Defence unleashes the rainbow jihad

In times of political slavery, these should be words to send shivers down the spine:

…this will be a…very powerful symbol showing LGBTI people who is friendly in their area.

Why? Well if displaying the symbol shows you are friendly, failing to display it shows that you are not.

These words have just been sent out from Defence’s Diversity HQ in Canberra to soldiers, sailors and airmen across the nation.

The rainbow jihad has been unleashed. Just like Communist Russia, Defence now has its battalion of Political Commissars monitoring military personnel for their allegiance to the cause. They’re known as ‘Diversity and Inclusion Advisors’.

Every Defence member who submits and ‘volunteers’  to be an LGBTI ally will be publicly recorded. And every member who fails to volunteer will also be identified and outed.

In fact, the Defence Corporate Directory, which is like the military’s ‘White Pages’ will visibly show who has scribbled their signature on the LGBTI Ally form. And who has not.

Just like this:

LGBT ally

A screenshot of the Defence Corporate Directory showing that everyone who signs up as an ‘LGBTI Ally’ will have a rainbow symbol placed against their name.

‘Homosexual marriage’ has only just been legalised and already we’ve moved from the acceptance phase to enforcement.

It’s no longer enough just to vote ‘yes’ in the privacy of the ballot box. You now have to act ‘yes’ at work. And also at home.

For those who don’t remember, the Federal Court ruled that it was entirely lawful for Defence to sack me for expressing private views contrary to Defence’s cultural change agenda. And that means anyone else can be as well.

That means you need to be an LGBTI Ally around your kitchen table too.

And it has not taken very long to reach this point.

The Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow, gave an ominous warning during last year’s marriage debate that this is where we were always headed.

As votes were being cast, he stood up in front of a room full of gay and lesbian officers and decried the ‘pockets of resistance’ that stood in their way. He also noted that ‘cultural change’ was an ongoing project.

Very senior members of the Defence Force were present, giving his statement official endorsement.

It was a clear sign: Defence members with conservative views on marriage, family and morality would no longer be tolerated.

Less than six months later, the process for the purge has been put in place.

Every officer receives an annual report. They are graded for their acceptance of diversity and cultural change.

There is no better way of receiving a glowing report than by demonstrating that you have signed up for the rainbow tick of approval.

And if you don’t have one? Well, it’s not compulsory (yet). Although it’s not a good look either. But I’m sure it won’t make much difference at all.

You just won’t be as competitive for promotion.

That’s today.

Tomorrow, the Political Commissars may not be so lenient. You might need to forget promotion and consider whether you want to sign up just so you can keep the job.

Don’t expect to see many officers reach above the rank of major from now on unless they too are prepared to join in the rainbow jihad…

Read the entire call for Defence members to ‘volunteer’ as LGBTI allies here:


This information, and plenty more including information that Defence:

  • is discriminating against male recruits,
  • is training ‘genderless’ officer cadets,
  • was planning to change chaplains’ hat badges to appease Muslims,
  • ran indoctrination training to promote Islam to junior officers,
  • published an article promoting taxpayer-funded prostitutes and sex toys, and
  • is handing out halal-certified rations to soldiers

has come to light thanks to brave men and women in the Australian Defence Force who have shown, to paraphrase the former Chief of Army’s words, that they will not accept walking past low standards.

I thank them for their service and their courage.

These stories are causing great discomfort in Canberra. Politicians and senior officers are squirming. Mostly it is behind closed doors but they have been forced onto the back foot in public too.

Please keep this up – I have no doubt that truth and pressure will see logic win the day.

Thank you also to those of you who have donated to keep this website going. Without your generosity, none of this would be possible.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. combine the colors of the rainbow symbol and we get the base color of the flag of the terrorists who have sworn jihad against Australia. BLACK.

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  2. What a great way to nobble an army. The army has one job: fight to defend Australia. Its officers have one job: attract, train, and deploy warriors. If neither of these jobs are being done, no army.

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  3. No sharia law. And if defence force personnel have a moral objection to Same sex marriage why should they be made to agree with LGTBQ ? This is Australia ,we are a democracy not a Communist country nor run by a Dictator . We have freedom of speech . Freedom to express moral conscience decisions .

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  4. If she needs an LGBT+ ally and an AA special program and a safe space and an emotional support hamster – she doesn’t belong in the Defence Force.

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  5. Sounds like we need education as regards the history of the ‘zampolit’ (Soviet political officer) and the Chinese equivalents.
    As a nation are we moving that close to introduction of communist control systems, so few decades after the Fall of the Berlin Wall?

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