Equal opportunity insanity (or did you hear the one about the pregnant male footy player?)

There’s nothing like a half-pregnant man to raise eyebrows.

Especially playing at the footy.

And who knows? We may just be there.

After all, there are blokes playing in the women’s sides and they have a whole sports maternity leave thing going on and Medicare statistics helpfully show that in the 2017 financial year 37 dudes delivered a baby ‘by any means’ (mostly in New South Wales where strange things are normal).

16519 description

Screenshot of Medicare item number 16519: Management of labour and birth by any means.

16519 table

Screenshot of Medicare statistics for item number 16519 – showing that while the vast majority of those who received treatment for the management of labor, 37 were also male.

One of them is listed as being between 45 and 54 years of age. So someone has a grandfather for a mother.

Thankfully, other statistics make slightly more sense. A solitary fella from Western Australia gave birth by caesarean section which, upon pondering these things, does seem like the appropriate medical response for a bloke with a bun in his oven.

So we seem destined to be politely raising our eyebrows at the footy from now on and thinking back fondly to the days when we only had to raise our eyebrows at less exotic things.

Like Barnaby’s affair.

It merely resulted in a woman expecting a baby and is really so last century. Perhaps if it was Barnaby with a belly the Nationals could have positioned themselves to take on the growing Green vote…

Of course, say what you will about Barnaby (and I certainly have here), he at least deserves credit for accepting that he is actually the man in this business. Because the truth is a man can’t give birth at all and not even ‘by any means’ either.

All that has happened is that the mindless bureaucrat who is paid by you and me to record the number of Medicare obstetric procedures by gender got bored.

Or doesn’t know how to count.

Or doesn’t know what a man is.

I’m guessing it’s all three of those things which is why, to be fair to Medicare, its statistics come with a disclaimer: it takes no responsibility for the accuracy, quality or suitability of its data and recommends that we mugs exercise care and diligence when it comes to interpretation of this information.

But it still says 37 dudes gave birth.

And that has my eyebrows raised too, which brings us back to the footy.

There may not (yet) be half-pregnant full forwards. But there are now blokes playing at full forward in the women’s league who demand that we recognise they may identify as pregnant at a moment’s notice.

This should make people like Senator Linda Reynolds ecstatic. After all, only yesterday she was off on her high horse about how elite sports like the AFL should ‘desegregate’ and let the talent rise to the top.

But really, as a feminist, she should have known better.

It’s only a matter of time before blokes win the Brownlow medal. And that other blokes in skirts win whatever equivalent medal they have for the competition formerly known as the AFL women’s league…


By the way, this whole transgender thing is making everyone look stupid – especially those who are trying to run with it.

The AFL, in its wisdom, has accepted that a man can be a woman. But it won’t accept that a man can be a woman in the elite AFL women’s league. However, they can be a woman in other female leagues. And all of this is apparently because a man has an unfair advantage in the top female league but is fine and dandy to go against the less talented gals.

And all of this is going to ‘transition’ again next year, when we will probably find that a man can be a woman on Tuesday and Thursday night training but not at pie nights and not if they play in the midfield (except if they wear a skirt) and only if they are under 6 foot like other women (noting that no woman is like any other women).

Talk about trying to be half-pregnant and eating your cake too.

I’ll leave it to none other than the bouncing ‘Hannah Mouncey’ to flounce on in and explain it all (including the part about how unfairly he has been treated by those who took so long to grant him permission to play against the girls):


I really don’t know why actual women (I guess they would be the ‘people with uteruses’ as so lovingly described by Children by Choice) don’t kick up more of a stink about the way ‘transgender women’ carry on.

As an aside please don’t fret that Children by Choice excludes transgender women either – it helpfully explains to them (and, I think worryingly, the rest of us) that:

Regardless of how people identify themselves or their relationships, pregnancy can still be possible.

I’m not sure whether that is good news or bad news…

Anyway, as far as I understand this whole shebang, all transgender women were ‘assigned’ the male gender at birth by the Official Gender Assigner (I have not been able to find a Medicare number for this procedure but I’m still looking). Which means none of them have the foggiest idea what it’s like to actually be a woman. They can only do their best to ‘project’ femininity when they live as their ‘authentic self’ (I love this phrase – there’s nothing so like ‘authenticness’ as pretending to be something entirely different to what you actually are).

And every ‘transgender woman’ I’ve ever listened to acts like women are nothing more than a walking hissy fit.

I don’t know what is worse.

The perception that ‘transgender women’ have of women. Or that fact that feminists (who spend their lives supposedly championing the cause of real women) accept this poor-form pantomime.

Actually, on second thoughts it all makes sense now. Feminists are walking hissy fits…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Apart from drug testing, there should be only one test when it comes to women’s sport……

    A Chromosome test.

    Anyone with a Y chromosome is ineligible.

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  2. The New Wave Feminists won’t dare object. They know they are the bottom feeders on the victim entitlement pyramid. A surgically altered man with a boob job and a PC mandate is the new woman. And the rest of us better act like he is a woman and get his pronoun right or else.

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  3. I think that the above table was computer generated and shows there were 37 maternity patients whose Medicare enrollment had them listed as Male. They may have ticked ‘M’ on their form or a data entry clerk keyed as M instead as F.

    The meat of the post though points out the real absurdity.

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    • Maybe – however prior to 2013 Medicare did not list any ‘males’ giving birth. Since then, 1 gave birth in 2012/13, 54 in 2013/14, 55 in 2014/15, 44 in 2015/16 and then 37 last financial year. It is possible that there are errors. It is also more probable that the ‘men’ are women who ‘identify’ as men.

      As an aside, if Medicare made a mistake on gender for a trans person, I think it would end up before the Human Rights Commission. I don’t think anything would happen if they ‘misgendered’ a normal person…

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