Paid to wallow in misery

Tarneen Onus-Williams

Tarneen Onus-Williams, photographed for The Australian newspaper.

There she sat and complained about white fellas.

You could think that she did it up the front of a national newspaper printed by white fellas and named by white fellas. And that it was in a story written by a white fella. With a photo taken by a white fella.

And you could assume that in this story she was in a park paid for by white fellas with white fella money and in an economic system created by white fellas. Or that the bench upon which she perched was crafted by white fellas and that the clothes she wore conformed to the fashion of white fellas.

And you could consider the roads in the background and conclude that they were built by white fellas and that the trees were planted by white fellas. And that the path at her feet was laid by white fellas.

And you could see that she sported white fella make up and a white fella hairstyle. And she carried the name of a white fella.

And then this arrogant woman, who is the face of the ‘Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance’, with white fella words said:

“People say they’re celebrating a great country. Celebrating a great country — Australia — has come at a loss for so many people, especially Aboriginal people.

“Most people who think this is a great country are white people.”

And if you thought that she was a hypocrite, given all the great things made by white fellas that allowed her to act like a bratty teenager, you’d be right.

But that’s not the whole story and not even the more important part of it.

Because if you thought that all of the things that resulted in this story were made by white fellas, you’d be wrong.

No doubt these advances are all here because the British arrived in 1788. But somewhere in that chain of events behind this story are Aboriginals.

Lots of them.

And the perpetually unhappy activists diminish their contribution to Australia every time they whinge. On 26 January our nation should recognise all those who built Australia. But, instead, we get fed a lot of rot that would have us all believe Aboriginals have not contributed anything at all to Australia because they’ve had it all stolen from them.

The real damage to Aboriginals is being done, not by white fellas, but by pouting other Aboriginals who want to prevent the ‘reconciliation’ that they pretend to demand. These same people deny the reality that most of them would not even be here if wasn’t for the non-Aboriginal blood coursing through their veins. And they want to deny the reality that those with Aboriginal heritage have long been, and been able to be, active citizens of this nation in every sense of those words.

It’s time to recognise something about Australia Day.

It is pretty much the single largest benefactor of the grievance industry. Without this annual day, we would not have the annual media cycle and these people wouldn’t even have their 15 minutes of fame.

It’s time to recognise something else about the grievance industry too.

It is an industry of grievance. Without grievance, there is no industry. This sorry lot have a vested interest in being unhappy and wallowing in misery. And they love nothing more than getting all high and mighty about how disempowered they are.

They don’t want to recognise equality of opportunity when it’s on the front page of the national newspaper and whacking them in the face because to do so would put them out of a taxpayer-funded job in a taxpayer-funded industry.

We’re literally paying this mob to be sad.

And that’s why her colleague said this:

“We want it (Australia Day) to be abolished until there’s something to celebrate. It’s never going to be OK to celebrate it on any other day.”

These are the words that reveal a truth. The debate over Australia Day will never go away while taxpayers fund the grievance industry. There will be just as many other problems with the other 364 days of the year. Even if they’re all ‘Sorry Day’ followed by ‘I’m Sorrier than the Last Day Day’.

They’re the words of a tribe that will never celebrate anything except more power and money and opportunity to whinge. For them of course.

It looks they’re embracing the white fella world after all. Or at least the one that the pale and pallid sorry sacks known as the Greens live in.

Happy Australia Day!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Send a note to Oxfam, her employer demanding her sacking as she calls for genocide, rapine and sending aboriginal children back to tribal poverty and abuse (not to say, supporting their current poverty and abuse.

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  2. When I look at this grain-fed, obese sheila and read what she said on Australia Day, a couple of points come to mind:

    1. Question: who ate all the pies?

    2. Observation: the vast, vast majority of Australians who identify as aboriginal have European ancestry as well, if not English, Scottish, Welsh and/or Irish ancestry specifically.

    That’s just a fact.

    Which means that the vast, vast majority of Australian aboriginals have just as much reason to celebrate 26 January as the rest of us.

    Because if 26 Jan 1788 had not occurred – they would not be here.


    They would never have been born.

    They would not exist.

    They would not be alive and kicking and moaning and walking amongst us today.

    So enough of this bullcrap from the likes of whiny Tarneen Two-Dads: be happy all you aboriginal Australians who also have British / European ancestry!

    Which would mean pretty well all of you!

    Because Australia Day is – literally – the reason you live and breathe today. If Captain Arthur Phillip had not have landed – we would NOT be listening to your pathetic bleating and grizzling today – because you would NEVER have been born.

    PS – as for the tiny, minuscule number of aboriginal Australians who have no other ancestry – they, too, can be very happy on Australia Day – because that is the day the aboriginal tribes of Australia began to move out of the stone age and into the modern world.

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  3. For decades and decades, we never had this problem with Australia Day. But in recent years, with the emergence of far left groups like the Greens, it now suddenly becomes a problem. The whingers say that the day is “divisive”. Well, it is only divisive because people like DiNatalie make it divisive. They find someone with a grievance, and then they play on that grievance and build it up into a “national issue”.
    No, celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January is not the real problem. The real problem are those people who want to tear down western civilisation by trying to make us ashamed of our past. Well, I’m not ashamed to be a descendant of English and Scottish migrants to this country. And as many have already stated, western civilisation has brought many benefits to the aboriginals, including billions of dollars and other special benefits.

