Opening a gender ‘medal gap’

Defence’s mad rush for politically-correct female recruitment has made a mockery of the already almost pointless Australian Defence Medal.

This medal, affectionately known as the ‘ADFA Gong’, is supposed to acknowledge four years of service. But the fine print allows for the medal to be granted after completion of an ‘initial enlistment period’ if it is less than four years.

It means that new female recruits will be eligible for the medal after just two years of service, while blokes will need to complete double that before their time in uniform is recognised by the nation.

That’s because Defence’s new female-focussed recruitment plan requires females to only provide two years of service, whereas males must still sign up for four years.

Some bright spark in Canberra came up with this idea because Defence decided that females were so important to recruit that they could be let back into the civilian world early.

I don’t know whether the different requirements for males and females in the new genderless Defence Force means that blokes are twice as valuable to the Army (because Defence wants to keep them longer), or if females are twice as good as the men (because they get an early knock off).

So I’m just going to go for the common sense answer: Defence is discriminating against men, both in terms of recognition and service requirements.

And for those wondering why the Australian Human Rights Commission is not out and about tut-tutting over this instead of cartoons, this plan was put in place at the behest of this hypocritical organisation…


A screenshot of the Defence website detailing the Australian Defence Medal will be given out after four years of service or the completion of an initial enlistment period, whichever is the lesser.


Infantry Period of Service

A screenshot of the Defence Recruiting website page for Infantry, detailing that the initial enlistment period for women is only two years, half the period of service required by males.


The good news is that after a number of years of this lunacy some people feel a lot safer. The bad news is that none of them live in Australia…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. All of you are barking up the wrong tree. Not well known and definitely not published – Why the was the ADM struck in the first place – to try and amend for the mistake that was the Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972. Eligibility for the ‘National Service Medal’ is “…dependent upon a person’s obligation to serve and upon that obligation being fulfilled under the National Service Act 1951 (As Amended), as it applied to the individual at the time of his service. Additionally, he must not have been discharged for disciplinary reasons. No women were conscripted under the National Service Act” (How is that for a men’s only call). ( In order to try and give equal recognition for those who were volunteers, not conscripts; the ADM was conceived and poorly executed.
    My point is; stop crying about what someone else is given by way of recognition whether you think they deserve it or not. That’s life – deal with it. Over my service life (just shy of 50 years) I saw all manner of official BS, but at the end of the day, it was worth putting that aside to be able to serve with the best.

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  2. I joined the Army in 1981 and completed 27 years ARA Service. I signed on for nine (9) years back then. Signing on for a further three saw me receive the Defence Force Long Service Medal at the 10 year mark. It came with my CO saying the infamous presentation words “Well done Tim for ten years undetected crime”. Subsequent five year periods saw an addition of a clasp. A novel idea really and something that actually meant a lot for reaching this milestone. I wear it proudly in my medal set. The ADM for four years service is a gong for just that, a period that a large number of recruits sign on for now, their four years. I don’t hesitate that they have this entitlement, along with many many other servicemen, including myself. Wear it if it’s issued, but really see it for what it is designed for, a tool for recruiters and a pat on the back for completing an initial employment period. Everyone should have to accrue four years service to wear the medal. In fact four years service is still a very good period of time to commit to serving our great nation. I wear the medal for this reason alone. It recognises Service to our nation. I really don’t like the double standards that Bernard has outlined in the Male Bs Female debate. The gender discrimination is obvious. Let’s not have this in our Army or Defence Force. It is ruining this fantastic war fighting establishment. Please help here to even the playing field LTGEN Campbell. Promotion discrimination – female biased, overseas Operation selections – female biased, honours and awards – female biased, job selection – female biased. I speak with young soldiers and some recently serving who have discharged as a result of all this nonsense. There are females upset with the discrimination also, but your system is allowing it to happen General. Time to stop the rot or you will have nobody left serving to obtain their four year gong anyhow.

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    • Thank you Sloan, even if your comment is accusatory.

      The screen shots came from Defence websites.

      As you will note, a new female infantry recruit must do two years. A new non-female recruit must do four.

      And presto, the female gets the medal in half the time.

