If Garry Burns had any integrity, he’d go after Israel Folau

I’m going to briefly mention Garry Burns today.

But let it be known that he is not the problem. Rather, he is a symptom of it. And I have my sights firmly fixed on the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales.

I do not think the ‘Thought Police’ have the slightest clue about the world of hurt coming their way.

But a few comments are required about Burns.

He is nothing more than a rainbow bully. And like all good bullies, he needed to be beaten.

I am happy that has happened. His ‘hard work’, as he describes it, ‘has come to nothing’. It might leave him feeling ‘disappointed, distraught and gutted’ but I cannot say the same.

Whatever he has been doing, it cannot remotely be described as ‘work’. Instead, it has been a long reign of terror that has been scandalously aided and abetted by taxes raised off the back of the hardworking people of New South Wales.

There are a few coughs and splutters left in that ‘work’, but it is coming to shuddering halt after yesterday’s legal belting.

And to highlight the bullying side of this, I think it is fair to say that Burns thought he had me beat.

I am, for all practical intents and purposes, a nobody.

The mainstream conservative institutions in Australia were not prepared to assist me. The media has largely ignored this fight. Defence sacked me. And I have been involved in minor party politics, securing a grand total of 1.08% of the vote at the 2016 election.

I had to rely on donations (thank you) simply to get to court.

All of that is hardly world-beating stuff.

It also shows that in the grand scheme of things I am not a threat to ‘LGBT freedoms’. There are surely more important targets.

Yet Burns chose to come after me. And he thought victory was assured.

After all, he is the most high profile homosexual legal activist in Australia with a string of victories. He went into this case knowing that the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and Civil and Administrative Tribunal believed they had the power to process his complaints. He also had the backing of all states (except South Australia) and pro-bono representation from the ‘award winning’ LGBT firm, Dowson Turco Lawyers.

On the surface, one can see why this must have looked like a slam dunk case.

But when you scratch that surface, you can see the foundations of LGBT anti-discrimination legal success is rotten to the core. There is a façade of strength but the entire movement is on the shakiest legal ground.

Almost every one of Burns’ legal successes have been won against a bankrupt man who suffers from a brain injury and who has mostly had no legal representation. He is entirely incapable of defending himself. And he is now set to go to jail for publishing incomprehensible and unpunctuated ‘Westborough Baptist’ type views to an audience that pretty much consisted entirely of Garry Burns.

This, by the way, is in the same state that was not prepared to lock up Man Haron Monis, the Lindt Café terrorist.

I’ll have more to say about this in coming days.

But the key point is this: almost all precedent regarding homosexual vilification laws in Australia has been set because the anti-discrimination industry in New South Wales has allowed war to be waged on a disabled man who can’t even speak properly.

The entire system knows this man’s physical and mental incapacities exist. Yet it carries on as if he is the anti-Christ orchestrating campaigns of hate because he serves the LGBT bullies’ purpose: creation of case law.

This is how rainbow legal bullying works. They don’t pick on the high profile candidates. They pick on those they perceive to be weak to build precedents that slowly tighten the anti-freedom noose around mainstream Australia.

And you can see the strategy.

Win against a disabled loser. Done.

Win against a pensioner grandmother who did not even show up. Done.

Set the process in place for both to go to jail. Done.

Win against an ‘extremist’ blogger. They thought that was done.

And then move on to the fringes of the mainstream. Complain against a number of sitting councillors. That is underway and ongoing today.

The intent is to send a message that these laws have teeth and silence is required.

If I had gone down on the jurisdictional argument, the councillors would surely have followed. And then the stage would have been set for bigger targets.

It’s only once the groundwork has been laid to silence people like me that the Cory Bernardis of this world can then be isolated and attacked for their ‘extremist’ views.

And then you move in from there.

This is the strategy of bullies. But it failed because we stood up to them.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s ruling does not change this fact: if you live in New South Wales, you are still fair game for its ‘Thought Police’.

That’s why Burns, if he had any integrity at all, would complain against Israel Folau.

He’s argued all along that my Catholic beliefs do not entitle to me the ‘fair comment’ defence under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). And the Anti-Discrimination Board has agreed with him every time.

So let’s see if he really is something more than just a bully. Let’s see if he actually believes in the principle of his position.

Is Burns prepared to put a complaint in against Israel Folau, a really high profile individual with far more of a following than me?

I think not. It simply does not fit in the with LGBT strategy of knocking off the weak and helpless. More importantly, Burns won’t go there because the LGBT movement won’t let him (yet).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The good people of Australia are at the crossroads of existence we who believe in fairness and goodwill have now traitors in the public service, schools and universities destroying our childrens minds with hate a revolution is coming good will always defeat evil

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  2. Well done Bernard, keep the fight going please. I for one will continue my support for you and your efforts to stem this onslaught.
    The Peoples Mandate is there for your fight with the anti freedom of speech laws and the changing of Birth Certificates. I see this as showing no Initiative or common sense.
    We the People should come back to God and His Ten Commandments. It does seem Gary Burns is a wicked and slothful person and Gary if you want to mess with me bring it on I know the Constitution and a lot of things the parliament is doing, such as same-sex marriage, is not in the Constitution and as such is still not legal.

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  3. It seems that in NSW it is ok for a LGBT to discriminate against a person disabled by physical and mental incapacities as long as the assailant is LGBT.

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  4. Courageous man Bernard. The bullies are always afraid of courageous people.

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  5. Well done Bernard, keep the fight going please. I for one will continue my support for you and your efforts to stem this onslaught.

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  6. Any chance that Burns will be required to pay some of your costs ?

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