethical ideals, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a social movement, institution, class or large group, that explains how society should work and that offers a political and cultural blueprint for a social order.”
    A ruling by the High Court of Australia in 1983 held that “For the purposes of the law, the criteria of religion are twofold: first, belief in a Supernatural Being, Thing or Principle; and second, the acceptance of canons of conduct in order to give effect to that belief, though canons of conduct which offend against the ordinary laws are outside the area of any immunity, privilege or right conferred on the grounds of religion.”
    It is imperative that western societies formally recognise Islam as a political ideology and no longer facilitate those who break the law in the name of Islam with the ability to hide behind the veil that is “religious freedom.” Shari’ah, the theocratic political and legal framework of a medieval civilisation and Muslims, those who live by its mandates, must be held accountable.
    Islam must be re-classified as a political ideology and scrutinized in the same manner as Nazism and communism throughout western civilisation, the Hadith and Sira must be vetted and if necessary revised for compatibility with western values, morals, laws and societies and leniencies/exceptions for legal infractions incurred on the grounds of “religious and/or cultural differences” must be systematically eradicated if reform and moderation are to prevail.

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  5. So sorry Ian but most of our politicians don’t have the guts to stand up to them also doesn’t Turncoat ???? Turnbull have a Muslim in his family Australia needs to grow some??? and stand up for there own people not others they take from us to give to them and they don’t even want to work aim Angry.

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    • Who let it in, Political Correctness is what let it in to the Western World and it is this that promotes it, with out PC it’s a dead duck.

      Our Forefathers of the West never tolerated Islam because they could identify what it truly was, a political system that controls all like a mongrel dog, in some ways it’s system may be justified in controlling mongrels.
      I believe that even a system like Communism is justified in controlling morons.

      Fabian Socialism is a system that seeks to control by undermining people just as Marxism works to fool people.

      Religion ? that can be anything, all humans are religious and not one person could truly claim otherwise, not to mention that anyone who makes a claim otherwise just does not truly comprehend what religion truly is in depth.

      Jesus Christ is not a religion, he is the light of the world our Saviour and our Lord and the Son of God the Father and is Emmanuel God with us and the Holy Spirit confirms this that all 3 are one in the same but different identity’s.
      Christianity is a Religion but Christ Jesus is not, he is the Holy Spirit incarnate to save use from our Sin Nature and that is why all demonic Sin driven systems attack Jesus Christ.
      Being under a banner of Christian Churches does not make one truly a Christian at all, one must be born again of the Holy Spirit and then you become one in Christ Jesus “an Israel” = Servant of God.

      Satan is at work leading all astray with total BS claims like the moronic clams of the State now people call Israel, the true devout Jews understand that it is not Israel at all and state that as a fact, but it does not stop the so called Zionist from marketing it as such. Pope JP 2 made a point of this Israel subject over and over again and a gain, but the TV media cunningly worked on the point of, if they could push a lie long enough it will swallowed as true in the eyes of fools.

      The point being that for the Zionist to claim it as Israel, is in fact a highest insult to Christianity, because such in fact rejects Jesus Christ.

