Defence pays maternity leave for late term abortions…

The Australian Defence Force might be cracking down on soldiers’ ‘death art’.

But it does not have problem with providing maternity leave if you happen to kill your own child.

Or, in more politically-correct language, the Australian Defence Force will give you 14 weeks paid leave and then the rest of the year off as unpaid leave if you experience an event that results in pregnancy ending by termination.

You can see it all here.

But I’ll just highlight the key info for you below:

Policy 1

Policy 2

Just so you know, Defence policy also makes clear that this payment is separate and in addition to any payment that may be given out under the Commonwealth Government’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

It is more than a little sickening to know that a government department is willing to pay out thousands of dollars in leave entitlements to a person who aborts their own child.

However, I guess it is true to say that the new age and progressive Defence Force is still able to use taxpayer funds to kill…

(Apologies also to the many Defence members who do not and would not consider this to be appropriate).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. This is Heinous. They have to go with Maternity Leave, because calling it “Sick Leave” would no doubt offend someone given the mental gymnastics these people put themselves through to justify the slaughter on the unborn, their own flesh and blood, in the womb.

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  2. They need to clarify their terminology. They should use two terms. Spontaneous abortion(what normal people call a miscarriage) or procured abortion(what normal people call an abortion). The word “termination” is used almost exclusively with procured abortion. I suspect they intended to be vague so they could push through their agenda.

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  3. Very obscure terminology as under the definition of termination you have two examples both of which are miscarriages. I would ask the defence force for further clarification.

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  4. This highlights the sickening ‘Orwellian’ style Doublethink which now characterises the senior leadership of the ADF. No words can adequately describe the baseness of such an horrendous policy – but I’ll try….. Vile, callous, murderous, vicious, infanticide, psychotic, psychopathic, heartless, inhuman, narcissistic, selfish……I just can’t go on with this……however ???

    The fact that Defence acknowledges late term termination for the purpose of “Maternity Leave” it therefore acknowledges this as child birth in as much as all the emotional & physical rigour involved. There’s an argument here that the ADF is giving tacit acknowledgement that a CHILD has either been born or at least has been miscarried.

    Therefore one could argue here (as far as the ADF’s interpretation of Maternity & birth is concerned) the act of late term termination (which is a deliberate act) should either be treated as a self inflicted injury for the purpose of getting leave, or worse should be treated as a crime. This is because there is no child to speak of as it has been destroyed by the abortion process. No death has been recorded, no death certificate has been issued no sick leave or other type of leave granted which acknowledges parental grieving.

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  5. What a crock. Anyone with half a brain understands what this means.
    To deliberately miscontrue the meaning is disgusting.

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  6. Applying those rules to an abortion situation trivialises infant loss and also trivialises motherhood. It is especially tragic for those who experience the unintended loss of their baby. May God have mercy on the defence personnel who condone or undergo an abortion and on the leaders who censor death art while promoting the death-culture.

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