      That’s how it works so I don’t know what you are hurrumphing about…

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  3. Who cares. I am eligible for the ADM but have never bothered to collect it, because it gets about as much respect as it would have had I hung the lid off a can of coffee off my shirt. Just please, please, please tell me that the young lady taking a selfie with the Austeyr in nightclub civvies, is not a serving ADF member. If she is she should be charged for being an embarrassing moron.

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  4. All you blokes whingeing out there – pull your heads in!

    The Sistas of Feminism have been telling us for years that wimmin can do twice as much as men in half the time.

    This must be true, because Hollywood tells us the same story.

    Therefore it is only but appropriate that the ladies get their gongs in half the time.

    And it’s only a matter of time anyway before the ladies completely take over the “sharp end” corps – infantry, armour, guns, gingerbeers etc.

    Led by that crack super-soldier, Defence Minister Marise Payne herself.

    OK – I understand – she’s not so much into charging up hills and shoving bayonets into the bad guys – she’s more into waddling up those hills, waggling her finger at them and then organising a big group hug.

    But the sheilas are taking over – get used to it – and go and find yourselves other jobs.

    Like in the ballet or childcare or nursing small furry animals.

    Because – apparently – that’s all men are good for.

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  5. So basically they don’t meet the qualifications for the medal – but they’re awarded the medal anyway?

    That’s a discriminatory policy.

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  6. Well done Australian Government for pushing double standards within the now agree that women in defence can only do half the work that of the male soldier. You hell bent on segregating the sexes within the Army ranks.

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  7. What about reservists who are able to qualify for the ADM and DLSM after completing the same respective periods as Regs? That was my biggest bugbear besides this new lunacy.
    Instead of streamlining the system, they should have never abolished the old DFSM and RFD awards.

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  8. And yet they wonder why I quit wearing my gongs and am considering stopping marching on Anzac Day.. all the here’s a medal cause your special and march up the front cause your special bs these days is really taking any credibility associated with our achievements away..

    Equality isn’t hard, do the same work, for the same pay, under the same conditions and recognition. No special allowances or exemptions..

    If you’re not prepared to do it under the above conditions, get back in the kitchen..

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  9. I served for 20 years. I look at the world now and the ADF. This push for females in male dominated jobs is discrimination. But all the female will say its not. I’m not in the Army now. I drive trains and for the last 5 years the recruitment is two males to ten females. With my ADM, I did not even mount it with my medals as it is an embarrassment. There was also talk af a medal for ARA perm RAN and RAAF, but that was discrimination also. I am proud I served but I am embarrassed with out new CA (CGS) and the defence force of today. IT’S JUST A JOKE

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  10. Best this feminist Minister of Defence get a psych eval done. She is a joke ! Make the requirements exactly the same and only then will it be fair. Next she’ll want women to receive twice the pay because they don’t, in some cases, do more time in the bush then their male counterparts.
    Having served for many years with men and women; all this PC BULLSHIT will do is cause a divide between sexes and weaken the Quality of our Defence Force. And no, it’s not a sexist remark. 2 years of employment means bugger all training and jobs taken up that vould be filled by career personnel.
    This is yet another dellusional PC idea by people that prioritise PC over our Defence Force Personnels lives. It’s disgusting feminist driven crap !

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  11. It’s OK Bernard,
    The blokes will just have to get a cut and tuck job and they only have to do two years. BINGO

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  12. So the headline SHOULD read that a very few female soldiers in a few specific roles MAY have a decreased IMPS due to role specifics, whilst most females will have normal qualifying period of 4 yrs and manny have 6yr IMPS due to their role/trade. Mind you, males in those same trades have the same……. So such angst over currently <25 women in an ADF of how many tens of thousands???? Just a thought.

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    • Kerry you obviously did not read what I said. There are a number of differing initial employment periods for a number of different jobs. This makes the medal a farce because it means not everyone in Defence has to do the same time. What makes it even more farcical is that the new female-focussed recruitment campaign which allows females to sign up for two years (as opposed to men in many jobs) means that they will get the medal in half the time.

