Rugby and free speech? Only for some…

While major PC businesses like Qantas threaten Israel Folau, another PC organisation has made its views on rugby and freedom of speech clear.

The Australian Defence Force believes that saying controversial things should be no barrier to participation on the sporting field.

On Australia Day last year, Micqaella O’Shane posted a photo of herself in her naval uniform on Facebook along with these words:

“To be honest I’ve never given two F**ks about ANZAC day or Remembrance Day…I spit on the Australian flag and burn it (if I even owned the disgusting thing) and on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day…”

Sailor Flag

Defence has just informed Senate Estimates that not long after this O’Shane was flown at taxpayer expense to Sydney to participate in the Mons Rugby Cup.

She was also flown back to Sydney a few months later and attended the Navy Rugby League Women’s Development Camp.

Total cost to the taxpayer: $736.27.

Perhaps if Israel Folau followed Micqaella O’Shane’s potty-mouthed example Qantas would shell out more funding for Rugby Australia…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. There is an old military adage,that has never been more true.” Who psyches the Psyches? ”

    How did this piece of flotsam get through the screening process?

    I can only pray that soon she will classified jetsam!

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  2. The hardest part of this to swallow is knowing her appalling views ( use the term loosely), will not be subjected to any form of censure or discipline, this because she is a minority…….but then again aren’t all traitors?

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    • Hi Cheryl,

      O’Shane was charged. Defence has not revealed what disciplinary action was taken.


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      • “Dishonourable discharge” after she has served her time in the lockup.

  3. Is she not aware she’s wearing an Australian flag on her shoulder every time she puts on a uniform. She’s required to salute the flag every day. Uncle Tom does not come close to covering her hypocracy

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  4. This lady (?) Rejects our traditions yet joins the “invaders” military. Seems to me that her spot in life is among ‘her people’fighting racism and protecting children from Aboriginal rapists

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  5. The poor thing, does not even know jack about what the ANZAC Day is all about.

    Typical of Marxist brainwashing Political Correctness peddled nowadays and the top command of ADF that is under the influence of this madness is like a drunken drugged up derelict whoring it’s self, it’s total disgrace.

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  6. Micquella ‘sewermouth’ O’Shane covers at least 3 bases on the Victim Status pyramid of entitlement. Female. Indigenous. Black (sort of). As a poster RAN, she is entitled to run her sewermouth hot on social media against Australia, against ANZAC, against Australians of White European heritage.

    Her RAN CO’s will probably have to apologize for their White Privilege if they even attempt to deal with her as the menace she is. Isn’t FGM part of her indigenous heritage? If yes – the secret wymyn’s bizness should be compulsory for her as a poster girl for RAN diversity.

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  7. That young sailor should be enjoying a bit of custody in Holsworthy detention centre for the outrage she has committed. But no. Instead she is rewarded with a sporting trip instead.

    The ADF leadership is cowardly & equally disgraceful for allowing this piece of rubbish to still be in uniform. No doubt she is enjoying the benefits of subsidised education & the freebies & absents herself from duty at every opportunity to attend every “Womens” event going. Vile, disgraceful & hateful individual yet posts its selfie with a sickening smile.

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  8. Her comments are downright weird, considering she is employed by the ADF.
    What is her ethnic background?

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  9. I suspect that whoever has passed this to Bernard first tried to pass it the correct way – through the CoC – no doubt it fell on deaf ears since the Rating involved ticks at least THREE boxes:


    Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander

    Non – European i.e. Black (what are we supposed to call it now)

    She might as well wear a large ‘dayglow’ warning label on her uniform stating …


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