Di Natale’s been smoking again…

You may remember Richard Di Natale. He’s the bloke who thinks that it’s a good idea to legalise drugs.

And it looks as if he has jumped the gun and started smoking them already.

Because he’s all up in arms that the Australian War Memorial may do what the Australian War Memorial is supposed to do: disseminate information relating to Australian military history (and for those who don’t know, like Richard, that is one of the Australian War Memorial’s functions as outlined in the Australian War Memorial Act 1980).

The leader of the Greens may not have seen one of these:

Operational Service Medal

It’s called the Operational Service Medal and it is the ‘gong’ given out to those who have been involved in border protection operations. And a great job they have done.

Those operations are part of Australia’s military history. And if the Australian War Memorial includes a collection about those operations it is doing nothing more than complying with the legislation it is required to.

Yet Richard ‘Dope Us All Up’ Di Natale had this to say about a proposal for an exhibit at the War Memorial doing just that:

“This proposal seeks to politicise Australia’s armed forces for political gain.”

As you ponder those words remember that Richard Di Natale is an actual politician who makes a living out of politicising things for political gain.

What a hypocritical blame-shifting loser…

Di Natale

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. He is probably a supporter also of the shopping centre owner in QLD who banned the sale of ANZAC items by retailers in his centre. A

    And isnt the Defence Force flat out politicising itself these days ?

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    • Can you tell me about this shopping centre? It is the first time I have heard about this.

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      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks for your question – I have looked into this after your question. It appears to be false information. Please see here: https://www.hoax-slayer.net/false-claim-anzac-day-badges-banned-at-mt-warren-park-shopping-centre/

        We do face a cultural crisis in Australia. However it does not help us to win that fight when misleading and false claims are made. There are a number of email hoaxes circulating about various issues. We all need to be careful to check the claims that are made.

        Thanks for the question.


  2. This is how society, normality and truth unravel……one stitch at a time. This bloke Di Natali is shameful and his actions miss the point when the star and center of Australia should be the family. All he does is to undermine that.

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  3. Di “Nuteella” Nali has been smoking too much hooch.

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