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      • Give it a rest, Bernard.
        Kerry’s one of the Sistas.
        And she’s defending a lurk that’s enjoyed by the Sistas.
        She’s not here to listen to you, common sense and reality.
        Girl power.
        It’s worth a medal at least.

      • Kerry is one of the creators of the ‘Women Veterans Association Australia’ a pointless group created just to divide veterans into sections. Ask questions about it and they complain to your hierarchy. Pathetic humans that demand respect without earning it.

      • Bernard.
        Reading the eligibility requirements of your link, the key words I took out of it were in the initial paragraph “each year”.
        I’ve had plenty of gap year soldiers under my command and not once have I ever seen one with an ADM prior to the four year mark.
        Ack the eligibility requirements say “whichever is the lesser”.
        So as an army reservist someone could get an ADM after a mere 20 days after qualifying as there is no ROSO or IMPS?
        I was quickly pulled into line recently went I said to a senior army officer that by reducing standards for women today you are taking away for the achievements of all the very competent women already serving. My experience is that all most current serving women want is to be treated as equals in a workplace free from sexual harassment. They can achieve the rest themselves.

      • Hi Johnno,

        Thanks for your comment.

        No matter how you read the criteria for the ADM, Gap Years are entitled to it. They sign for one year and the criteria provides that anyone who completes their initial period of service is entitled to the medal if that period of service is less than four years.

        I would suggest that the reason they do not have the medal is due to the way it is processed by Honours and Awards (although this is speculative). It is probable that Honours and Awards processes the medal when people within the system hit the four year mark, even if they are eligible for it earlier. As such, a Gap Year member who signs on could apply for the medal after one year and receive it as a result of the application, rather than waiting for the system. However, the number of those who would do this would probably be very small.

        My suggestion for this farce of a medal is to acknowledge what it really is: a sign up medal.

        The differing service requirements only cause confusion and contention. To make the playing field level and to give the medal its true meaning anyone who signs up and does 20 days should get it.

        As for reservists, they do not have an initial employment period (as far as I am aware). That means they would receive it after four years, provided they complete the minimum required 20 days service per year (as detailed in the medal criteria).


  13. Given it is being backdated to 1945, which will include members who signed up for three years (or six as was the case in the 80s) and many who had less as their initial IMPS equivalent, I am not seeing the issue. It is FOR SERVICE. There are many men with a two or three years IMPS also. By this logic, those who have served overseas for three months, as opposed to six, do not deserve their operational service medals. Silly really

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    • Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It is true that the ADM is granted out for 4 years service or initial period of employment (whichever is lesser).

      That makes the medal farcical because some sign up for one year (gap years) while others sign up for up to 13 (such as pilots). A gap year Defence member will be entitled to the medal after a year, whereas others will need to wait four years.

      That problem is bad enough.

      However, I think you will find that what most people are upset about is that because of the female-friendly recruitment focus, females are entitled to the medal in half the time as men for many jobs because they do not have to commit to the Army for the same period as men.

      Essentially, it means that men must sacrifice themselves for longer and yet receive less recognition.

      That is plain and simple gender discrimination and takes an already farcical medal to a much higher level of stupidity.


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      • And yet you are no so vocal about those men who are to be awarded it for apparently “sacrificing less”, even before women were IN the Army. Where is your distress and anger at that? Service is service and reality os, many give a GREAT deal in their two, three, four, six year….. or even 28yrs! Reality is, this is small bikkies and a non-issue. Far greater fish to fry such as retention of quality members of the ADF beyond their IMPS.

      • Kerry, everybody knows the ADM is a farce. My article was not about that. It covered the fact that this farce is now gender-biased as well. It seems we both agree that different periods of service for the medal is a joke. I’m yet to hear you acknowledge the same fact for different gender requirements for the medal…

      • Just re-reading your response…. Gap Year soldiers do not get the ADM. You seem to be cherry picking given such aspects as the entire history of why the ADM came into being – see comments above. In addition, given there are far more women in Medics, whose IMPS is 6 yrs, and there are men who have had lowered IMPS, it seems it is not a ‘gender’ issue whatsoever.