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    • Time to get rid of the Greens they have fallen from their true path. They are a disgrace to the human race.
      Why are the Aborigines whinging when many have done great things. Fought wars and made lives for themselves. There are just as many white people who live in wallow. I doubt there is any where in the world, a true full blooded white person or a full blooded indigenous person here or world wide.
      When the world was 1 continent and they all walked and settled where ever, how do we know if they were the humans here.
      Shame on any born here saying stupid leftards comments and one said burn the country down. The people are insisting trouble and should be charged with treason or sent to another country where they might be welcomed.

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  4. I think the Onus-Williams is on Tameen to say why there should be any change of the date for Australia Day if every day is invasion day. But they will all be out for the big Whinge-fest next 26 Jan to get a date change. So make my invasion day bar-be-que a snake en brochette with a splash of tomato sauce.

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  5. Let’s do them a favour if they hate white auatralia so much cut off their welfare and other money. Let them live off the land like they did before pre-colonisation. Take their assets off them, it’s ours anyways, and no more help or special privileges. No health etc and let them die from attrition. We kept them alive, no more!

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  6. What’s evident is that this sanctimonious whinge is not from the occupant of a bark humpy, but by someone used to the accoutrements of western civilisation. She’s entitled afterall. Gimme a crocodile sandwich – and make it snappy!

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  7. If the aboriginal people want to move ahead with what ever their cause is, they need to get everyday Australians on their side, inciting violence and hatred is not the way to go. It’s very obvious that this young lady has done very well out of the sorry industry, paid for by the Australian Tax Payers. They should count themselves lucky it was the English that came here and not some other violent nations. I know plenty of Aboriginals that have a good work ethic and have good jobs and its because they work hard, they are shocked by the hate speech that this half cast lady is pushing, not all aboriginals support her attitudes.

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  8. This female fronts for an Indigenous Organisation that collects $875,000 pa from us but hates our guts…….

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  9. I thought that the First Peoples were from Cook’s coming and on and that the word “Aboriginal” meant Original inhabitant.
    The First Peoples then became half bloods.

    I have to complain that the true full blood Aboriginals are being over run by people who are in the main around 80% of white blood line and Communist.

    I fear that the true Aboriginal People are being led down the garden path by Socialist cunning and when the day comes that we come under the full domination of the Socialist State, it will not be long that the PC Equality laws will ban any identity of race and the True Aboriginals (full bloods) will sadly come under this con job that is being orchestrated.

    Socialist lay game plains that set the stage with the years ahead set ready 10 even to 50 years ahead or more so as to achieve their domination, it’s a strategy of war games that they play and if you don’t understand the key too the Socialist madness you have no chance of dealing with there Satanic workings.
    Satan sure is a slippery character that makes one feel you are assured and pampered but just like with insurance it’s in the fine print of the details that should be comprehended or you will pay the price.
    The Aboriginal and First Peoples are being played, just as the rest of Australians are led under such strong elusions.

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  10. Good onya , Bernard !!!!

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  11. I haven’t stopped laughing since I have read this piece. lolol. On a serious note though , not a truer word spoken or written in this case. Happy Australia day to you and your family Bernard and to ALL the Australian people. lol.

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  12. My Irish ancestors (my DNA is 46% Irish) were pretty upset after 800 years of English domination, land confiscation, genocide, etc,etc but they seem to have got over it, My English ancestors (my DNA is 42% English) were pretty upset when the Normans took over in 1066 but they seem to have got over it. We all got together and created a new race. It’s called Australian. Maybe our recently Neolithic aboriginal brothers and sisters should just get over it, move on and make a positive contribution to our great new race. (My other 12% is 6% Iberian, 4% North African and 2% Greco-Roman(!) Does that qualify me for ‘multi-cultural’?

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    • Well said and I currently was a show where the Romans thought they were better than everyone else. Killed and enslaved people. There are still slaves in this world today under the muslim rule. Over history it proves little changes when it comes to greed, politics and religion.

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  13. Bernard,

    How about The taxi’s and the Aboriginal Legal Service have there funding cut, along with all Aboriginal unemployment and Co-operative grants. Then get the National Audit Office to audit all Funds and Co-op’s that they have to reconciliate the Books. It would probably take about three years, with all the obscure organizations that they have, but I doubt that too many would balance correctly, as they all operate on Public Money. Yes, I belonged to the same Audit Board, that you did, and the OR’s Mess was always a Mess.

    I do not have a problem with the Average Aboriginal, he is usually a stand up bloke, would normally have a beer with you than argue. Help you load a truck than get in your way. I have served with Aboriginals in North Queensland, they tend to hide instead of work, but once you have there number they are OK. It is the special achievers and half educated that create a problem, like Prof. Dobson who believes he earnt his qualifications, but was scored on a marking system specially designed for Aboriginals.

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  14. You nailed it on the rad Bernard, that just sums it up in brilliant fashion. I do feel sad though for the real true blue dinkidi peaceful patriotic aboriginal who must look on the whingers and wish they would just shut up and be thankful fthat they live e in this great country.

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    • Well said Bernard

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      • Are you from Cairns?

    • I’m just so sick of all the wingers, and people my Dad, called bludgers, holding Australia in more metaphorical chains than any real ones, Australians of any color
      ever felt ! All I wish to say to these slackers is, Get a life !

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    • But she is also a product of at least two generations of white fella. White fella education & employment. She & all her cronies should remember their ancestry.

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    • And guess who is also drumming up support to cancel Aus day,,,,CR samantha Ratnam….check out the video in moreland`s citys council chambers where She Slam`s down the day to Change the date of citizenship (26 jan)citing aboriginal elders in this Rant…this was pubished on the 13/9/17..this is how its done…get positions of power from with in..and the people will believe this is OK to do…

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