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  6. All countries have a right to seek asylum within Australia.
    All countries have a right to keep their beliefs and religion, when seeking asylum within Australia.
    Becoming a member of the Australian community, as a refugee, demands respect and obedience to the laws of Australia.
    We have, through our immigration policies, now opened a Pandora’s box in regards to Middle Eastern refugees.
    We have Middle Eastern Refugees now, wanting to join the Australian society, drawing on our taxpayer benefits, contributing nothing to the Australian community, yet demanding rights that they saw fit to leave in their homelands.
    The whole concept of the Middle Eastern World is one of infiltration and overpowering.
    Their concept of the world is Middle Eastern domination.
    They have successfully accomplished this in America and Britain and certain other European countries to an extent.
    The reason this has been able to be done, is through their intrinsic beliefs that their Ideology is a Religion Islam.
    This Ideology is not a religion, it is an ideology that shapes society, and the thinking of individuals, it is an ideology that is used to form a society where the individual has no beliefs except that which is dictated by a law that was expounded by one man, a Bedouin Arab.
    The majority of Middle Eastern people by birth, are deemed Islamic, they must conform to the Middle Eastern law which is Sharia law.Middle Eastern people with their belief in a perverted Ideology and Sharia laws, have now infiltrated all western countries.
    Here in Australia, we now have local councils debating the acceptance of planning permits for the erection of mosques within their councils.
    Bendigo is one, the other is the Gold Coast, and numerous other mosques have already been built in Australia.
    The Middle Eastern mentality has one power that is the power to infiltrate other countries and societies under the guise of religion.
    Any person, any non scholar will find through the ravings of their handbook, that there is no religion in the teachings of sharia law.
    Sharia law is based on one tenet, death to all who do not believe.
    That is why there cannot be a moderate Middle Eastern or an extremist Middle Eastern person; all Middle Eastern peoples by birth, come under sharia law which dictates death to all non believers, or infidels.
    Yet here in Australia we have local councils debating planning applications for the building of mosques.
    This is how low Australia has stooped to assimilate with these refugees, and immigrants, who carry the Middle Eastern banner.
    Our government and politicians need to stand up very fast and debate one question.
    Are their beliefs a Religion or an Ideology?
    If it is an ideology, and not a religion, does it conform to the security and harmonious way of life in this our Christian based Australia?
    If it is an ideology that perpetuates anti Australian beliefs, then it must be considered a threat to Australia.
    Our country and government needs to debate one question.
    Are the Middle Eastern beliefs a Religion or an Ideology?
    Followers of either option, can only be considered a threat to Australia.
    Ian Felton

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  7. De-radicalisation programmes in Australia do not work; these programmes are funded by the Government at the Taxpayers’ expense. The whole idea goes hand in hand with the thinking by our Politicians that Terrorism can be defeated by Appeasement, and this in turn would hypothetically lead to Assimilation and Integration. Let me assure you, that you cannot purchase Islamic assimilation or integration with financial de-radicalisation programmes. It is not up to the Australian Government to de-radicalise young Muslims, it is up to the Islamic organisations in Australia, Muslims are brainwashed from birth into the Islamic Sharia law and Ideology, and the Islamic community must take responsibility for the re-education and de-radicalising of their youth. If Australia really wants to be part of a de-radicalisation programme, I suggest setting up re-education camps throughout the country for schooling and education, until such time as they are deemed suitable for assimilation and integration into the Australian community and way of life, if failure to achieve adequate standards of re-education, then deportation immediately, maybe all Muslims, irrespective of age should be considered for processing through these assimilation and integration camps for ongoing evaluation. However I believe at the end of the day, Integration and assimilation cannot, and never will work with the followers of Islamic Ideology in Australia.
    Ian Felton

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    It is time Australia, recognised the fact, that Islam is not a religion but a Perverted Ideology, that if not checked now, will breach Australia’s security as it has done in European Countries. In support of this statement we need to remember the point that all Muslims are born under the Sharia law, an Islamic ideology. Muslims who stray from the Islamic ideology, become apostates or infidels. The Islamic ideology is contrary to the global humanitarian way of life, its beliefs and culture. Countries around the world, Australia included, need to debate the subject, of Islam as a Religion or Ideology. If it is a Religion, then is it compatible and harmonious to our western Judea/Christian beliefs, and conducive to assimilation and integration into our culture? If it is not a Religion but an Ideology, then again we ask the question, is the Islamic Ideology also conducive to harmonious assimilation and integration into global culture. At the moment throughout the world, it is becoming clearer each day, that Islam is an Ideology which is incompatible with every western and European country. The people of Australia should find the Ideology of Islamic beliefs to be a credible threat to Australia.
    Ian Felton

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