      • Kerry, Gap Year soldiers do get the medal which is farcical. I have not been cherry picking anything but have been reading the publicly available criteria. Maybe you should start doing that too. Please provide the documentation to back your position.

        Mine is here:

      • Bernie, whilst I understand your viewpoint, as a former serving member myself I am grateful for the availability of the ADM. I served for 14 years and 4 months and for reasons that I will probably always question I elected to discharge 8 months shy of my 15 years. During my time I applied for deployments to Cambodia, Somalia and Timor and each time was knocked back whilst they sent the same “experienced” people. Without the ADM I would have absolutely nothing to show for my 14 years dedicated service, yet others doing far less service have a chestful of colour having gone to places ahead of myself. I discharged in 2001, months before Iraq,so missed that too. You can call it farcical if you like, but I proudly wear mine as a sign of my commitment to sign a blank cheque to my country, committing to defend it. Think back to the 70s when women had to discharge for the crime of getting married, preventing them from having a long and successful military career. Think of others who were invalided out or who signed up during wartime but didn’t deploy overseas. The list goes on. You don’t think much of it, I get that, but some of us do.

      • Hi Tony – thanks for this. I appreciate your input and understand the point you make. It is a good one.

  14. I am a 62yo women with 2 children serving in the ADF one male and one female and I am so bloody angry about these changes. What do they think this does just makes a divide between the sexes, I grew up through all of the equal rights for women and they are putting us back there but now it IS the the men. Wake up ADF this does not help women being excepted but p…… off the men. You sign the blank cheque to serve, you do your job, you protect your mates and you protect your country YOU ARE NOT A MALE OR A FEMALE YOU ARE A SOLDIER, SAILOR OR AIRMAN not some fragile flower if you were you have chosen the WRONG CALLING.

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  15. If no one in the hierarchy makes an adjustment to this, the medal that I literally busted myself over 4 years to be awarded will mean absolutely nothing.

    On the upside, if they’re being handed out that generously, they will become so common that it will come to mean nothing to those who receive it early either. Just a pity for all the people that did bust themselves to get it.

    On the topic of women in infantry, I was in a stagg platoon at Kapooka and there was one girl in that platoon who really could have made it in infantry. She took out best in PT, and she deserved it. But back then women weren’t allowed in combat roles. Once that rule was revoked, I asked her if she would transfer. Her answer made me think that as a truckie she got to see the bs we had to endure and how tough it really was. She said “get f#@k÷d”.

    I bet she doesnt appreciate the new standards either.

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  16. Whilst not intending to detract from, or add to, the ADM male v female argument a little history is in order.

    In 1987 the National Servicemen Association was founded to seek a better deal for Vietnam era nashos and a medal of recognition. The association considered that their members who had not served overseas should be entitled to veterans’ benefits such as a war service home loan, gold card and pension. Finally, in 2001, the 1951-1972 ‘National Service Medal’ was approved for service under the two national service schemes, the 1951 three-month scheme and the 1965 two-year scheme.

    However, their regular army counterparts, all volunteers, got no recognition despite their initial enlistment period of 3 or 6 years, many of whom served 9, 12 or more years. Thus, the ADM was introduced in 2006 for service of 6 years but this was reduced to 4 years.

    The National Service Association felt they should get the ADM as well so the term “who completed an initial enlistment period” was added to the four years’ service requirement so that the 2-year nashos would qualify.

    So, ADM qualified ladies, give thanks to your 2-year nasho forefathers.

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  17. I couldnt find this on the site, can I get a bit of direction in regards to locating this.


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  18. This has got to be Australia’s version of Duffleblog. Absolutely no one country can outdo Canada for retarded, genderbending, Op Honour bullshit in the CAF. Trudeau is trying to get soldiers to rely on their feminine side to conduct war. Because we’re all better people when we identify as females.

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  19. it used to be six years minimum to get the should be equal time for men and women.!aren’t they supposed to be equal to men?

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  20. Just to clarify a point. There have been males that signed up for an initial period of two years. I worked with some.

    Many soldiers learning trades sign up for a minimum six year period, why should they serve half as much again as other soldiers to earn the same medal. I remember when it was originally being introduced the idea was to do two years more than your minimum enlistment period. Hung out as an incestive to stay on. Also, any soldier medically discharged prior to completing their initial enlistment period is eligible to receive it.

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    • Let’s not let reality get in the way of a good story. Medics IMPS is 6 yrs, so many females doing that…. Funny how that was not mentioned. It is all entirely trade dependant

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      • Yeah, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. If male medics could get the medal because they only had to serve half the time as females you would have a point. But they don’t so you don’t.

      • If you join with 6yr roso you still get the ADM at 4yrs. That’s the point, it’s meant to be for 4yrs service!

    • Not entirely true. Those that are accepted into technical trades such as vehicle mechanic, electronics tech etc sign up for 7 years. They receive the ADM after 4 years.

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  21. Defence has clearly gone mad. This PC CRAP has no place in defence. What absolute rubbish this is.

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  22. As ex-defence female. I too think this is politically correctness gone made. I do sometimes think that 10 years should be rewarded, as women do usually leave for family ie children whilst husband continues service. But this is just nuts. You haven’t really achieved anything after initial, still a learner really.

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    • An old post I know, but a valid reply nonetheless. I somewhat disagree with the fact that anyone who served the initial phase (esp at the 4/6yr mark) as [sic] ‘You haven’t really achieved anything after initial’. I know plenty who did their IMPS achieve more than some of these 10+ year career hanger on flogs that seemed to never go beyond the Pte/LAC/AB level, let alone actively deploy outside Australia.

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  23. The feminization of the Nation… A walk over for any enemy, but by then it’ll be too late to worry about gender and these socialist fantasies….

    Keep up the good work mate..

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  24. I am speechless “you get to shoot rocket launchers you get to shoot grenade launchers But the thing that really p*ss*s me off is the destruction of the Royal Australian Regiment and in particular the First Battalion. The Idiot who allowed this to happen should be flogged. Women in The Royal Australian Regiment we are the laughing stock of all Western Standing Armies. I am so glad I am out.

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    • I know how you feel Bill. During last year’s Warfighter Exercise Silicon Brolga the CO 1 RAR told Army 20 April 2017, “We do not want to have all of the gear, and no idea,”

      Seeing and listening to 1 RAR Jayne I’d say they have no idea.

      I’ve served in 7, 1, 5, 9, 8, 8/9 and 5/7 RAR and saw this nonsense begin years ago when they infiltrated female typists into BHQ. Female infantry soldiers – never happen they said.

      The 50th anniversary of the 1 RAR Battle of Coral is being held at 1 RAR Townsville 15-18 May. I guess Jayne and companions will be able to update us on 21st century battlecraft.

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  25. Imagine if it was the other way around, where men did 2 years and the women 4 to qualify for the everyone gets one medal.The outcry would be heard loud and clear from the loony left.

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  26. Interesting Jayne says its all about “integrity”, is that the same “integrity” you display by accepting a lower standard of physical fitness than your male Infantry peers?

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    • You assume the female in this video doesnt reach the minimum bfa standards for males and that she doesnt have a 4 year roso? There are female infantrymen who hold themselves to the same standards as the men. If you want to make it personal, make sure you are crucifying the right people.

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      • The don’t hold them selves to the same standards as men, as the standards are different for females.

  27. I agree with all the above. The HRC is more interested in prosecuting conservative commentators than the looney lefties in defence

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  28. Un – flipping – believable.
    Did some senior numpty get a CSC for dreaming up this little lurk?
    So the sheilas – five minutes after donning the green baggy skin – can skip hand-in-hand down Oxford St, with their bright little ADFA gongs swishing fantastically on their mighty military chests?
    The ADF is becoming a joke.
    The Army is becoming a joke.
    The Infantry is becoming a joke.

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  29. Now now Bernard, don’t be so harsh. Australia has the toughest bimbo’s & lesbians in the world. Just wait and see when we have an all female only Fire Support Base in Afghanistan…..Just let the Taliban know it’s full of western women they can marry if they can catch one….

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    • Phuquen Phunnie. Those hairy underarm Helen hursuit would be enough to scare the phuque out of anyone.

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